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current events current events in the 80 percenter world i have been creeping
into my life tonight apparently there’s something big going on in politics let
me ask you a question here how many Americans out there do you think now
believe that vice president Pence is the President of the United States that it’s
just it’s just happened because there’s been this thing called an impeachment
and that automatically means Mike Pence is not President United States how many
people do you think believe that we’re in the United States right now and
keeping that number in is that number larger than the number of Americans that
know about Bitcoin and with all that in mind how can you doubt that the current
financial system the dollar dominated system will easily be able to continue
in the United States of America the 80 percenters got to spend on their bread
and circuses it’s all entertainment to them if you go on Twitter right now they
are plenty of people they think Mike Pence is the President of the United
States of America they’re not interested in finance they don’t know about Bitcoin
there are probably more people out there right now that think might Pence is a
president United States of America then know about Bitcoin in the United States
definitely the definitely whole Bitcoin in United States of America the more
people they think they heard about this thing called a peach mint they’ve been
hearing about it on the view and everything and they boy well that means
if they’re if you’re P Street go through that means Trump is gone and tonight
they’re finding out who is the vice president many of them didn’t know who
the vice president isn’t so some of them are reacting right now Twitter you can
look at it right now they’re like oh my god this dispence guys president now he
doesn’t like the eight people or something if there’s a it’s unbelievable
if it’s unbelievable but it is to me it’s believable
I never underestimate the idiocy of the of the voting the general voting public
and so many of your older they’re gonna learn how to be savers and Bitcoin
there’s gonna be hyper Bitcoin ization and they’re all everyone’s gonna learn
how to say no this is America this is the world and they can print that dollar
to infinity they won’t why will they notice they don’t know who the president
is right now it’s unbelievable and so this also has to do with that they’re
having a little bit there are a lot of people that that talk about the having
they talk about the having they don’t know what the having is they think
there’s this having thing coming up I got to get rid of my Bitcoin before it
happens because the amount of Bitcoin I hold is gonna get cut in half because
it’s a heaven you know it’s a heavy impeachment means kick out having means
you cut it cut it hell you just rationality of people the lack of
research that people do and they’ll just they’ll spout out terms they don’t know
what anything anymore feel early what it means and fur
and first of all going back to having to having a lot of people don’t even know
I’d never heard of it in the Bitcoin space in the cryptocurrency space so
just taking up account the current events and think about what’s priced in
in Bitcoin think about hyper Bitcoin ization if that can really happen
think about the dollar going away do you really think the dollars gonna disappear
after you know what is the demonstrated deceive you tell me I mean you give you
give the voting public a lot of a credit and the voters are the majority of
people out there the voters are the masses they are the masses they want
their Brett it’s bread and circuses it’s all entertainment that’s what they care
about they don’t care about the dollar being hyper and inflated hyperplane
whatever you want to call it okay so the dollar is gonna be around for the rest
of my life and I intend to live a very very very long life and it will be the
dominant fiat currency and they’ll just keep buying buying buying spending
spending spending and thinking the wrong person is the president united states
found that like button all right so I would go really quick back to yesterday
and if you’d like that kind of talk tune in the Saturday show we go beyond
Bitcoin but I I weave that into Bitcoin they’re impeachment yesterday’s show I
was talking about litecoin a little bit it’s a talk to your altcoin I do I do
want to point that out but what I want to point out is there is a huge gap
between the top tier of coins and Bitcoin okay
now the top tier aquas are better than the other all coins obviously they’ll
stick around longer if not for like decades okay but just because I call
something top tier doesn’t mean it’s close to Bitcoin bitcoin is far huge gap
huge gap now I will say this I will say this if aetherium fixes its game and I
think it will it can leave that top tier and live in its own little realm
somewhere far from Bitcoin still but eat it could be different than the rest of
its taught to your compadres there all right but enough I want to talk about
all coins just want to clear that up from yesterday’s he it’s funny every all
the weekends selling their Bitcoin and just selling all their cryptocurrency
and now there’s been a Fiat price rebound it is interesting to note that
the Bitcoin dominance increased during this whole episode this latest episode
and I don’t know you gotten even your besties valuing your wealth and Bitcoin
it’s just another reminder it’s just another reminder that that wasn’t very
good for the for the altcoin bag holders there it didn’t the situation didn’t
really improve alright let’s talk about bag holders here let’s talk about a gold
bag holders Barry Silbert has a tweet out there returns this
decade Bitcoin a dollar has become a ninety thousand dollars a gold one
dollar has become a dollar thirty four drop gold and pound that like button well I’ll leave it at that I believe
it’s been it’s been a good decade and it’s not even the Golden Age decade yet
in there there is there someone on Twitter that keeps on saying you know
the decade really doesn’t end until the end of 2020
alright alright technically technically you are correct and I lived through this
i we all lived through this back in 2000 we all lived through this back into town
I’ll just I just put this out there okay you know people like round numbers it
was there a big big huge celebration when it turned 2001 or was there a big
huge celebration when it turned 2000 okay I mean oh yes the decade ended did
when it became 2001 okay that’s great that was really fun it was about turning
2000 so it’s about turning 2020 it’s about it’s turning 2020 I I know
technically what that means but the 2020s are
starting you can call that a decade you can call that an era but clearly the
2020s are starting and I’m happy about that change in that second that second
number there all right and yeah so sometimes you can I mean
again technically you can be right but it just comes a point when you gotta be
like let’s have some fun here moving on you don’t have to be a
stickler you don’t have to be a stickler there I understand I mean we’re I mean
were you saying no I’m not gonna celebrate it turning 2000 until it’s not
starting until 2001 really that’s that’s my party dude come to my trip there was
a Seinfeld episode that like had this in there too okay
not linked to below now moving on the Nick Carter says the first u.s. exchange
to do regular user-facing proofs of reserve is go is gonna collect an
obscene amount of goodwill and positive PR I agree I agree okay but I mean what
exchange is gonna do that I mean are there any honest exchanges out there Oh
God until then proof of keys get your get your Bitcoin off these exchanges
definitely but it US based exchange he does a public audit this shows us
everything they have on there really and it shows us the addresses and shows that
it all adds up we have 83,000 Bitcoin here here’s where they are are they will
get a lot of good press a lot of respect and just getting their name out there
we’ll get people who still don’t understand how to control their private
keys to go to that exchange and I mean the good First’s all sorts of free
publicity free advertisements through that I have a I was reminded of the
security truth machine term when I read the following tweet by
a guy named Simon who lives in the Netherlands what and people were asking
about the use of Bitcoin complaining about some aspect of Bitcoin and he said
one of the relevant uses and this isn’t to blow in the is the availability of an
open-source technology with functionality to document and timestamp
events at low cost levels basically a security truth machine remember I’ll be
in El Paso Texas starting January 14th until February 11th if you’re around
um I’m in Tucson Arizona right now there a lot of big pointers were tweeting
about the Securities and Exchange Commission voted to propose amendments
to the definition of a credit invest accredited investor one of the principal
test for who is eligible to participate in our private capital markets now to be
an accredited Evette invest investor you have to have a certain amount of money
or certain amount of property I don’t even know the exact rules now a million
dollars with a cat I don’t know let’s see whatever it is you’re not if you’re
not an accredited investor they don’t allow you to buy early-stage companies
you get get in on pre IPO type of stuff and so people have complained said well
it’s only special people that get to to get in on these pre IPO and other types
of purchases that are risky that are risky and the reason the government says
is we don’t want grandma old grandmas getting ripped off we’ve heard it all
before so now they want to change it a little bit but now maybe you’re gonna
have to take a test or have a certain title or go to a certain class again
more bureaucracy more red tape but the thing is let them keep making it hard
for everyday Joe’s to buy certain types of financial instrument
it’s okay let them do I don’t give a darn because bitcoin you are already in
accredited accredited investor for Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency that’s the
thing that’s my old videos where I said it’s like getting in on a pre IPO for
Facebook or Google okay and I’m saying that when it was 400 freaking dollars
and and yes yeah that analogy is really correct when you look back on it it was
I mean now it’s $7,000 it’s unbelievable unbelievable profit right there on paper
just like those people who bought Facebook before it was available to the
public the accredited investors that were allowed to do that
so I I don’t people like oh it’s great the government is is now letting so many
people who are not allowed into these markets be allowed into these markets
well they’re still going to be red tape and bureaucracy what we should say is
hey in our realm in the Bitcoin overlay we don’t have a credit everyone can get
it every everyone can get in and it’s just a great opportunity don’t don’t
worry about government approval to become named an accredited investor by
the government you don’t you’ll need that approval now in this land in this
world that we live in in the Bitcoin world that we live in
alright you dudes over there an image cat okay no questions yet so I want to
go to other old questions that were left in the comments and someone just
actually tweeted something at me Oh before that oh no no I wanted to remind
everyone that and I want to say this yesterday proof of keys is the having
pre-party how’d that like button back in my party days you would have the
pre-party than the party with the post party the post post party we’ve had we’d
have all sorts of jokes where the bars of let all out like it to the morning
where’s the post party where’s the post party and then we joke about the poet
when we’d have my reunion in every five year my high school reunion one of those
years just joking gonna have the post post party
I got a smile Micah and I big the post parties at post post parties definitely
definitely in my day I mean and by the way by the time you get to the post post
party it’s a freaking sausage fest okay women they don’t stay up that late
you’re better off that you’re not at the post post party you’re with your woman
back home that’s a better option trust but anyway going on going on but yeah I
think but you also have the pre-party people some people feel the need to get
drunk before they go out to the club well that is the little bit of beyond
Bitcoin there that is the proof of keys is definitely the the warm up to the to
the having situation and you should have a proof of keys party if you’re a party
animal yes I’m gonna get rid of erased that I use that line right so there’s a
this guy did a summary of the coin metrics report Mike Chan the coin
metrics report is always very interesting so you can read his Twitter
thread about it and then click on his various tweets to see the part of the
report you’re interested this is a long report but he says the state of the
network weekly newsletter is one of my favorites tons of awesome data and
analysis I’ve done my best to summarize and highlight the key points the CM team
runs nodes and extracts data from major crypto assets in order to independently
validate network activity and they rank the top 10 crypto assets by audit
ability so that is very interesting and then the report goes don’t end up some
other things too and his summary goes into some other things that was the main
story though they give ten coins grades on how auditable they are all right now
speaking about alt coins real quick and actually bsv has mentioned in this
report but there’s another report finance research and this is a very
interesting report and it’s it comes as no surprise at all is not a shock what
that by Nance has found out and I think we can all guess who’s who’s a
causing this peculiar allottee okay finance research analyzed the mining
activities of Bitcoin be cash and bsv while mining has become a billion-dollar
industry some participants appear to be irrational in how they allocate their
hash power between BTC B CH and BS v bc b sv mining appears activity beat b sv
mine activity might be irrational possibly owing to political factors or
other non economically driven forces that are beyond the scope of this report
o billionaire cu the irrational things you do for your buddy Jim Jones but hey
you can look at it’s not a shock at all look at the report mathematics doesn’t
explain at everything guys people are can be irrational that is freewill right
there okay so that good they’re always going to be irrational players in a
space for whatever reasons because they’re insane because they haven’t done
the research whatever reason it may be so here are two similar questions I’ve
recently received Adam this was just on Twitter now III tweet out I tweet out my
show is about to come on and so the guy replies Adam you still holding till 2020
or you got a hold longer now dude you should be watching my show instead of
just replying to my maybe you’re watching my show right now so I hope
you’re watching my show right now says I’m answering your question I’m not
answering it in a tweet and the thing is is like I’ve mentioned this a million
times and most people don’t understand when I’ve said since before the 2016
having I am not selling any of my Bitcoin for fiat until after the 2020
having and that doesn’t mean I’m selling all of my Bitcoin after the 2020 having
it say it means this is the first possible time I would
sitter selling my Bitcoin after the twenty20 having and I’ve said that for
over four years now but some people interpret that oh yeah you’re selling
massive amounts of Bitcoin a day after the tour no that’s not what eat meet you
you’re you’re trying to read my head my thoughts mind read you are you’re making
up things you’re just not paying attention here you’re not comprehending
comprehending listening comprehension it’s important and some people just
never will get it and they will become poorer and you know 80 percentage but
but for those of you who can aren’t impulsive and actually listen to my
words so okay then another person asks asked about my long-term plan so yes and
again when I say it’s a savings obviously if you have a savings account
you just don’t liquidate it after a certain day you’re going to hold longer
of course I’m going to hold longer of course of course now so and then another
person asked about my long-term plan now I have done some mathematical
calculations lately as many of you know I live off of the Fiat that I have in
the bank and the Fiat that comes in from various sources from the YouTube channel
and and I don’t spend very much money I’m very frugal I I don’t I don’t drink
guy we’ve talked about it so many times so many times minimalist type of
lifestyle but traveling the world at the same time you can do both you can do it
you know how to search out a good deal as I said my next major transportation
fee is $2.99 to get me from here to Texas alright so some people are able to
do that because they can find a good deal is they know how to do research but
some people are just have no patience at all and they just buy a $200 plane
ticket and go to some $200 night hotel etcetera etcetera etcetera
not me but with all of that in mind with at my current burn rate and my current
rate of brewing in Fiat and I’ve done this calculation I did it recently on
a few months back I can go on at this rate until at least after the 2024
having no problem at all I wouldn’t have to get into into savings at all and
that’s at my current rate now again things could I could bring in more Fiat
I mean all sorts of things have happened of every times during this you know
wearing the Bitcoin when Bitcoin was on fire back in December of 2017 the the
the Fiat I was bringing in there was definitely more fiat being brought in
then but their various things that have happened since then in terms of my real
estate divestments my you know getting rid of real estate which is added to the
Fiat in different in different ways we don’t have to get into all of that but
but but but here’s the thing I think at this point so so my long-term plan is
there’s I it’s very possible that soon my saying is gonna be like I’m not
getting rid of any Bitcoin for fiat until at least after the 2024 having now
I will tell you this right now I have no plans of getting rid of any Bitcoin
until at least after two hundred ten thousand blocks after the previous
all-time high which will be around November of 2021 because dude I’m not
selling my baked any of my Bitcoin for below $20,000 okay I would have to be on
the verge of living in a freakin cardboard box for me to sell one of my
big coin for below $20,000 I’m and I’m sure there plenty of people like me that
I’ve got that old all-time high in their head and I’ve mentioned this on all
their shows that are just like no I’m not I would never sell a Bitcoin from
below thee because we’re one day closer to all-time high and I and I believe
that two hundred ten thousand block theory and I am living at 2010 210,000
block theory and I believe that I mean if it stays valid then two hundred ten
thousand blocks after the previous all-time high it should be over nineteen
thousand six hundred not whatever the heck it was so definitely
definitely not not selling a darn Bitcoin until after after then but most
likely I’m not selling a darn Bitcoin in until after 2024 and if I still have
Fiat until if I still have a good amount of Fiat after 2024 I after 2020 for
having then oh I’m not touching any my Bitcoin and it’s a savings account
you just don’t dip into your savings account for some impulse and purchases
it’s it’s for big important life-altering purchases emergencies okay
emergencies life you’re buying a house you’re doing this you’re doing whatever
so no I I don’t foresee a reason to go into my savings account I don’t I don’t
have my life set up that way where I need to dip into my savings account so
and I never want to sell a Bitcoin for below $20,000 I think that’s ridiculous
that’s a ripoff it’s a complete ripoff to sell a Bitcoin for below $20,000 I
think again that’s a and you can hear it in my voice I am offended by every
single person who sells no I mean it’s more than just a saying it’s what I
believe all right no again if you’re about to live in a cardboard box then
okay get rid of point one Bitcoin I guess I
don’t know you should have planned that way personal responsibility is a new
counterculture this is personal responsibility I plan his stuff out
dudes I planned this stuff out I mean I was
living on frickin Linden Avenue in Baltimore Maryland do you know I didn’t
have to live in a fancy place in Canton or in Federal Hill or one of those
trendy neighborhoods I didn’t need that stuff because well I’ve kind of a
renegade there was an adventure it was a great adventure but that was not costly
I was able to save save and they were all sort of people that didn’t say that
bought themselves fancy cars and stuff and now I’m traveling all around and I
got all sorts of friends that really anchor down back back home and have to
deal with all of the nonsense of a mainstream life you know fitting in
keeping up with the Jones is having completely no
savings at all whirring every single day were they gonna pay the credit card just
terrible stuff harder stuff I can’t imagine but anyway you getting to a big
point over like to you can embrace savings its person responsibilities new
counterculture via just you know you don’t have to have a new car every three
years or whatever you don’t have to have a car at all I don’t have a car so yeah
there’s some insight into my long-term plans and so no I don’t I don’t sell
Bitcoin for fiat have no plans no plan I have no plans at all I saw I have no
idea when I would happen I have no idea when it would happen I mean the early
again the earliest possible time I could see it happening at this point would be
after the 2024 having all right remember okay okay
when Bitcoin I and by the way when Bitcoin gets into that magical six digit
realm one day that video of mine from 2015 where I say people should buy 10
Bitcoin each for $400 a piece or for $4,000 so think about that that video is
going to become one of the most classic Bitcoin videos of all time I think you
should because there’s a guy in 2015 saying buy 10 Bitcoin well if Bitcoin is
in the six-digit realm you do the math what does that mean what did that guy
tell you to do back in 2015 and what does that make your value in fiat once
it’s in a six-digit realm do the math what’s that make you so that video look
real good for the future millionaires of America their town that like button hey
I told you guys and I’m still telling you it’s early here’s us someone that
people will listen to instead of me just because he’s got a nice mustache and
he’s famous no but no pay more people will listen to this guy because he’s old
he’s been on TV for a long time he’s 20 20 with Hugh Downs and Barbara Wawa who
am I talking about here and I’m glad he’s talking about Bitcoin libertarian
pundit john stossel tells his million-plus
followers why he bought bitcoin I bought Bitcoin because I don’t want all my
savings in dollars what if my government prints lots of dollars and they become
worth pennies well John I’m glad you buy a Bitcoin your reasoning Liz
well it’s good the dollar our government has already told us it’s not for savings
dude is for spending that’s suspending mechanism so of course you want to be in
the best freak’n savings mechanism of all time and if that savings mechanism
happens to be a security truth machine well that’s great that’s see on the show
aren’t getting nothing else to say hey and let’s see if there are any other
questions alright i’m adam meister greetings from the philippines says
element did free droid i want to visit there one day as i
mentioned to you as i mentioned to you before i have a good friend of mine from
the philippines his family so i’ve always wanted to go there but you asked
a question how will you sell your bitcoin coinbase local bitcoins dude I
have no plans on selling it so I really haven’t thought of that yet but I think
by the time I sell it I will be just being able to buy a house with it so we
really won’t be selling it of like buy a house for you I’ll buy a family member a
house that’s how I’ll convert it to Fiat I’m really not too worried but if I
can’t do that I’ll do it through coin basem they already know I bought it
through them so why not get I mean yeah I think I’m paying taxes on it so I have
no I don’t even there anything about that because I don’t think about selling
my Bitcoin at all I don’t care about that at all I want to get more and more
and more and more it’s a savings account you allow you just don’t we’ll never get
it we’ll never get it you’ll never understand what savings is you’ll never
get it you I don’t know what this thing I don’t know what this thing is this
yeah yeah have a certain mindset I guess but I’m trying I’m trying to I’m trying
to teach you guys but there’s just a lot of guys that kind of flip it kind of do
this got a oh alright that’s alright i’m adam meister the bitcoin
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