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channel of a dude who is a well he was a fan of a what was he of being a green
fan Beemer a green fan but he since changed his name I’ll give him a shout
in a second because I’ve his new name written down I will add that to disrupt
meister comm and I hopefully I’ll link to it it under tomorrow’s show with Andy
but the dudes interviewing me on his channel that’s cool I like to be on
other people’s channels sometimes so he’s calling international
though now or something like that well get to I have a ring down here got to go
through so Bitcoin was the unicorn of the 2010s this decade that is coming to
an end this is what Balaji had to say as the decade ends the biggest unicorn of
the 2010s was an uber Airbnb or snap it was Bitcoin pound that like button
now of course bitcoin is not a company like those guys oh no but you would have
been better off putting your money in Bitcoin then those companies and to
really take advantage of those companies unicorn this is in a word of those
companies being unicorns you would have been an early investor and to be an
early investor a pre IPO type of person or even an IPO type of person you got to
be an accredited investor I go through middlemen all sorts of stuff Bitcoin
anyone anyone could have gotten into it anyone could still get into it and who
knows what Bitcoin could still be the unicorn of the 2020s it will be the
leader in the golden age of the 2020s though oh yeah I’m looking forward to
the 2020s why we have if it’s December 4th 2019 we’ve got 27 days or something
less than that B’s it’s the fifth in some places yeah it’s soon oh it is soon
the 2020s Wow ok moving on – Oh Shane Ulrich is in the house I help my mom my
mother-in-law and my dad and stepmom to all buy Bitcoin in motion yeah Shane
Arak you know something I forget to say people asked me Adam did any of your
friends get into Bitcoin didn’t your family members and I always mentioned
yeah what I have a my siblings and I have a friend that I bought some for
then another one bought it on coinbase and so I am only thinking like Baltimore
people then I’m gonna but for some reason my brain is stuck in Baltimore
and people asking that question how have I forgotten a million tot the
few times I’ve been asked this question to mention my college friend Shane of
course got into Bitcoin now I don’t think I got him in the
Bitcoin but you know our paths we crossed again because a Bitcoin so
there’s a friend who’s really happy that the bitcoinmeister exists
definitely and I I kept his hand very strong and I definitely I definitely
helped get my old college roommate out of 56 tear off coins I can tell you that
town that like button Shan hopefully I will be up there in uh in 2020 i-i’ll be
out west well yeah I gotta be in San Francisco on you know was it March 20
sitting on moving on from Shane but it’s always good to see my my buddy and
that’s Shane sha any there’s another Shane who used to be on
my show who’s from who’s also from the West and he’s smells is made differently
I don’t know I hope he’s alright I haven’t seen it for a while he’s busy
with life life gets in the way people when you got these families and when you
have an ex-wife and when you have all this other stuff and I’m not saying that
who at my buddy college Shane doesn’t have an ex-wife he’s got a wife but he’s
guy ever you got all this stuff to take care of so people disappear sometimes so
Shane with the why he has disappeared temporarily but let’s hope he’s got some
crypto Bitcoin Bitcoin of some sort alright I’ve been taking oh adventures
in the house speaking of West Coasters and knack dude that dude is not
disappearing yeah man you you can do it vention I have full confidence in you
brother alright and I have a flat vention in
honor of you in honor of your of your strong strength your strong hand I have
a there’s a flashback video on Twitter where I talk about Mike Hearn where it’s
linked to below people should retweet it it’s hilarious I’ll talk about it in one
second oh I have been distracted by my my buddy Shane in the chat okay so for
those of you who think Bitcoin who get flooded out by the people it’s a old
Bitcoin is old tech there are so many that’s a comment roll that right there
big his old tank I’ve got something you can
just share with them right away and it will just blow them out explosive
explosive in the good way not like explosive isn’t an explosive
coming out of that’s bad anyway so I’m coming out your backside sometimes it
can be explosive so service the next time people ask you know well what also
why bitcoin is going to win this shows you why bitcoin is going to win it shows
you how many people are working on this it gives you an idea how many other
coins could say anything close to the following aetherium maybe could say this
are you tired a bit this is from Lukas newsy are you
tired of the Bitcoin is old technology meme I just published a look at
innovation in bitcoins technology stack where I map 40 plus edgy protocols being
built atop Bitcoin let me repeat that 40 plus edgy protocols being built atop
Bitcoin okay how many other coins have protocols being built on top of them
first of all having it to have 40 protocols built on top of at least 40
plus oh yeah you’ve read this dude stop you don’t need to understand every
single one of these that’s what this is constantly evolving people constantly
building on it a lot of people a lot of people clearly so that that gets rid of
a few different bugs yeah that’s why bitcoins gonna win it has plenty of
people working on it it’s got the first mover advantage
clearly and yeah it’s not old it’s constantly evolving
now speaking of not speaking of constantly evolving no this guy’s not
this guy is old in terms in the Bitcoin space but the good type of old he is a
holder of last resort the originator of the hold the originator of the apex
predator he is the apex predator of holders of last resort probably he’s got
a lot of it trace mayor will be on the show soon on Thursday December the 12th
the day that I fly out the Tucson Arizona it will be at 7:00 p.m. Pacific
time that’s 10 p.m. in Baltimore 7 p.m. in LA and Seattle and Portland and a
p.m. in Tucson in Denver so I gotta get from the airport in Tucson to my Airbnb
and pray that internet works pretty well and by 8 p.m. mountain time and get in
trace will be on the show to talk about proof of keys again I will say plenty of
reminders December 12th that is Thursday the day I leave Baltimore for Tucson
where I will be until January the 14th and after January 14th it’s a mystery
where I will be I don’t know yet I’m working on that I’ll be I want to be
somewhere warm ish now trace does have this tweet out there and it says that
one point nine to five million Bitcoin supposedly being held at and that is
over ten percent of all the Bitcoin over ever created at coinbase bit max spit
stamp bit finnex cracking bid tracks coin check party acts just waiting to be
lost like so many others have you tried to withdraw any lately not your keys not
your coins proof of keys calm that is also linked to below so on January 30th
make sure January 3rd make sure you’ve got all your Bitcoin off those exchanges
people they’ve got people there so many I don’t know what to call people who
don’t want to control their private keys that are relying on these third parties
and they get hacked often we’ve had one nine major hacks in this year and we
probably have yet to experience the biggest hack of all time that’s scary
isn’t it the biggest crypto hack exchange hack of all time probably
hasn’t happened yet so why are you even risking it and so trace will of course
be talking about perfectly so yeah proof of keys he started blasting this stuff
out now because it’s a month away it’s it’s a month away so you guys spread the
word and by the way this shirt in Japanese says Satoshi on it you can get
get shirts like this link to below who’s this one made by I forgot
they make my is it on here too they make my jacket that
this pretty soon it’s a say who makes this darn thing there at Arizona I think
or New York and I orsa they’re good guys they’re link to below
they’re good thanks for the shirts dudes but but all the people that make the
shirts are linked to below so I just because I’m forgetting their name
doesn’t mean they got credit down there and you know the bit piggy his his
discount code is linked to below also I I have a it’s always listed down there
way down there it’s like my store something you get a discount because
people would buy and stuff for me after they see in here bit piggies I wore that
yesterday check out yesterday’s show disrupt meister i comment follow me on
twitter at tack bought and so if you’re following me on twitter at Tech ball you
will see that well first okay that I tweeted out this Mike Hearn ragequit
video that I made in January of 2016 where I say that you all just fell to
$390 and we’re all gonna laugh at this and by the end of the year this will
just be a blip on the radar and guess what I just bought two more Bitcoin
because of this how many of you can just buy two Bitcoin right now by the way I
know not met sadly not many of you can just drop whatever it is $14,000 right
now back then of course to Bitcoin cost me less than $800 total total
it was studythe it was 394 390 whatever yeah of course it’s a 780 late night
math found that like button and also one thing I was wrong about in that video I
predicted that Andreas Antonopoulos would soon make a video kind of ripping
him apart and I didn’t fully debt Andreas at that point he’s not the one
that get into direct confrontation I was hoping he would do that but what he did
over time you know my current wrote this a big I guess it was in New York Times
they published it I forgot who published it but just ripping on Bitcoin all these
points all of his flood and overtime address addressed every one of those
points and a lot of people addressed every one of my Kern’s ragequit spud
points and yes in the long term in the it’s almost four years since I made that
video since the rage quit that was in January of 2016 my
current was wrong and Adam Meister was freaking right and you can watch that on
Twitter retweet it it’s linked to below pound that like button so having height by the way after this
proof of keys thing after proof of keys we are gonna have to start like doing it
having hype hashtag because it’s going to start to talk about the having and
its parsh just like it’s our responsible not our responsibility it’s a nice thing
to do to remind everyone to get their coins not your keys not your coins to
get them off these exchanges it’s nice to remind everyone that the new Bitcoin
supply is gonna get cut in half in May so people understand the scarcity of
this asset and what it’s all about that it unlike they don’t keep printing more
and more of it they keep printing less and less of it until they’re not going
to be printing any of it anymore hopefully when we’re all living off of
life extension technology that we purchased with our Bitcoin savings after
the year 2100 found that like button for the golden age and life extension
technology did I just get rid thank you alright so we’ll talk more about having
hype another day I alone before I mention Andy Hoffman will be on 11:45 in
the morning on Thursday which is really soon and I can’t find a name of the dude
show that I’m gonna be on he changed his name I’m gonna I’m gonna do a mid show
look up real quick here biz he sent me a DM let’s let’s see if Adam can do this
real quick what’s he call himself now the show I’m gonna be on I’m gonna link
to it don’t worry we got emails from we got all sorts of people contacting here
over my DM and there’s pot coin that’s not who it is where oh yes offshore
crypto offshore crypto find him find him I’ll be on the show at 9:30 p.m.
like tomorrow on Thursday and I will put that in disrupt meister comm I will add
that to disrupt meister i come once it is live or i
hopefully tweet it out if you follow me on Twitter I will retweet when it’s
going live and all that stuff so you can see this alright I am looking quickly in
the DS chat shit again Shane Shane is awesome he’s helping his mother-in-law
and his mom helping them get Bitcoin we got the Philippines seems to be pretty
Bitcoin friendly these days says Roger oh that’s good
I had there I’ve always wanted to go to the Philippines I had a close friend in
middle school in high school he’s still my friend whose family’s from there one
day I’ll make it out to the Philippines I’m not during like monsoon season but
of course alright next on the agenda besides talking about who’s going on the
show all right am I gonna well no one know was that I
noticed it’s not the one of those crypto dividends out there by the person I’m
not even gonna name it I’ve named him a little later
it’s like seventeen Satoshi’s and the exchange where you’re supposed to sell
it out and I haven’t claimed it yet by the way I haven’t claimed that one yet
hex I haven’t claimed that yet set it’s selling at seventeen Satoshi’s it was 40
satoshis yesterday and the 24-hour trading volume is half of the member
limbo coin exchanges trading volume so I I don’t know what to say I don’t know
how to interpret that at all I don’t even know how much of that is out there
yeah I don’t even read you know the guy could just make it simple how many of
them are gonna be put on the page how many you’re gonna be made but it’s this
complicated thing I mean so I even know how many of those hex things are printed
obviously a lot of them whatever I haven’t done it yet
we’ll talk about that in a second there’s a lot of noise with that so just
form it this is from Catelyn long just remember the more the US threatens to
weaponize access to its banking system as a policy tool the greater the
incentive is for all users to create a plan-b alternative just in case they to
lose access threats like this have unseen consequences that
is a good reminder that if if more more entities that are kicked out of the US
banking system they it’s going to scare other people to set up a plan B just
just case they get kicked out who knows who else is gonna get kicked out so
really a lot of entities don’t have to be kicked out of the the u.s.
traditional banking system for a lot of other entities to wake up to the fact
that they have to have a plan B so I think everyone should why not everyone
should have a plan B you should not value your wealth and Fiat you should
you should set up a backup system you know whether you be a country or an
international corporation of some sort a controversial entity set up a plan B now
and that is gonna help Bitcoin have your Bitcoin plan be set up so that’s a great
reminder by Kaitlyn long a good tweet it is linked to below so yet people ask me
people keep it I don’t know why people really ask me this if they fully under
mean most people say oh yeah I knew you’re gonna say that Adam when they ask
me this question like have you seen the video of Richard Hart say blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah’s channel and blah blah blah
I don’t even I’m like it’s like noise it’s 80% her stuff no I have it why why
would I see that stuff what what does it have to do with me and so I see this
tweet by David nage he was on my this weekend Bitcoin show a few weeks ago and
he says I used to write a weekly called signal-to-noise the majority of things
today are noise those who can tune it all out will succeed so for the people
who ask me that question go to my links below click on that David Age tweet and
read it and take it very seriously the majority of things today are noise
those who can tune it out will succeed if you fall for the noise it’s the noise
maker who’s going to succeed you will fail
pound that like button so no I don’t hear crud like that okay I
don’t waste my time on that thus what would I spend my time all these years
doing buying and freaking holding thus I am in the situation where I am and other
people how does he do it how does he do it because I don’t watch I tune out the
noise don’t want to say any bad words on this on this channel yet yet it is this
Korean writing on your shirt says client sees Berg you missed the beginning of
the show I think it’s Japanese and it says Satoshi because I only wear
Bitcoin shirts on this on this show except when I wear my tie and they’ve
been other in the pale long ago pass where I didn’t have like 50 Bitcoin
shirts and I thank everyone who sent me these beautiful shirts I am I’m a model
if you know what I mean and I shake my little butt on the catwalk is that is
that how that song used to go yeah all right dad is like a total European song
like when I first hearing it you’re like the song is so weird but it is it’s if
you’ve ever been to Europe then it’s not too weird look there’s a note there’s a
noisemaker in there right now a real of one who used to have a real dirty mouth
he kind of at least at least this guy who follows the cult at least he cleaned
his language up I give him credit for that yeah you got you got it takes to
get someone out of a cult you give him you take him one step at a time could
you stop cursing that’s good now you just have to stop believing Jim Jones
and drinking the kool-aid one step at a time dude no and again ignore the guy
ignore that guy’s noise he makes a lot of noise at least he’s not cursing
anymore so another reason dávid nagy was actually commenting on an
article from coin desk me more say about crypto all right this article by uh
what’s-her-name I met her in Israel I mean this is like this article is
complete noise – it’s a Bitcoin Yenta it’s Bitcoin Yenta no it’s Netta it’s
gossip it like how does gossip affect the price Oh
gossip is taking up so much Twitter it’s just gossip it’s totally noise she’s
being the big queen Yenta hereby writing about this stuff don’t be a Bitcoin yet
duh the stuff doesn’t matter I don’t care what Justin Sun it picks his nose
and puts it on Warren Buffett’s plate and that’s a big and that’ll cause a
difference in his all coin or Warren Buffett I’ll say something he did this
article it’s totally coined Eskie totally coin desk and uh yeah bitcoin
Yenta what can I say that that’s the type that’s type the type of article it
is a Bitcoin Yenta article and don’t so don’t be a Bitcoin Yenta I was gonna put
that in the title then you could only put so much in the title I wound up a
Bitcoin Yentl what point asked a terrible articles a
lot of times that’s why I don’t even that’s why we don’t really usually talk
about coin desk articles here because they’re just so they’re the same I can
predict like in a next month they’ll be this cup this country is using
blockchain this company is using blockchain I mean how many times how
many Paul f sent $2.99 Australian dollars the big quit force is strong in
this one town that like one you better believe it
I’ve got conviction up the ying-yang baby you know it you know it I’m up in
the middle of the night a new show every day and I’m gonna have a new show soon
with andy hoffman when i wake up in the morning and alright that’s a reason to
talk about having hype that uh okay now things are coming together well you
should see my notes list here it is uh it’s all over the place so i’ll leave
you with a technological or know two things for all you people into tech
peter Willa has interesting peter Willa comment on the issues involved in adding
confidential transactions to Bitcoin it is linked to below you can read it it
involves sidechain commentary and all this other stuff that I don’t fully
understand and to me I don’t think we should rush this he doesn’t think we
should rush this either I mean it seems like a couple of the alternatives
he gives to to add confidential transactions
I mean side chains could be Creole II don’t like it could cause some confusion
it really and we’re not desperate for this type of thing yet so you can read
and I I don’t fully understand all of his points all the technology I didn’t
take the time to summarize it all but it’s not work it’s not it’s a little way
off it’s a long way off little way off who knows not this decade not I mean
it’ll be in the 2020s at some point I assume where we really have to have a
serious discussion about confidential transactions right now I’m not too
worried but for those of you who like this stuff it’s linked to below there’s
your tech tech stuff of the day and if you don’t want it if you if you don’t
understand this stuff I recommend you don’t read it because you might get
freaked out or someone Ken Russell Okun but we’ll end with him he has a new I
think his name now on Twitter is Bitcoin Clete sky and he he has these BTC pay
cleats kicks for a cause and I didn’t know about this is I don’t watch the NFL
but apparently all the players are gonna have these cleats that they have
custom-made with the calls that they support well Russell he’s a big big coin
fan he wants people to use Bitcoin BTC pay is his cause and that’s his cleese
and kicks for a cause Chargers players in collaboration with the NFL word will
dawn their custom-made cleats as part of the NFL’s my call as my cleats
initiative during week four teens matchup against the Jaguars at home
versus the Vikings in week 15 and then there’s well there’s a picture there’s
two links to the Chargers page and then to Russell’s uh to Russell’s Twitter
feed where you can see what these cleats look like and it clearly says BTC pay
really clearly hey every little bit helps the free marketing is awesome dude
and finally we’re talking about a bit my buddy bit ko with
because I can’t I want to say right big Kochanowski and his I mean I should some
of these yesterday you can find him he’s linked to in yesterday’s video and I
said he should partner up with a bit piggies and they already partnered up
and maybe I knew in the back of my head because I actually have some bit piggy
stickers I believe that were designed by big Kochanowski so I thought yeah he
should get these guys together they already got together
it also shows you what a small freaking world the bitcoin holder universe is
where dudes with these really creative projects and I say these are creative is
they don’t involve technology at all they involve art and in a piggy bank
just you know anyone you don’t have to be a tech genius to do stuff like this
and they are in motion and they are doing well because of this stuff this is
great this just shows you the opportunity in this space but you make
sure that few people are taking that opportunity if you know they already
know is these two entrepreneurs already have gotten together in the space so
that’s really cool that and this one this is this is bt something with BTC
pay he has on here i know though all right so we got all sorts cool stickers
bit co you now ski he’s linked to below yesterday’s video these guys you’re in
motion thanks a lot dudes i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister thanks a lot for the support today
people and thanks for being there with the super chats and everything pound
that like button remember to subscribe to the channel like the video bang that
bell button click on that square i will see you tomorrow at 11:45 a.m. in the
more I kick in my off air what is going on here I I can’t stop what happened to
my screen oh there it is I just lost something I’ll see you guys at 11:00 for
technical difficulties I’ll see you guys at 11:45 a.m. Baltimore time with Andy
Hoffman Thursday morning see