hello everyone welcome to a new
delivery of the trading channel your channel good technical analysis let’s start
with the signals and we will analyze the signals we have sent by our
telegram pay system where users who want the service for 35
dollars a month receive the signals for be able to enter in one more way
Quiet and protecting your investment by stock market
let’s start with the pound against the Swiss franc
we see that at that moment he is respecting quietly your channel descends that
that asset has been formed I am waiting quietly in the area of
23.6 percent right in the area from 1.20 where would you expect it to be activated
quietly in the benefits what are we waiting for I will make a
small measurement are we talking about would be 180 pip because yes
again and that would give us right where I have my profit where you send the
signals to collect those benefits operational that are winning in this
moment let’s see the 122 dollars of benefit let’s see the second one that
sent in 16 negative dollars to that moment would be giving more than 100
profit dollars these two operations we will go through the dollar
against the Swiss franc relatively the active still respecting what
previously it was his support and now it’s turning us into a
strong resistance would expect that active had a momentum towards the part
down to about 0.97 and in a wave 3 to be able to reap the benefit
that we are still waiting on this moment of that position is so negative we are going to look for it and it is with 14 dollars
in negative we will go to the NZD against the operating dollar that was sent
by our telegram channel is a operative that we are currently
giving let’s go find it 36 dollars of profit and we are
waiting for you to be calmly active go to the area of ​​0.64 is an area
important where we could pick up benefits or in an extended wave out
quietly to the area of ​​0.63 0.64 for a 0.64 for with a benefit of
325 dollars let’s move on to bitcoin good bitcoin
we will analyze it in this graph bitcoin after the break that served
of bande your pennant is a triangle symmetrical
has generated us a new pattern that is a descending channel
in fact here it formed
is forming already formed a pennant of continuation of trend this pennant
I published it on my record channel the day Wednesday at 7 35 p.m. where
I informed everyone who sign up for this discord channel for free
can participate what was happening this pattern what it meant there was
one more bitcoin drop move remember that you can subscribe to
our telegram channel totally free can participate can do
questions in the video link I’m going to leave what is
how to download it from the play store and the address so they can
link totally free coming back in this moment that is
doing the asset is making us a pennant much more
small where if you get to complete and does not invalidate with a break towards
of the resistance we could see a fall towards the area of ​​$ 7,535
a major fall by way up to 7,000
dollars where I really would be waiting for the area of ​​the support
of the Chanel it’s relatively I hope there is a very
good reaction considering the Learn to pronounce
macd behavior right now
that has already begun to give a curvature and to wait for a
asset recovery where you can take us to the area between nine
thousand 9000 dollars to the area of ​​his resistance once there I would expect that
behavior is going to do what answer is going to have the price and if it
they give us the patterns that normally we must have to be able to enter
in long buy up an area of ​​$ 11,000 it is the first scenario today the
second is that in and out and take us quietly at once to
an area below six 6000 thousand dollars up to five thousand dollars but
the highest probability is relatively low look for your area of ​​the
nine thousand 9000 dollars you have to remember that we are talking about bitcoin which is
an asset with low capitalization and for even for its lack of
regulation its very nature is very easy to speculate is very easy to move
then it is an asset that you have to have consider
we will continue with the euro against the Australian for
relatively this operation was winner but we get
it’s very really I would expect not perforated from what
now it becomes support and anteriormente fue una resistencia fuerte
que no era perforada que no entrara para Learn to pronounce
previously it was a strong resistance
that was not perforated that did not enter for to be able to give a new impulse like a copper
this would be a wave 2 and look for a wave 3 for a much stronger movement
up to the 38.2 percent zone no entered this signal that violates the
invalid the price took us at a loss and not entered until I am not a patron
really clear to be able to enter another once in that asset we continue with the euro
facing the good pound is in an area very good consolidation is a
practice that at that time are generating some some profits not the
closed because you expect a move quietly in this area in the area
of 0.89 2 which is its high part of the resistance of the bearish channel that has
dice then I would expect that asset to come
quietly here let’s spend the front pound
to the US dollar we have an operation relatively short
an operation that he has opened since they have formed an HCH in words
techniques where quietly is a movement of
170 pips fair
would a little bit let’s adjust
would be here in him 1.22 to give us a profit of 161
Dollars we will pass quickly
to the pound against the Canadian dollar is an operation that I relatively do not take out
we were in long and the price made a return we will spend the euro against the dollar is
some very good are in consolidation We have sent the operation waiting for a
quietly move to the area as minimum of your 200 moving average or by
above the zone of 1.10 to be able to reap benefits of that asset the sp
500 endured very well in the area of
3,000 dollars and where do we have our operational has not even approached our
stop loss looking for a movement in the area at 2,800 usd for now the asset we
is giving a profit 18 dollars
I would expect that asset give us a profit 144 dollars we will pass to the Australian against the dollar we are
in shopping waiting for a move that give us a movement to the 38% zone
200 moving average and withdraw benefits in an extended wave that comes
quietly to your area before pick up 116 pips to pick up 232
dollars that what I expect with this active to remember that it is active
they are inside a bearish channel that has respected but has not come to
touch therefore I hope it comes and what toque para las siguientes vías o los
siguientes semanas finally we will analyze the the New Zealander against the Japanese yen or
operation in positive 70 dollars in Benefits and waiting waiting for movement to the
23.6 percent zone or at least an area of ​​70.49 that will be a
attractive area where I am destined to collect benefits from that asset in
this moment all the operations that we have sent that it has been a two three
four five six seven eight nine ten operational are not happening 167 $ 160 earnings until
moment is giving us all operational and that they have not arrived
relatively at its peak therefore so it’s like for trading channel those are
live operations in real account where we explain to people how
be able to invest in a way safer with a strategy of your
interest Remember that trading channel sends the
signals via telegram or discord via 35 dollars a month
at $ 65 a month with teaching and trader training more in training
more so on channel 30 and have a plan more advanced one more training
deep that costs 400 dollars where has online and additional classes about it it is given within its formation a
accompaniment of more than three months until it becomes profitable and can
start doing your operations in case same
well that has been all for today they are all operations send us more
signals and we are already closing the month is the last analysis of the month of September
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they can sign up for the record channel and It has been everything you have a very good week
and I hope it counts to you too It has grown just like mine that grew
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