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September the 16th 2019 strong can’t be
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one bitcoin equals one bitcoin offended
by selling golden hold five digit round
we’ll talk about that golden home in a
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remember this week in bitcoin was friday
jeep was on and vortex jeep is the very
definition of insider information not a
lot of people know who he is at this
time but that dude gives you a lot of a
lot of good straight talk
knowledgeable knowledgeable guy you get
him here best guest in space all of you
know vortex he’s been out there for a
while he’s great he’s not an insider
info I mean everyone knows him everyone
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but hey vortex gives great information
to and that’s why this week in Bitcoin
every Friday tch be alt tech ball comm
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saturday was the beyond Bitcoin show
today we had an extra show earlier in
the day it’s linked to below it was the
Bitcoin focus show and it went back to
2017 when I came up with the term gold
and hold you guys got to check out the
it’s only a seven minute video a six
minute video with with my little
additions on to it and I also had a
tweet a flashback tweet that shows you
that yeah it was is worth $1,100 that
day and I said this is the time we reach
out to people who own gold because they
have a similar mentality they they have
that hold mentality and right now the
price of an
of gold is just a little bit more than
the price of Bitcoin this is a good time
to transition gold people are asking
about it now Peter Schiff is talking
about it now it’s a great flashback and
of course there are many golden holders
that wish they would have transferred at
that point I make a reference in that
video here’s some insider information
that a lot of people have been asked a
lot of gold people have been asking me
and someone else about how to buy
Bitcoin well that someone else was Annie
Hall I didn’t say it in the video but
obviously it makes sense that many gold
holders were asking Andy Hoffman who at
the time was very much more into
precious metals that well he wasn’t he
was in the precious metals thought at
that time how to get bitcoins so there’s
a little insider info check out that
it’s a great flash back at you and you
can learn you can see that my policy has
the song remains the same but when you
watch it you’ll you’ll if you didn’t get
big coin I see I was I was walking the
walk I wasn’t just talking to talk I had
Bitcoin but if you weren’t walking the
walk back then and now you watch that
video you’re gonna be like oh my oh I
wish hey hey it’s still early dudes it’s
still early and yet gold people we want
to be your friend is this is the new
gold this is gold 2.0 I’m still reaching
out to you guys it’s not over the
opportunity is still there the total
market cap of gold is still is still
more than Bitcoin today how long that
will last who knows okay so under it’s
hilarious under that tweet like my two
minute video flashback video that’s the
golden hold video some guy who actually
follows me I’m sharing his comment
because this is classic fine classic
noise that that’s just these people will
never learn and they are always going to
be craving the end that never comes the
of civil society the end of the monetary
the end the end the end remember I mean
the Bitcoin because it’s the beginning
it is hey it is the future I’m not into
the end like so many people are and
that’s that’s different mindset
something whatever mind when you’re
waiting around for the end you’re in a
panic prison you’re in paralysis okay
and you’re never gonna do anything when
you realize that hey this is the
beginning of something new you do you
get into it you jump into it and your
life changes that I’m gonna share what
this guy has to say
he says drop drop gold LMFAO you know
laughing my afternoon pay off okay but
gold isn’t relying entirely on a working
power grid classified an internet
service class in the looming in the
looming collapse that’s the key word key
phrase in the looming collapse power
will go out the internet will go down
and your digital currency will be
absolutely useless you have to admit
that simple fact no actually the simple
fact that I I will admit is is this you
have been talking about that looming
collapse since before I was born
there is no looming collapse it’s not
happening the Internet is that if the
internet winked down okay and
electricity went down we’d have a lot
bigger problems there be a thermonuclear
war we really wouldn’t be caring about
gold and Bitcoin very much anymore when
the nuclear fallout will be coming in
poisoning us and killing us okay a and
that’s not and it’s not happening it’s
just not happy the looming collapse has
been looming since before I was born you
have been waiting for it since before I
was born
and I don’t know if you’ve made anything
of yourself but during the years and
I’ve that that you can up that
everyone’s been waiting for the looming
collapse I’ve been born I’ve gotten into
Bitcoin and I become quite well-off
should we say okay I’m no specifics
there but let’s you know go to the
archives and you can figure out how darn
well off I yeah and that’s what happened
when you’re actually in motion and not
waiting for a looming collapse like all
the tumors have been waiting for for so
long for so long it’s not coming the
dream isn’t happening that it’s a
nightmare first of all but if you’re in
motion and you don’t and you don’t you
know the world’s not gonna end there’s
no looming collapse and you position
yourself to get into the best money
possible and you don’t pay you don’t
fall into the flood of the Internet’s
going to go down and everything then you
become quite you because quite well off
but again it’s about doing it’s not
about just talking to talk like these
these guys been talking is big and the
world talked for a while but on the
other side of things you can talk a big
game about how great big coins gonna be
also since if you’ve been talking a big
game about how great bitcoins been since
2013 like I have but they’re not
actually buying Bitcoin you’re almost as
bad as this dude because you you’re just
talking to top you gotta walk the walk
baby and yeah I’m walking so I get the
looming collapse alright you wait for it
I’m not I’m not holding my breath or
anything like that I’m actually buying I
actually was buying Bitcoin and getting
more Bitcoin as I grow older I’m getting
more and more decrypt of dividends etc
etc the power is not going down comment
like button alright then but I I’d link
to that guy below you can read it
yourself it is real I mean it is there
are still many people like that those
dudes and I don’t know what they’re
gonna be thinking in 10 years when they
I mean what I do they’re still gonna
think it’s gonna happen because they’ve
been thinking about it for years upon
years upon years it’s gonna happen
they’re never gonna stop thinking that
the looming collapse is gonna happen and
they’re just gonna end up dying one day
with nothing or with a bunch of supplies
right with some powdered food powdered
food and talking about the power going
down no no big coin and maybe they have
a some gold or something – okay nice
remember I’ll be in Australia starting
October 17th
Sydney October 17th to the 24th contact
me if you’ll be in Sydney then now being
Adelaide for a month
but Sydney let’s focus on that right now
this guy Spencer dimwit Allah he he
plays for the Brooklyn Nets a basketball
team and I don’t really they say he’s
trying to tokenize his contract which is
way in the future that might be big this
is where the big boys play if he wants
to do that he can do that but the thing
I liked about him he just tweeted out
something that said BTC so another
professional athlete talking about
Bitcoin bring it on to the masses
Spencer and Russell in football and who
knows who in baseball or hockey or
soccer but that more and more so the
people are writing articles about the
tokenization aspect of this contract
yeah ok
I’m more into him just keeping it simple
with a big coin you got to keep it
that’s what you got don’t don’t
complicate matters people buying
Spencer’s token not advisable I don’t
even know exactly what it is buying big
coin and he said BTC that is that’s a
good idea
I definitely did it I walked the walk do
you guys walk the walk or you just
talked the talk
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so I’m on coin desk and did this happen
to you guys also there’s just me because
if this is everyone coin desk has a
banner ad and any side ad for Andrew
yang 2,000 women thousand dollars a
oh god alright ignoring the message of
behind it is interesting that if he is
targeting cryptocurrency sites now if
this is just showing up because I had
I’ve obviously typed in Andrew yang on
this computer when I did one of my shows
recently where I mentioned him okay
that’s different so I am wondering if
any of you who go to coin desk and
please don’t go there very often but if
you’re getting these Andrew yang ads
also if he’s targeting cryptocurrency
people so there’s an observation
I had remember disrupt meister comm all
1400 over 1400 of my old videos and of
course i’m doing these a bitcoin focus
shows where i’m bringing some of the old
ones back getting rid of all the extra
stuff and so you just focus on the core
material there’s a lot of you you know
you don’t you don’t have the time you go
into the archives and you can’t focus
very well without someone just putting
it all out there for you okay that’s
awesome that’s great I’m giving you a
service yes some people have liked it so
quite a few people have liked it so you
know people getting more of them
Watford I mentioned the soccer team in
the Premier League in England that was
gonna have be on there’s a big coin on
their shoulder but some gambling company
paid for it link to below is a picture
of one of their recent games and sure
enough it’s on there if you want to see
what it looks like so in the video again
this is my second video of the day
because we had the Bitcoin focus video
about gold and hold baby and many of
those goals and homes are gonna be just
like that guy in San
be in motion and just wait for the end
of the world that’s not coming but we
will have guys that switch over and
during the video will in the chat of the
premiere of a video someone asked me an
unrelated question
and since yes nicely and he seemed to be
sincere that he wasn’t just promoting
this thing I am saving it to talk about
it now at the end of the show what he
asked me he asked me originally the
question was my thoughts on
non-custodial banks which pay interest
in Bitcoin and I thought about that
concept of like what are you talking
about a a noncustodial bank so they
don’t have your money your Bitcoin your
crypto whatever but they’re paying you
in in Bitcoin but what is that
that doesn’t that doesn’t that doesn’t
exist and he says and he cleared it up
he says basically what are your
questions on what are your thoughts on
monarch wallet and I I’ve kind of heard
of it before it’s been in these in the
mindless up the coin desk type of
articles the press releases they
regurgitate or type of articles about
this monarch wallet thing and I see the
king of the trolls is on the board so
I’m not getting a good taste in my mouth
when I I told the guy I look into it
okay so what what the heck is is monarch
wallet well first of all they don’t
claim to be that they don’t claim to be
a bat a noncustodial bank which which
pays interest in Bitcoin
that’s not what it is it’s just a it’s a
wallet on a phone and it doesn’t you can
trade on it does you could do I you can
spend with it you can and not in theory
companies can pay you to use their
product so that’s non-custodial and
innocent i don’t know what they are with
the original question there’s no but
there’s no non just there’s no such
thing as a noncustodial back that’s just
not a thing in monarch
clearly isn’t trying to be that and but
there what what the monarch what this
guy maybe was getting at is that monarch
while it says it pays you interest for
holding your crypto and I just said the
king of the trolls thing there I’m not
into a wallet that amount of money into
it doesn’t seem like you are aspects of
it are that you control your private key
from for what I wear like gather at some
points if you’re getting the interest
aspect of it if you enter the interest
program then you’re no longer
controlling your private key and I’m
clearly not a fan of something like it
here’s a quote you have to if you want
to get interest this is very important
you have to apply for KYTC with our
partner Celsius you can apply here once
approved you will be able to deposit
supported crypto currencies into your
Celsius wallet and earn the interest
rates shown in AK for the various
Kryptos you will be paid the APR %
earned on a weekly basis it will be
deposited directly into your Celsius
wallet you have the cryptocurrency
earnings okay so you’ve gone from
monarch wallet to Celsius wallet it took
and kyc so that’s not they’ve got your
private key at that point they know who
you are at that point dudes I don’t know
why you’re asking me questions about I’m
the control your private key guy I’m the
treasurer ledger guy I’m the don’t keep
your Bitcoin on your phone guy don’t
don’t even risk your precious Bitcoin
for a second to get interest with some
third party guy just never let go of it
so I’m not gonna like I only like I
don’t like these complicated wallets
that are on your phone that encourage
you to trade and
juda to spend and encourage you to buy
their tokens they’d like this moderate
thing has a token or something also so I
don’t maybe this person this was the guy
seemed sincere but maybe this was just a
way for him from me the same name of
this wallet on the show and I’m not
linking to the wallet below I’m not it’s
just no I’m not getting to those things
my thoughts on things like monarch I I
think that’s ridiculous
why complicate matters get just I’m not
into spending Bitcoin at all at all so
if you’re gonna ask me about some
contraption that helps you spend big I
don’t care about it it’s not my thing
that’s just that that’s not my thing
it’s a newfangled say it’s the savings
account of the future I want to get it
into a place where no one else has
access to it but me I want to be my own
Swiss bank that’s what I use so I don’t
owe all you guys ever ask me about while
it’s on phones I don’t own of them all
that you know third party while it’s
third party interests think no that’s I
don’t do that at all I have Hardware
wallets that’s it that’s what I do I do
harder wallets
I answer I practice what I preach I I’m
not gonna tell you to get one of these
other things and play some games to get
interest somewhere when I don’t do that
when I tell you not to do that awesome
so okay there there’s your answer these
some of these concepts are ridiculous
concepts with noncustodial interest
banks that’s not a bank and first of all
be your own bank with Bitcoin that’s
what your treasure is that’s what your
ledger is that’s for controlling your
own private key is and you win all
there’s people who desire interests that
get tempted by this noise all these
things are noise that and you end up
losing Bitcoin but you if you control
your private key you get the crypto
dividends that’s the insider information
you get on this channel the forks the
the air drops those are crypto dividends
you turn them in the Bitcoin you don’t
you never give up possession of your big
that way like he’s my nerd wallet or
Celsius wallet or whatever lead you down
that path to so those are my thoughts um
I I thought maybe some of you guys
haven’t gotten it yet I mean that’s
that’s pretty much what I share every
video ok strong hand means don’t let go
that big coin control your private key
all right i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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