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september the 26th 2019 strong hand
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oh yeah uncomplicated will conviction
hello my elite friends I’m back in
Baltimore not much sleep lots of time on
a plane but the show must go on baby and
it is hilarious for you Fiat freaks out
there it seems like when I go on these
long uh continent to continent trips we
have a Fiat price dips I I had I didn’t
know what was going on most of the day
and I don’t care because one Bitcoin
equals one big like value what the
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little weird here today but okay let’s
start off with this inspiring quote by
craig ship that’s out there craig ship
who’s also in the state of maryland
right now all i know at an undisclosed
location of course he’s done shows with
me in the past all i know is my bitcoin
is not for sale anyone looking for weak
hands can look elsewhere found that like
button craig found that like button oh I
forgot to say tomorrow
and it’s tomorrow for a lot of you
already it’s already Friday for a bunch
of you this weekend Bitcoin Kaitlyn long
I guess I’ll do it at 5 p.m.
maybe Eastern Time 5 p.m. Baltimore time
we will see but it’s a good show
Kaitlyn will Kaitlyn long you all love
her she will be on the show she is long
Bitcoin you’ll see what I’m talking
about that’s her last name but it’s a
way of life also baby but so check out a
Friday tomorrow I guess 5 p.m. Eastern
maybe I will see I know that’s late for
you London people sorry about that
aha now we’ll see Zack vole has a a
great tweet out there and this is
hilarious this just I mean this should
put a smile on your face and just remind
you this is how you know hilarious life
is is anyone’s child available to argue
at the UN for Hyper Bitcoin ization and
I think some of you will get that
reference if you’ve been following a
mainstream disgusting culture lately it
seems like there are lots of parents out
there that like their kids to be famous
and let them talk about controversial
issues that they don’t understand
so hey why’d I have one of a someone
give up your kid for Hyper Bitcoin
ization obviously that’s just a joke but
it is it’s funny and I don’t even
believe in hyperpigmentation but it’s
it’s there will always be Fiat dudes
always all right so when we got to Zack
thank you for that tweet pound that like
button and Zack spit on the show yeah so
I got I had people sending me DMS and
I’m I’m reading uh I’m reading just a
lot of weak handed stuff out there and
it’s like that people are into the bear
market vibe again and clearly I’m not I
mean I’m just in the 20/20 having man
but I can see why you know and I’ve said
this before treasures haven’t been
selling at all
so I’ve wondered about new money
coming in and that we’ve really stood we
had we haven’t shook that vibe totally
I’m we’ve all know it’s about the bottom
line period period is its violent
volatile period its volatile period
there’s your answer you don’t need
you don’t need scapegoats uh but yeah I
mean the simple math is people not that
people are buying newbies are coming in
okay well great like we didn’t know that
beforehand and if you look back in 2015
and I’ve said this before you know when
I say everything cyclical when things
were going back up in 2015 at times you
didn’t know it I mean I think all of you
can be pretty strong handed about the
fact we reached our low for the cycle it
was like 3,100 we then we doubled it but
you know there can be a lot of a lot of
turbulence on the way back to the
all-time high and we’ve we’ve seen it it
would it went up to 13 something it’s
back that down to 8,000 again in March
if you would have said 8,000 you’d be
happy and if you look at the 2015
beginning of 2016 scenario before
they’re having you’ll see a very it’s a
very similar pattern and it’s just for
me it’s always an upward trend it’s
always not much time because time keeps
on slippin into the future or that
closer to the all-time high 2020 having
2024 half 2028 having every time we go
through these cycles it goes it
surprises me more and more because I try
to stay conservative I know so many of
you are like when will when six-digit
realm I don’t know when but there’ll be
a day and it’s it’s funny to read with
some of the very impulsive people say
they’re like I can’t wait anymore
I can’t wait and they nitpick your words
and stuff you said this you said that
dude make up your own minds but if
you’re if you’re if you’re nitpicking
everything and you need it now you’re
impulsive and this is not further
impulsive this is not for the weak
it’s it’s very volatile it’s very
volatile and most of the people who
can’t take that vault a they have
dropped off out and good let the we
can’t drop out more for the strong hands
this is where this is where the big boys
play and uh but if you’re looking for a
I mean you’ve definitely come to the
wrong place I mean big coin there this
is personal responsibility bility here
there are no scapegoats in Bitcoin
don’t look for conspiracies it’s
manipulated it’s everything’s real
depilated no this game is not rigged
it’s volatile though it’s volatile it’s
new there’s gonna be crazy times so hey
it’s this for me this is not for
if there are no scapegoats it’s your own
fault for owed in Bitcoin and it’s not
your fault it’s your responsibility and
it’s awesome it’s awesome being a
Bitcoin er so stop stop looking for
excuses people pound pound that like
button but we’re gonna talk about hang
on I do I had this setup a little weird
so I got to get my little chat thing
open there Oh people have been taught oh
sorry if I’ve missed anyone’s
bitcoinmeister no no once often no one
said bitcoinmeister so I assume no
someone said at atomizer you got typing
bitcoinmeister do – I don’t see it when
you’re done look on YouTube strong hand
scary movie then let us know what you
think strong hand I mean it’s just a
Google strong hands is that what I’m
supposed to do look it up on YouTube
that term I don’t know what you exactly
mean there but I know people are on the
strong strong hand is not a scary movie
strong hand is a happy movie man I know
I’m pretty darn happy oh but I have to
get up soon I’m not happy about that but
shirt dude Krypto Virg you providing
Megan ok let’s get back on track here
dudes let me close this window got so
many darn things open here we’re at
Tybee bitcoinmeister guys I can’t see I
can’t I can’t read and and read your
thing and read my thing and think all at
the same time I can’t do eight things at
the same time sorry I’m not that
talented they didn’t teach us that I
wash you sorry how to do eight things at
the same time now uh okay you’re looking
for escape okay with all this escapes
ghosts skate
if you need an excuse here’s a thinking
man’s exercise okay for those of you who
are wondering about volatile well what’s
causing the volatility here and doodie
oodie has a good tweet back in Israel
where I just was now I’m in Baltimore
for the high holiday high holidays
Bitcoin rallied from $3,000 to $14,000
on rumors that news that Facebook is
building Libre what if the sell-off is
insiders who were tipped off about Libre
getting canceled all right so Judy is
biased because OD things Libre is going
to get cancelled but there I mean
there’s a thinking man’s explanation for
a volatility okay clearly I mean I think
we can all agree that when the the Libre
stuff was being talked up there there
was some new money coming in then and
good good that’s great if they can’t
take the heat if they happen to be
selling out now because they know
something that Libre is not gonna happen
oh well that’s great
all right that causes volatility III
still think Libre I think they’re gonna
be able to pull it off I really do but
Zuckerberg just said something about it
being delayed so people worry about that
and again speculators can sell on that
if they want to sell on that type of
stock to weaken weak hands then be my
guess and it seems to work it seems to
work every rumor this speculators sell
on we can’t sell on also today that’s
that’s the way of this game that’s how
this game is played volatility is the
name of the frickin game and I think
I’ve said that like 40 times this show
so pound that like button then I’m up it
freakin 2:15 what’s that 2:16 in the
morning and I still have stuff to do
I still gotta you know catch up on some
stuff and read some mail all sortsa and
people I really would appreciate this
it don’t even just don’t email me for
the next few days or don’t DM me there’s
a lot to catch up on the High Holidays
are about to start things are getting
really busy with the family and I can’t
answer you’re like panic straight and
striking questions and they’re actually
happened panic-stricken questions if you
you have panics if you’re asking me
panic-stricken questions you’re not
watching the show clearly there’s no if
you’re watching a show I don’t I don’t
know why you’re
you’re panic-stricken it’s just it Betty
I really have to tell you guys literally
literally I didn’t check I check the
price once when I got back after
synagogue today okay I and and I went to
a new synagogue today uh because the
timing was really weird when I landed
today and then I went to sleep for a
while and then I checked I’m gonna check
the press it twice today so I had no
idea we went below $1,000 that’s how
much this means to me you gotta live
your real life people um but that’s how
much Fiat price means to me because I
know it’s just it’s a glitch how many
times have I been through this before
who else is in that I thought I there
not a lot of veterans in the chat right
now I don’t know um
but yeah we’ve been so many of you are
new since 2017-2018 and I guess you got
to learn the hard way if this is this is
not even 2015 that was there were issues
then man this is nothing compared to
nothing uh all right so we do have Ted
I’ll follow the rules here he said
Bikram I sure have you been to Toronto
um I I have had a layover there so I’ve
seen it from the air I want to go I have
wanted to go to Toronto since I was a
very young kid because the Orioles
playing the Blue Jays so I would I would
and I’ve said this on the show before I
would love to see the Orioles play the
Blue Jays in Toronto where she actually
just happened there series there just
ended yesterday so I I know I want to
see Toronto I know a lot of you guys who
post here from Canada are from Toronto
and I definitely this is the I since I
was very young I wanted to go to Toronto
to see a baseball game I will one day I
will see them play there I will see the
Orioles played there one day but I yeah
I I saw yeah I know I’ve never been
there but I do want to go there during
the warm weather months that’s another
thing I mentioned this some people are
looking for a place to go after
Thanksgiving it has to be a warm place I
am NOT going to a cold place during the
winter I don’t do that I just don’t do
that anymore I don’t have to do anything
anymore that’s the power of Bitcoin and
living the Bitcoin overlay working for
yourself you don’t have to go to places
you don’t want to go and you’ll have to
experience cold anymore so that’s that’s
why I don’t you know I try to stay very
yeah I visit Baltimore for Thanksgiving
then I’m out of here okay there’s your a
travel info for the day all you fans out
what are we okay so big boys play here
yeah dude II had a nice tweet yeah
what’s this other tweet Alister Melanie
he does he goes over for you rookies out
there for you newbies he covers some of
these scapegoats throughout the years
2013 Willie bought 2017 tether and 2019
now plus token that that’s a that’s a
thing and back and back failed that
that’s uh Oh God
alright so here is a JP Koenig has a
very interesting chart though that that
explain that that goes over the
different types of volatility that we
are experiencing and the argument that
maybe now we’re experiencing different
types of volatility this chart puts
bitcoins recent 14% drop in context
Bitcoin is experiencing fewer mega
declines twenty to fifty percent but
five to twenty percent declines are
occurring more often note the clumping
up of X’s in 2017 2019
relative to 2012 2016 okay so one type
of volatility is rising the five to
twenty percent declines get used to it
it’s IB pick your poison take your
poison can you uh can are you steel down
there or you have bees of steel with 50
percent declines or 20 percent declines
or both or five percent declines
I’ve got bees of Steel with all of them
okay I mean I’m go taking naps in the
middle of day and not checking my
Nick Carter has a good tweet out there
that reminds everyone that but the SEC
does its enforcement’s it starts
by September 30th so there’ll be more
enforcement announcements leading up to
some September 30th a lot of them
apparently so get used to it so be
prepared for some weak handed news that
maybe they’ll announce an se says some I
SEOs get had some crackdowns they’re
trying to hit them up and it will freak
some people out but to lessen the blow
and you shouldn’t care be prepared
before September 30th there could be a
plethora of announcements in terms of
SEC hitting on icos or maybe other
crypto related things maybe specific
coins okay there are a lot of people
chatting in the chat I see but no one’s
asking again if you’re if you think I’m
gonna see those things I can what else
do we have
tether trading oh yeah tether trading
teto trading tether can’t get the words
out man so tired it’s a number four coin
right now in the trading volume that’s
what I was looking for it’s tremendous
it just shows you how many people value
their wealth in dollars war I can’t take
this better sell the Bitcoin for a
little bit and jump in the tether that’s
that’s definitely been going on you
can’t you can’t deny that but hey it’s a
toll as a tool and you know despite the
fact that I don’t like trading and I
know you I encourage everyone not to do
it 80% are gonna do what they do are
gonna do gamblers or what they’re gonna
do what they’re gonna do and vortex says
is I believe work Tech says I don’t want
miss quarter but it’s it’s a necessary
evil it’s a necessary it’s part of the
whole market finding what the the price
of Bitcoin is so let the traders trade
but clearly they betrayed in a lot and
they’re hiding in tether hiding in
tether would one oh I wouldn’t want to
hold that thing for one freaking second
pound that like button just how it could
get turned off if they wanted to now I’m
not saying it’s going to but it’s a
centralized coin and I I’m not in this
because of centralized coins I mean to
this because of uncomplicated will big
okay BTC Chris says strong hands dip
strong hands over here the lower goes
the happier I get you’re good dude dude
she’s Bitcoin is a good thing and yeah
that is a positive spin a positive
framing of the whole situation and here
again and this guy I know PF Cernik or
whatever your name is you seem like a
nice man a person you’re asking a
question here that I mean I don’t do
what you’re asking price predictions in
two to three years bitcoinmeister and
why I don’t do that dude that is
freaking clickbait totally clickbait one
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin and I’m not
gonna do that it’s going to be more it’s
going to be worth more in terms of fiat
that’s what I’ve been saying it that’s
the whole point of all this okay it
keeps going up after two to three years
is after the having so yeah in in the
year 2021 on this date it will be more
than today but my I am the believer in
the two hundred ten thousand block
theory if you don’t know what that is
look it up in terms of fiat price you
subtract two hundred ten thousand blocks
from today it’s worth more if you add
two hundred ten thousand blocks to from
today to the day it will be worth more
okay so it’s if it’s worth $1,000 right
this second on this state or or in
August of 2023 it will be worth more
dude if you’re worried about specific
fiat prices you’re gonna lose you just
just know you can’t have that impulsive
mentality you got to think long term
you’re not in this because you think oh
well maybe in the long term it’s gonna
be worth less maybe in four years it’s
going to be worth less then don’t do why
are you in this why it’s a savings
account so you don’t you shouldn’t be
here if you’ve got worries about this
you shouldn’t need me to tell you an
exact price in four days go to some
freaking got you know new guys channel
that’s been here for one day then I’ll
say like a hundred thousand dollars if
you like it’s gonna be a hundred
thousand dollars look September 11th
I mean go to that guy and I don’t get
and those types of things are popular
for eighty percent are so if you need
something like that go over there I
don’t I don’t do specific things predict
it’s just this is a savings account I
mean it for the long run you probably
not familiar with it what I’ve been
saying for the last four freaking years
I don’t touch my Bitcoin I don’t sell my
bitcoins for fiat not even a splinter of
one until at least after the twenty
twenty having and I have no plans to
sell any of it after the twenty twenty
have it I don’t need any of it it’s a
freaking savings account I know how to
manage my wealth and manage the Fiat
that I have all right but I mean maybe
you’re new and you haven’t heard me say
these things fifty thousand times on the
show before okay moving on moving on but
it’s a you know III can understand
you’re a good guy and everything like
that I just wanted to clear that off for
other people who might be new because I
do I people do ask these things
sometimes this but I mean please people
there are fourteen hundred shows in the
archives most of things you’re gonna
answer are are already are there are
they’re all right so uh what do we have
Bitcoin magazine so here’s something
that we’ve talked about uh a lot of
times Venezuela and they totally fail
with the petrol we’ve had guests on the
show from Venezuela and that’s what we
had the best guest on this frickin show
I instead of like wondering what’s going
on Venice well I get you the guys that
were in in Venezuela and they were
saying you know the petrol really isn’t
out there it’s sort of out there it’s
it’s nonsense
it’s basically what the conclusion was
well Bitcoin magazine has an article now
if this is true this is much bigger news
than the petrol nonsense then as well as
central bank considers adding Bitcoin to
its balance sheets so yeah if they
really want to avoid sanctions and all
that then that’s what they should do if
they really want to prop up their nation
that’s what they should do okay you know
they enjoy their short-term thinkers
over there they love printing money and
that works for a while that helps the
corrupt regime but it’s not sustainable
for a minor country like Venezuela that
only has oil to its name it does it
doesn’t right now something that they’re
Natural Resources being properly
extracted at least so with with a
country like that the bunch of
short-term thinkers lets they print
money they fail well if if they’ve got
an ounce of long-term thinking then
they’re really doing this and they’re
buying Bitcoin that will actually help
their nation and if they’re really doing
other nations will follow because you
know that as well as a ghetto freaking
nation the way it’s it’s it’s it’s run
so there’s some better nations there’s
some better minds leaving some other
nations and I love the people of n as
well but they will admit themselves at
their governments it’s a total nonsense
and so if this is true good it’s a
positive thing and and people are your
support men as well I support that as
well in no way but here’s the lesson you
take from Bitcoin from Nick Carter ok
this is your daily reminder that if you
value Bitcoin censorship resistance you
will have to make your peace with the
fact that people did you dislike will
use the network and so that’s the bottom
line with Venezuela if you understand
this stuff you will have to make peace
that the fact that people you dislike
will use the network and that’s a good
that’s a good thing that your worst
enemy can use it that shows you that
it’s censorship resistant that it’s not
centralized anyone can use this thing
and that’s that’s part of the reason I
like it
and Safa Dean has a quote out there
bitcoin is not the iPhone of money cute
easy and simple
it’s the Gunpowder of money you’ll use
it because you have to it’s it you would
use it because you have to its financial
dynamite out on that like button quickly
and I’ll conclude South Africa they’re
not having the bank strike it was a the
strike was blocked by a court I don’t
know how the bureaucracy works out there
they can they can stop a private they
could a court can order a private union
not to not to strike and they’ll follow
that law uh yeah whatever but you got to
take from all this is that it’s big
Bitcoin doesn’t strike and if you do
have your Fiat in banks you never know
when you’re not going to be able to get
to your Fiat anymore when there might be
a strike or there sort of might be a
all right that’s it dudes i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister and welcome
home adam says seattle web city dude it
is great to be home i saw some of my
niece’s today and i’ll see more nieces
and nephews it’s very soon in seeing my
mother today and it was very great i saw
one of my siblings today so it is it’s
it’s it’s very nice to be home but i got
to get a good I got to get a regular
night’s sleep
that won’t be until Friday and yeah I’m
in the middle of a 72 hour fast that’s
not bother that ends tomorrow and again
try to do a 72 hour they recommend doing
a two hour fast twice a year to restart
your immune system who knows if that
works who knows if it does help prevent
cancer I think it’s worth a shot and I
can do it pretty easily and I did not
run during the height of the 72 hour
fast which I’ve been known to do I
actually did run you know when it
started but that doesn’t count that was
like what 10 hours 12 hours into the
fast okay I’m out of here dudes I’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister juice or ice
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