Hi! In this video I will tell you how it is possible, hack a bitcoin wallet with a positive balance Now 1 Satoshi Nakamoto wallet is shown, where since 2009 several million bitcoins are located. Maybe Satoshi Nakamoto is already dead, but bitcoins are idle. The first bitcoins were dismantled in 2009. And most bitcoins that were mined from 2009 to 2012 still remain untouched 50 bitcoins remain 10 years without movement Now look at Block number 10000, which Satoshi Nakamoto was dismantled. And on this wallet all bitcoins remain untouched Now enter the block number 40000 And on this wallet the credit of 50 bitcoins is not issued As a result, bitcoins were mined for a year and the balances were not issued These bitcoins have no owner And if we can get access to these bitcoins. Then you will be right to belong to us. Anyone who gets access to bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, will be your owner. But to get access to forgotten bitcoins, we need a special program The program for hacking bitcoin wallet is presented at the end of the video. And now we will understand what bitcoin is made of. That is, from which mathematical formulas bitcoin is made. Each address has a hash consisting of 64 characters, including numbers and Latin letters One hash has 2 addresses one is simply the other is compression For example, I write a character 1, the character 1 is hashed by the A256 algorithm into a 64-bit string of numbers and letters. You can enter any word, such as your first name last name address And you get a unique hash SHA256 that converts to 2 addresses with private keys So it is naturally easier to remember the code from your wallet bitcoin But it is more secure to use a randomly generated bitcoin address. Generally, you can generate bitcoin addresses. They are called brain cells Now I enter random characters to generate the bitcoin address through the 256 hash Here is a simple-address and the address of compression I copy the hash and paste it on another page with similar functions To find out the private key from these addresses Check the similarity of the address and look up your private keys And here are the private keys that can be imported into any browser or computer wallet Blockchain info, electrum, and others In General I think that everything is clear with this Now let’s move on to the topic how many addresses and private keys can be created That’s the number of private keys that can be created It is a number with 78 characters after one. And such a number of bitcoin addresses can be created It is a number with 51 characters after one. It follows that there are more private keys than addresses Why so? Because the bitcoin address consist of 33-34 characters and the hash of 64 characters As a result it turns out that one address has not one private key but a large number With this too everything is clear Let’s go further, the bitcoin address can be generated not only SHA256 but from a text format I will now demonstrate another way to generate private keys and bitcoin addresses Here is another Converter that converts text to private keys using the B58check algorithm A private key can be converted to a bitcoin address and Sha 256 20 bytes or 20 characters is the bitcoin address Now I will check this address in the blockchain No bitcoins were sent to this address We continue to manipulate the Converter 32 bytes or 32 characters the private key from the bitcoin address is obtained Transfer the private key to another Converter From one private key we get 2 addresses 2 private keys and a hash Now convert the bitcoin address into a hash A little pointless manipulation Now let’s go to the Sha 256 generator and see An empty position in the generator also generates an address with private keys. Now I will check this address in blockchain Bitcoins came to this address . each of you now have access to this address. And the private key Bitcoins constantly come to this address and leave after a short time Everyone can add a private key from this address to his wallet, and tries to forward bitcoins to his address Check the second address from this hash Check hash numbers one 1 Links to converters will leave in the description Through these converters you can create brain addresses I will demonstrate how to do it, enter any words or sentences and you generated addresses and private keys Now I present a program that iterates through random hashes and checks them against the registry How this program works. This program can run on your computer’s processor, as well as on the video card. Text file #2 contains bitcoin addresses, the number is not limited. I have in the file 180,000 addresses, also all bitcoin addresses Satoshi Nakamoto All addresses with positive balances, and all the richest bitcoin addresses And almost all forgotten and abandoned bitcoin addresses with positive balances This program iterates through random hashes SHA256, produces from the hash addresses with private keys. And automatically checked against the data recorded in the 2 txt file The performance on my graphics card is 33000,000 Sha 256 per second, I’ll show you how it works While launched on the processor Here the program downloaded the addresses from the folder 2 txt Shows that more than 170,000 bitcoin addresses have been uploaded On my processor generates 300000 addresses per second Search time it shows focus on one address does not take into account their number In any case if the program finds a match it will immediately save this address with a private key in the results file In General, this program iterates through millions of keys per second, and looks for matches If it finds a match it will save it in the results folder I will demonstrate the work of the program on short prefixes For the experiment I changed the 2 txt file and specified short prefixes there Now I will run the program on the processor The program shows that it will search for about 2 minutes run better on the video card Look at the result in the results folder Here is what street address on this pattern has found program A private key is attached to the bitcoin address In General everything that is written to the 2 txt file the program will search until it finds a match This program does not need an Internet connection. It runs on a mathematical algorithm and does not need an Internet connection It does not check with the blockchain, what bitcoin addresses you wrote in the folder 2 txt their program will look for If your program finds a match then you can spend bitcoins that will be at the address that you found For the purchase of the program the link will be in the description Also contact details are also in the description We kindly request if you find a bitcoin address with a large balance. Take a little as a reward for your work Because they might find you Don’t try to sell the loot right away Be careful and don’t tell anyone, for your safety If it is an old or forgotten bitcoin address, you can spend without fear Keep in mind that if the community finds out that you have found a bitcoin address, then after 12 hours, bitcoin will cost $ 0 Be careful and careful, observe safety measures Also I have 21000000 million bitcoin addresses with balance. Blockchain network snapshot November 2019 If anyone wants to purchase them please contact via email Good luck with your new venture, the search for digital treasures.