Do you know
what you’re having?
I know what I want
but I can’t find the prices in here.
We work with bitcoins, Sir.
Oh, wow! Bitcon!
-How modern!
How much
for the rump steak with fries?
Depends on the temperature
on the meat.
-I want it well done.
-So, it’s 0.003 bitcoin.
-What if I order it rare?
-Then, it’s 0.5 bitcoin.
-I want it well done then.
-Well done?
Well done steak.
So, 1 bitcoin.
Didn’t you say
it’d be 0.003 bitcoin?
It used to be.
Now, it’s 2 bitcoins.
What about
the penne bolognese?
People love the penne bolognese.
It’s 2.3 bitcoins.
Do you have
anything cheaper?
Sure, Sir! The rump steak
with fries is 0.2 bitcoin.
-Didn’t you say it was 1 bitcoin?
-I did.
-I’ll take the rump steak.
-Great. A rump steak.
Do you want
something to drink?
How much
is the pinneaple mint juice?
It’s 1.5 bitcoin, Sir.
-Is the juice more than the steak?
-No, Sir.
The rump steak
is 2.5 bitcoins.
Just cancel my order.
-I’ll take a water.
It’s $ 5 for the water.
-Didn’t you use the bitcoin system?
-Not anymore.
Didn’t you say it just now?
I did but we invested in bitcoins
and filed for bankrupsy.
This isn’t a restaurant anymore,
it’s a bar.
Hold on, Fabricio!
I’m with a fucking customer!
Tell me, man.
Sparkling or fountain water?
-Can I close out?
-Sure thing.
I think
I have your tab here.
So, two sodas
and a jerky pie, right?
-Exactly. How much do I owe you?
-Six kisses.
-Six kisses?
-That’s what is written here.
Okay then.
I think we got too excited.
Come here.
What is it?
Wow! Thank you, man!
Extra tip in kisses!