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what’s up 5g it’s going on what’s going
on huija k underscore what’s going on
everybody were gonna be live we’re gonna
be having some fun today we’re talking
about bitcoins crash how to lose money
in cryptocurrency that’s what we’re
gonna be talking about today all right
and fYI I was speaking English what’s up
man alright so let’s see here
yeah we’ve got a couple of things I
wanted to cover today and the market has
been quite interesting if you wanna see
my screen I’m about to switch over to my
screen right now or you’re better off
going to my youtube channel or if you’re
watching me on Instagram all you have to
do is just search my name hola
talks I be talkin on Instagram and let’s
take it from there
okay alright let’s see here the first
thing I wanna do is I wanna I want to
show you what’s going on with my
portfolio in bitcoins and cryptocurrency
and then pretty much what I do here is
very not aggressive okay and but it’s
also designed for you to capitalize on
the biggest it was shift that’s probably
gonna happen in your lifetime okay last
time we saw something like there was was
during the Bitcoin so during the dot-com
boom okay and I see the same pattern
happening again
okay it’s not exactly predictable but it
is okay because idea that human beings
behind this whole thing okay
bitcoins cryptocurrency real estate the
marketplace in general how we buy and
trade stuff is what makes all the
essentially is a ongoing
perpetual battle between greed and fear
okay all right that’s what it is and and
I want to switch screens right now again
if you want to watch my screen and see
my coin base platform I want I’m gonna
go in and show you all if you can’t
leave your phone or something you’re
better off here sure I will be saying it
out but you’re just I think you’re
better off seeing my screen
let’s see your entire screen that’s
perfectly fine see my entire screen all
right so now we can go over here
alright so this is what bitcoins looks
like today okay so to a lot of people it
doesn’t look good okay a couple of
things I wanted to share with you is
this company called brick connect okay
big connect I misspelled it let me okay
Google’s gonna correct it of course and
and this was the news two days ago
okay the news two days ago was the US
Court freezes big connect assets as
lawsuits mount not looking good
okay but I want to share with you today
it’s about how to lose money in
cryptocurrency now obviously what you
want to do is you want to be doing the
opposite of what I share with you here
alright and that’s one right there
that’s a news from coin desk right there
temporary restraining order granted and
second big connect lawsuit ponzi
allegations okay and I think I should
once and for all just go ahead and tell
you what a Ponzi scheme what it means
let me see if I can open my photo booth
here maybe we can still see if you can
see my face every now and then all right
all right so a Ponzi scheme is
essentially investment vehicle okay
that’s you that’s promoted to you and
essentially the goal is to bring in
people and people pay an entry fees okay
Pew pay entry fees to get into it and
the only way to really produce money
okay is to continue to bring people in
okay what’s going on I got paid David
what’s going on Pumas time and I was
gonna Drake Ford Humphrey still on Miss
J are what’s going on guys thanks for
hanging out with me okay
so pause this game is something that you
you join and then the only way to get to
keep sustainability and it is to bring
keep bringing people in okay
and essentially that kind of vehicle
that doesn’t have its own value from
from directly a sales of products and
services that does not involve people
joining when it lacks a sustainability
like that is called a Ponzi scheme no
sorry when its beauties con up is
typically a Ponzi scheme and the reason
why is because it’s not sustainable
because eventually like everything every
product in this ward it’s a die-off in
momentum excitement around we would die
off and the things that gives the
coca-cola the AB fool the Amazon around
the Facebook around it because there’s
actually real value being offered into
the marketplace when I say real value I
mean products and services being offered
to people that are gonna use it actually
without necessarily needing to partner
with the company to distribute the
Protestant service okay when the need
for people to join you is a primary need
in a business venture it’s sponsors game
you know it’s just not sustainable and
some people will argue that hey you can
join something like that really quickly
what’s going on Chris hard you can join
something like that really quickly and
and and just make your money and get out
well the sad part about that is that
we’re not built like that if you made
some very quick money chances are you’re
not gonna be able to sustain your
emotions okay your human being like
anybody else and you’re probably going
to exam try to make some more money okay
if you put two thousand dollars and
fifteen thousand dollars shows up any
like oh wow it works you know natural
nature of human being is to do the game
and try to gain right and that’s why
when people tell me people are stupid
or people are gullible as I yet I don’t
know if you’re right I’m wrong but it’s
not about that we’re talking about the
marketplace okay it’s not relevant if
people are stupid or not the goal of of
public agencies government agencies like
sec FCC FCC things like that are s the
goal of those kind of agencies is to
quote unquote okay we’re not gonna get
into the argument of if that’s really
the deal is but at least on the surface
that’s what they’re there for to protect
the public the public the general public
from getting into schemes like this that
yes you may want to argue that this is
common sense right i mean people get a
phone call from somebody this stereotype
Nigerian thing right and they say hey
your grandfather left some two million
dollars that you didn’t know about some
to three generations ago in Nigeria and
somebody is to put in enough to wire two
hundred thousand dollars to that person
well these are just people okay
who knows what has been said to them to
make them feel like they can trust
whatever that is right i I’m not willing
to get into that or to argue if they’re
stupid or not bottom line is that if
you’re here you’re listening to me
you’re probably trying to build wealth
okay you’re trying to build a business
you’re trying to have a better lifestyle
by doing your own income and you should
okay and and you should absolutely think
you should build your own income source
you should absolutely be self-reliant
because there’s no such thing as job
security any longer so that’s probably
why you are here but more importantly
you want to know how to lose money in
bitcoins and cryptocurrency so you can
absolutely avoid it so that’s why we’re
here today so again to my point there’s
a lot of people because it’s a brand new
territory okay people are naive people
have seen people with crazy returns
people are using crazy return
to sell people on the idea of
cryptocurrency but then they’re
attaching it to all kind of schemes and
scams out there and my goal on this
video is to help you I’m gonna show you
how to lose money so you can avoid it
okay that’s the whole point of this okay
and I’m gonna tell you my own personal
journey in bitcoins and why I’ve chosen
to go the direction I’ve gone okay
I’m gonna say this right now in
everything I’m gonna say here you want
to keep it simple what’s up Jen David
what’s going on what’s up G Holloway
yeah what’s going on guys
thank you for joining alright so um I’m
gonna share with you the reason the
primal reason why I decided to go all-in
you could go on my channel you can watch
all the videos I’ve done in the past
weeks where I said I’m going all-in okay
essentially I was on this project in
Newark New Jersey and I was with a
friend and we’re talking about it’s like
what when we looking at what happened we
should have been on this long time ago
but he said that and I think a day or
two went by and I started to look at it
but I got to a point where I
fundamentally fundamental a fundamental
standpoint believed that cryptocurrency
and the blockchain said technology is
simply not gonna go anywhere okay it’s
here to stay it’s the next wave of
Internet as we know it and it’s here to
and as you can see nobody can argue
against it even the US government’s
cannot really argue against it if they
could do what I shut this thing down
from day one since this is November 17
when it when the Bitcoin coin 1 coin in
Bitcoin hit $10,000 they would have shut
it down because you have to understand
this billions of dollars be it’s
floating around this platform okay and
anytime there’s something like that you
know the government want to know what’s
going on if they have a way of shutting
it down right not they will so if they
couldn’t shut it down is because it’s
legit and it’s here to stay now with
that being said that doesn’t mean
there’s not gonna be people that will
come in and try to take advantage of
people and we’ve seen two of them right
now got shut down and that’s the u.s.
i-tech in my opinion
and in the end the big connect now the
reason why I the only thing I like about
those two platform was the idea of
building a team there’s nothing wrong
with getting compensated for building a
distribution channel by way of building
a team there’s nothing wrong with that
network marketing is exactly what that
is real products as long as there’s real
products that are being pushed right
then it’s absolutely legal okay what’s
going on Jack pile real estate scene
what’s going on elamite 2001 thank you
for joining
ok so there’s nothing wrong but when
there’s no real product there’s no real
service and people can argue that
something is a product just talking as a
product in your content it’s a problem
people can argue that but again the
fundamental definition at the very core
is that there must be a product and a
service that people can purchase and use
without having to join as a partner ok
and and it’s that simple Nana if you
decide to allow people as partners as
affiliates into your platform to promote
your platform there’s nothing wrong with
that but we want to know that it’s a
solid product and product and services
based company now I’m gonna give you
another hint right here ok if you want
to lose money in bitcoins combine
network marketing right with with with
the cryptocurrency world okay if you
wanna lose money join a platform where
they’re combining network marketing with
the cryptocurrency war now we’re talking
about securities once you start talking
about securities it’s just a different
ballgame that I don’t want to play that
kind of game and I advise anyone not to
play that kind of game don’t play with
the SEC don’t play with the government
understand that anything that involves
securities has technicalities to it
that’s beyond the understanding of a
regular person okay and that’s beyond
what you really need to understand to
make money and build wealth honestly you
don’t have to understand a lot of those
technicalities to make money are really
the only thing you need to understand
about the concept of building wealth is
to keep it simple super simple as unlike
the ki
as principal if you know how to keep
things simple you increase your chances
of making money or building a stable
lifestyle for yourself dramatically if
you can keep things simple the more
technical you go with this kind of
things the more complication you’re
gonna create for yourself and I’m gonna
tell you right now there’s just too many
moving variables it’s just too many
moving variables for you to keep up with
now you got to keep up with profit loss
statements you got to keep up with your
resources time and money and management
and you got to keep up with that with
respect to return on investment and now
you gotta keep up with all the laws and
the regulations for somebody with a
background in real estate I always told
my people as I don’t want to know what’s
in the legal papers and stuff like that
just hire a lawyer tell me where to sign
I’ll read up I will ask you questions
that doesn’t look like it Lehman a
regular human being language like
English language and I ask you hopefully
you can explain to me if I don’t
understand after you say I’m not gonna
sign if you understand in a very simple
English I will sign and then I will have
you represent me in case trouble comes
up okay why because that’s not my job my
job is to find real estate at low price
and sell them at a higher price that’s
how I make money simple very simply
profit now because is that simple you’re
gonna have professionals quote-unquote
professionals coming to your ward and
attempt to sell you use a big language
used to sell you on on things that’s not
gonna benefit you right and we saw it
during the 2008 crash right the the Prix
de Torre lending culture that was
created at that time people started
people would rather buy into big
languages then somebody who said hey
don’t don’t complicate that for yourself
it’s very simple if we’re 20% down right
you put 3.5% down here’s your closing
cost you close on this house your
mortgage is amortized over 30 years now
there’s no funny or you know your
interest only for five years you know
once you start getting into all that
I tell a regular person to back off
at least step back at the very minimum
step back and see what make sure you
know what you’re doing because that’s
how they complicate things and it’s
happening right now in the brief and the
bitcoins and cryptocurrency world too so
now they came up with this idea of they
can emerge network marketing right which
you build a team of people referring
people and referring people to the
platform and then you make all this and
then they make up like there was this
kid that that out of about $900,000 that
he’s made so far seven hundred thousand
dollars plus of that was essentially
referring fee for referring people to
the platform so but he’s gonna show you
nine hundred thousand dollars to make it
seem like it’s because was buying
bitcoins all to make it seem like he had
some kind of crazy return on investment
so I always tell people if you see a
combination of network marketing and
securities are investment securities and
it’s combined together like that you get
invested into that is a great way to
lose money okay here’s another one so
that’s one right there okay the second
one is combination of lending with
britta with uh with securities and
investment vehicles okay how do I know
because they did it in the mortgage
industry okay even up to now I don’t
understand the completeness and
somebody’s gonna attempt to explain this
to me and I’m gonna be like uh I’m
sleeping you’re on board right because
again you don’t have to complicate
things to make money as a matter of fact
the fastest way to make money is to keep
things simple and smart people right and
I mean smart people people don’t know
all the technicalities of everything
have a tendency okay and sometimes you
could just be because naivety lack of
experience because even the Warren
Buffett’s of the world when they’re
talking on a regular CNBC or they’re
talking on a regular CNN channel that
language is very simple I mean for
crying out loud
this guy has are one rule right and
that’s never lose money and then the
second rule is to obey the first rule
but I think that he has this other rule
that my friend and each other say
yesterday but uh which was a which was a
heee kicks against us
all your eggs in one basket he says no
put your eggs in one basket we’ll watch
that one basket right now he’s talking
about focus that’s what he’s talking
about I mean it’s very easy to take
something like that out of context but
it’s not that you know you should be
able to get that if you’ve had some
experience you would know exactly what
he’s talking about he says put all your
eggs in one basket and watch it okay
that means all kind of things that could
mean learn have some skills acquire some
skills okay
learn a few things and then keep things
simple and people are gonna say hey
diversify your portfolio and I’m all for
that and I’m gonna show you here I am
there as a find a second
but you can also take that out of
context you can overdo it okay there’s
something called overkill and business
in anything you can do you can drink
water too much speaking of drinking
water too much excuse me
all right so that’s but something called
balance in life okay and that’s what I
that’s it that’s essentially what I want
to be sharing with you here today
balance balance is ever you need to have
balance in everything you do and you
cannot extreme ideology will kill
everything you’re trying to do you got
to keep it simple when it comes down to
business is very simple you buy low you
sell high buy low you sell high
now this complication that comes when
you start asking questions like when
should I sell when is a good time to
sell and then when you mix that together
with the marketplace emotions with the
news breaking everywhere big connect
losing everything actually they lose
everything but the people that bought
into that lost everything all right the
USA Tech if you remember if you’re in
network marketing Zeek Rewards I mean
I’ve seen this for 12 years companies
come and go so I can smell it from afar
so today is really about showing you
those two things okay number one
combination of network marketing with
securities trading combination of
lending which is by itself with
securities regulated world combining
that together with this new territory
called bitcoins it’s also a great way to
lose money so there’s a quite a few
coins out there Empire
form and they mix I mean if you think
about the mix of an exchange together
with another nine Ling and then they’re
the one offering you the coins or the
tokens when when you see an exchange
mixed together here’s a third one an
exchange mixed together with offering
you their own coins that’s us another
great way to lose money okay so now
which way to lose money all right so
that’s the third one
now I’m gonna I’m gonna stop counting
right now those three ones combination
of network marketing with trading
bitcoins okay that’s a very good way to
lose money combination of landing the
landing technology that computers just
measured by itself together with
bitcoins and cryptocurrency is another
great way to lose money okay you may be
making money right now but for all I
know by the way you couldn’t make you
money right now but it’s only a matter
of time okay cuz I know the way were
built as you my beings the brain is not
set up that way you’re gonna lose money
eventually okay it’s just like walking
into a casino you make your first $1,000
you make your first second $2,000 well
you’re gonna be feeling really good
about yourself guess what’s gonna happen
eventually you’re gonna lose all that
money back into the market and that’s
why they say the house it’s the only one
that only makes money right I made the
house makes money always right but
people lose money and that’s how they
make their money and you know and you
can’t blame anybody for that okay so
here a couple of other things okay then
I’m going to tell you and if you put all
your money into just Bitcoin by yourself
and you’re not you don’t have all the
coins that’s a good way to lose money
too because you’re gonna panic all the
time so this is where we can keep
diversification into prospective you can
keep diverse pigeon into focus into into
a context okay there are two ways that I
suggest people diversify and if you kick
against this it’s another great way to
lose money you diversify across time and
you also diversify across these security
assets themselves the top ten don’t go
beyond the top ten now for me personally
I stick with the four right now the top
four they’re supported by coinbase okay
and if you want to see
a complete guide to investing in Bitcoin
and taking advantage of this wealth
shift that’s about to happen that’s
already happening we just saw the second
wave bullies in this second wave okay
and the next wave as usual is gonna show
up when everyone is sleeping everyone is
panicking over this news right now
right that’s normal for you that should
be normal that should be your cue to buy
more but of course not just by crazy
stuff like lending platform and all this
new coins is coming on the platform but
stick with the ones the high market cap
ones the one that I’ve shown some tests
okay this is all a risk at the end of
the day right it is a risk but with that
being said we’re taking assessed risk
okay we’re looking at things and we’re
positioning the hogs in our own favor
right that makes complete sense okay so
what’s going on roof roof in a FEMA free
what’s up what’s up MOV what’s up Duke
concept what’s going on guys alright so
if you want to see my screen go to my
arm go to my let me see if I can go to
my page I have to be able to type that
here in the future you just don’t want
to move this thing well I can I can move
it for a second let me just put that in
here right now screen share you sure
search all that talks a bit to him on
YouTube all right so I’m actually live
on YouTube as well okay so you can
search that on YouTube and on YouTube
yep if you want to see my screen I’m
live on there right now as well
okay all right so now we here’s my
screen let me go my coinbase right here
I’m not doing anything aggressive some
of you here may even have 30,000 50,000
dollars in the market but again this is
uncharted territory if you if you want
to play this and you’re playing five ten
years long run that’s the key here
there’s a couple of rules and you can
find the rules at all at talks or la tu
doc Comstock bitcoins that’s why I put
my guide you can go over there and see
my guide my personal guide to how I
invest in cryptocurrency okay some
people say you can treat this and make
money faster yes you can also lose money
faster okay just remember that right but
I have these several rules I don’t know
I’m gonna just do a quick recap if you
want to read the details of that just
simply go to all that talks calm slash
bitcoins and you can find that there
okay let me see if there’s a way to pin
this pin a paint comment there you go
you can paint that comment perfect
alright so don’t number one rule don’t
dump dollar average okay what I actually
some people call that dollar cost
averaging okay what that means is don’t
just take five grand and go dump it into
the market okay don’t do that
find something small that you can you
can feel good about giving that into a
savings account every week and not think
about it that means you’re not gonna run
there because you need money next week
right find that some it could be twenty
dollars okay you can buy twenty dollars
worth of bitcoins yes it could be forty
dollars per hundred dollars right for me
it’s a hundred dollars per week
okay and put that in every week don’t
dump dollar cost average that allows you
to diversify across time okay that’s why
someone like me I’m not panicking when
the market crash okay because it just
simply means to me that I get to buy a
little bit cheaper
rule number two I use one year chart
only so when it comes to technical
analysis some of you don’t even want to
care too much about that okay
fundamental from a fundamental
standpoint cryptocurrency and
blockchains are here to stay okay we
just don’t know which of the coins are
gonna be here for a long time okay
what’s up Williams ot what’s up
Elizabeth Willy sir name all right so
he’s yet to say so fundamental you don’t
need to look at charge just believe in
this thing find the top market the top
high market cap coins starting for
etherium like when Bitcoin cash even
repos I don’t really believe too much in
ripples because it’s not decentralized
like you know too much technical stuff
but again for the market sixes he just
want to play the money game okay it’s
still in the top ten I would just do
with the top ten before me personally
I’m just dealing with before coins that
our coin base is supporting right now :
bases the exchange okay I was gonna say
earlier I think I said it when you mix
an exchange and the exchange is offering
you coins that’s a great way to lose
money too by the way okay alright so
let’s see here
our number third high market cap with
high volume coins only okay that’s the
same thing the top high market cap just
choose from the top ten why why do I say
that because if you go here coin market
by market cap market cap become right
let’s check how many coins is out there
in the marketplace last time I checked
was maybe a little like two two coins
less than fifteen hundred coins again
when there’s a new heart things that
comes on the market there’s gonna be
people that I want to take advantage of
regular people that come on the
marketplace they’re creating their own i
CEOs ICO stands for initial coin
offering okay just like initial public
offer in the stock market so a bunch of
them are coming on the on the scene and
in the hapkit oh you see it’s been
bloody for a few days right it’s a
beautiful thing as far as I’m concerned
it’s too young right right as far as to
is too is too it’s too young the
platform is too young to to panic when
everything goes red okay let’s see here
let’s see I’m gonna go I’m gonna click
view all okay I just want to tell you
how many coins is now on the market
since the last time I checked which was
like 1498 1498 different coins right
alright so let me see here school scroll
all the way down scroll all the way down
I’m scrolling through okay yeah I use
coin market cap okay you can see my
screen again on YouTube I know some of
you probably just left to go to youtube
you can find me on the see here
okay the slowing down my web browser
wait I want to wait all right sure I
mean there’s too many coins upon okay
there you go it’s loading now okay so
we’ve got a few more okay so now we have
fifty 1506 different coins okay now what
that will give you an headache once you
start thinking about that right it’s not
like okay 1500 which one to choose right
well like I just say stay in the top ten
the top ten here as far as what I can
see is Bitcoin aetherium repo Bitcoin
cash card ah no Neal Stella like coin
euros any M okay just diversify across
those top ten coins you don’t have to
worry about the price point some people
with that time worrying about hate the
price of one coin is 8,000 dollars do
you can buy $20 worth of bitcoins okay
it’s just be fractions that’s the
beautiful thing about cryptocurrency
okay but all that matters to you will
you see what matters the most to you in
the nest rules okay
now if you want a free ten dollars
bitcoins you can use my link at all
ethics calm slash bitcoins okay go and
just click on the blue on the blue
coinbase link and once you buy $100
worth of cryptocurrency I think what the
bitcoins they’ll give you ten dollars
for free they’ll give me ten dollars for
free I said thank you for sharing this
information for you so I appreciate that
if you do that okay alright so let’s go
into the third rule
the third rule I think no we did a third
rule which is high market cap again you
can see the details of this on that page
for percentage growth is really all that
matters okay
and most people worry about okay eight
thousand I just went up in five hundred
dollars it doesn’t matter
500 RS with respect to what it went up
or went down five hundred dollars with
respect to how much is the origin of
value so the only number you really want
to be looking at is the percentage
growth so for example you’re looking at
me a screen right now in the past six
months right in the last let’s go one
year again one look at one year charts
okay longer
your charts will give you a better four
sites into the future more midterm than
it is short-term because most people
look at one day is ready today and most
will do that and that’s a big mistake
okay I look at the percentage here if
you look at the growth here in the last
one one year right when your chart it
went up by seven thousand eight hundred
dollars but with respect to how much was
the value before or what is it today
today is eight thousand eight fifteen
dollars and it went up in the last one
year by seven thousand eight ten hours
of today but the more I put on number is
seven hundred and seventy seven present
okay and returns
okay the growth that’s the number that
matters okay
the percentage is all that matters in
business that’s all that matters okay
what’s going on the bill and so on black
diamond what’s going on okay all right
so if you say all year you went up by
two you went up by two whatever right
sorry about that call came in I have to
stay on line because that’s how were
connected all right now the fifth the
fifth rule he’s don’t day trade it’s a
five to ten years play okay you want to
lose money in this market day trade this
baby okay and I’m still waiting for
somebody to take me up okay and show me
that they’ve made money okay if you’re
day trading that means you buy some you
dump some you don’t pit you go somewhere
else you buy this and you dump some okay
there’s nothing wrong with day trading
but if you’ve never professionally day
trade stock market you should not never
you should not be day trading this very
volatile vehicle called a cryptocurrency
okay it’s very dangerous for an average
person you’re gonna lose money
you can’t even track yourself okay
alright so again maybe that’s one of the
biggest things you want to do in
business you want to be able to track
your progress you want to be able to see
where you were where you’re getting to
but once you start dumping coins and
you’re picking another point and you’re
doing that once you start doing that
you’re gonna lose track of what you’re
doing okay even if you put a spreadsheet
together and you try to measure it all
that your human being there’s too much
you’re gonna lose track okay alright let
me give you another way to lose money
real quick I’m dumped
Bono’s okay comp if you want to lose
money in cryptocurrency dump your
existing business or income source so
you can pursue cryptocurrency okay if
you do that you will lose money okay
that’s a game you’re operating off of it
for emotions and that’s not that doesn’t
work well money and emotions to just
don’t go well together okay that’s why
money and family don’t go well together
right you have a friend you mix money
together with your friendship it just
doesn’t go well together right it’s a
disaster okay the same way don’t try
don’t don’t try to mix those two things
together okay so because of that that’s
why I created these several rules so I
can remove my emotions and I kiss to
capitalize on this biggest wealth shift
that were ever probably gonna see in our
lifetime we’ve seen the second wave and
now everybody’s panicking after a fall
first after the second week I saw a
picture earlier that was pretty funny I
wish I can share with you and the
picture was a you know people showing
Lamborghinis they on November 17th when
a bitcoins hits ten thousand dollars
right but then on January 18 when it
came back to ten thousand dollars from
nineteen thousand dollars you have
people crying like people crying and
lose because they lost their life
savings right the same ten thousand
dollars what does that tell you man
emotions okay you gotta pay attention
you’re not a regular person on the
market once you come on this live
streaming with me I want you to look at
yourself and say I’m different
okay this system the economy system of
the world just way set up most people
gonna lose money
okay most people are gonna buy into the
mediocre lifestyle because they lose
money okay most people are never gonna
they’re gonna be chasing after
themselves in a rat race they’re never
gonna save enough money okay why because
it’s just the way it is you know most
the top 10% keep most of the money
control the wealth of the world and the
bottom ninety eight the controls 90%
okay of the wealth of the world and you
can say 8020 you can say ninety ninety
ninety-one you could say whatever way
you want to shape it is the same thing
that top 5% controls 95% bottom wealth
why because they don’t think like red
people so you gotta take yourself out of
that box when everybody’s making noise
about something that’s when you should
pay attention and say hey something is
probably wrong with this thing and you
start looking a little bit deeper beyond
you know just facts and numbers that
people throw in front of you you know
facts and numbers get to a point it’s
completely minute less okay all you
gotta use some wisdom okay and that’s
and part of that wisdom is why I set up
rules several rules to follow to keep
myself in a place where I can obey
regardless of what the news is saying so
today right now when the market is
crashing Bitcoin it lost all the assets
and everything and be frozen it doesn’t
matter to me because I’m still obeying
the rule today okay
so rule number six use only dispensable
money now dispensable money I this is
I’m a little wishy-washy about this like
my friend called me yesterday he called
me wishy-washy and this is why because
this thing is not exact science there’s
a heart to it okay for me personally
there’s no such thing as money that I’m
willing to lose there’s no such thing
okay so typically when I’m playing this
games is because I plan on making money
that’s why I set this rules up hello duh
right that’s what I said this rules off
so I can make money right if I’m just
saying hey money I’m willing to lose
I’ll just gamble with it right
that’s the money you’re willing to lose
the kind of money you take to the casino
this is not casino this is the real deal
there are real technology behind this
thing that people are building for the
world to use okay when it comes to
securities or decentralization privacy
issues all these things that the market
the Internet as we know today has those
flaws today and these things is
promising as far as fixing it currency
decentralized currency right so we know
that this is the future and that’s why
I’m playing the game I’m not playing the
game because I may lose the money so you
use only dispensed money it’s part of my
rules because I’m using that to say only
set how much you’re willing to that it
won’t hurt you that you give away per
week okay
Oh per month I like per week because
anything over one week you lose a sense
of focus you lose our consistency right
because one of the hardest things for us
to do as human beings is consistency
that’s why I have
that’s why I set up automatic pulling
down money every week on coinbase they
have that platform there where you can
automatically have them pull ten dollars
every week if you want but for now on to
the next ten years it shouldn’t matter
to you what the market does because you
and I know especially based on this
guide that that market is gonna crash I
said that weeks ago that the market is
gonna crash why because the flukes and
all the flaky ones that comes into the
market because of the excitement around
the news and the awareness they’re gonna
leave they’re gonna leave and when they
sell yes the market will crash but then
the real market value will start coming
in because there’s a real product behind
this all noise right that’s a real
product right it’s an actual real
technology behind this old noise and
what’s the real technology in internet
right what is that the Internet well
initially during the Internet boom right
in the early 2000s right there were
companies coming up at companies coming
up a lot of the company went under right
a lot of angel investors lost their
money it’s just what it is right but
today Amazon is still here Facebook is
still here right Jeff Bezos
is gonna be the first hundred billion
dollar guys in history right so the
internet never left okay and that’s my
cryptocurrency blockchain technology is
not ever gonna leave and that’s why I
tell you to play the game but play the
game with some rules okay so use only
dispense of money what I really mean to
say is that what you’re gonna be putting
in there every week make sure it’s
something that’s not gonna hurt your
pocket make sure it’s like money that
would drop out of your pocket but you
forgot oh man that’s ten dollars give my
ten dollars right whatever that is half
point base stick that out every week and
have something because that money is
gonna turn to be big deal for you in
five to ten years from now
okay that’s my prediction my prediction
can be very very wrong that’s not
guaranteed there’s no guarantee you’re
gonna make money here in this cryptic on
is it thing right this is just my
personal belief okay so that’s a quick
disclaimer for you okay avoid penny
coins so I showed you earlier that’s a
seventh and last rule here no no no
actually is the seventh and last rule
the bonus rule is to keep it simple and
I said that earlier keep it simple
don’t complicate this for yourself okay
why do I say that you may feel like oh
yeah come master this Hakka learners
you’re human okay you’re a human being
just like everybody else
and you are probably gonna lose money
when you complicate this for yourself
and and some are some a bunch of people
go onto YouTube and type in big connect
a bunch of people lost $30,000 $100,000
and life savings and that just happened
over the past few days that’s why I had
to do this live stream today okay
so avoid penny coin fifteen hundred and
six coins out there majority of them are
penny coins
yes some of them penny coins was to show
$300 okay in value and that made
intrigue me and be like oh yeah but it’s
$100 right now like I said earlier it
doesn’t matter the only number that
matters to you use percentages and the
fundamental usefulness of the utility
behind the coin itself why is this
coming into the marketplace what problem
is this gonna be solving right I know
the I know that I’m not willing to do
all that kind of homework that’s why I
stick with the top ten okay I don’t have
time I’m not living my existing business
to come and be monitoring day trading
I’m just not gonna do that because I
still always believe in a business as
opposed to being a full-time investor
because what I’m investor consumes too
much time and energy and I just don’t
enjoy it’s okay because I’ve actually
traded stock options before that’s why
I’m able to tell you these things but I
just didn’t enjoy it it’s okay I’ll
rather be able to sleep at night okay
that’s why I set this rules and things
like this okay now I want to go scroll
all the way down right we have one okay
let me see here
there’s some penny coins here right Oh
Dalek trauma it’s four dollars photos
doesn’t mean anything it’s a useless
number okay and anybody that knows the
wealth building game understand that
price points or meaningless okay it’s
really people buy things emotionally
eighty-five percent of the time and then
justify later with logic okay that’s
what that price point comes from it’s
really of no use to you it means nothing
to you and I need to say that you over
and over again something is a hundred
dollars doesn’t matter to you if it’s
something that’s gonna feel a need in
your life you buy it you’ll find a way
to buy that thing even if it’s two
thousand dollars
there’s no difference within a hundred
dollars and two thousand dollars as long
as that thing is going to replace a pain
in your life right that’s with some kind
of pleasure that’s how you know the
value value is all that matters and it’s
typically sometimes it reflects like
like price points is a measure of value
but there’s so much more that goes into
a price point that you don’t want to be
looking at that to determine so I’m
actually considering majority of this
coin I don’t care if it’s $100 I mean
big connect was $200 I heard right but
it crashed all the way to nine dollars
in the past few days right again price
point is meaningless
all right it was always a penny coin
okay he didn’t matter if he did a little
bit of a homework on the fundamental
studies a game he had that land it was
being driven by the landing platform was
being driven by network marketing it was
a mix of security assets it’s not yet
considered security assets because it’s
cryptocurrency Ward decentralized
whatever but again we gotta use some
common sense here right mix that all
together with network marketing that was
always a penny coin okay how do I know
because I’m thinking about the value is
going to be so I can’t tell you exactly
that I predict that is going to be that
but I knew enough to stay away and and
and I was like he is decentralized oh
maybe I can look at it and then the
friend of mine was talking about a coin
called the devil right and I’m hmm but
something didn’t feel right because I
was well familiar with network marketing
water and how people create crazy
companies that disappear overnight right
and I’m like and when this happened
trust me into the future now I’m even
it’s because again with the spirits it
just gets better okay it’s only gets
better with experience all right so I’m
looking at some coins right here you
know you see some coins that’s $23
trying to see if bit connect is on here
on this page so I can tell you what it
is but yeah okay I can’t I can’t see you
right now
but you get the point okay so last but
not least bonus rule is keep it simple
so let’s go into my thing here and and
as you can see the value of my portfolio
right now
last week was like $1,100 this week is
887 so I used this calculator here if
you’re looking at my screen I use this
calculator I created to tell you how
well I’m doing so far okay so I consider
the money I’ve invested in this so far
to be zero because the game I do a
hundred dollars per week and one hundred
dollars per week is essentially money
I’m willing to lose every week okay
or I hate saying that cuz I’m again I’m
a little in between I don’t like to say
that because I don’t want people to
think they should dumbu because it’s
money you’re willing to lose that’s my
some people take that and say oh yeah
because this money I’m willing to lose
walking gamble with it no and they’re
not saying it in words they are Aksum it
okay so I’m not talking about people
actually same it in words I’m saying
they actually act it oh good to be I
meant wrong one all right so let’s go
here was good luck that yep actually to
return on investment this is clear to
appear which I’ve never used alright so
how much have I invested so far I’m
gonna pull that up in a second here okay
so I only invest in the four coins that
has been supported by bid that’s been
supported by coinbase which is an
exchange Bitcoin Bitcoin cash aetherium
and litecoin okay and what I’m gonna do
is I’m going to go to tools I think all
right so what I want to do right is I
just simply want to create report report
of how much I’ve invested so far okay
and then we’re gonna measure that
against how much the value of my
portfolio is right now okay and then a
new report okay
our transaction eastery I want think I
want on transaction history pretty much
I want all eastery pretty much and I
want to say create report all right so
that’s that I got that one four beats BC
for Bitcoin cash wallet so there’s four
of them I have to do this one is gonna
be for Bitcoin BTC and all eastery okay
if you want to see a tutorial of how I
I you could just go and watch the other
videos I did previously at all I talks
that comes as bitcoins okay all right
all that talks that comes as bitcoins
you can see the link for the free guide
in the in the description area on
YouTube let’s see all it’s free yep
Bitcoin cash bond blah all history
creates alright we have to do next one
it’s going to be a cerium all history
and then transaction history boom boom
boom create okay alright and then the
next one is gonna be like one like quite
like wine like wine all this tree I’m
gonna create create alright perfect so
so here I’m going to click this I’m
gonna open this open all right so it’s
gonna open it for me
perfect alright so let’s go back to its
download the next one for Bitcoin okay
perfect I want to open the game and the
third one so the one thing I know that
big but I don’t need this another way to
do this but they need to be able to show
me a better way to pull this number up
without having to do all of this but
it’s not that long alright so I got this
one here so this column right here
transfer total is how much I’ve invested
so far here I’m gonna total this three
one three okay so that’s three one three
I’m gonna just don’t save so I’m gonna
hide that to this three one three play
I’m just gonna have it like that
cumulative until I get the right and
that’s one what six to six right here in
total right I’m gonna close this okay
six to six and put six to six here right
I’m gonna hide all of this together
that’s nine three nine okay so
automatically I’m already in Los 93 nine
in total here 939 don’t save and this is
nine three nine right here nine three
yeah and I’m gonna had this all together
and I think that would be the total 1099
so far so I’ve invested 1089 so far over
time okay so I want you to note
something again remember this is money
just over time a hundred dollars per
week about that pretty much since I
started okay so it doesn’t hurt my
pocket okay and I’m gonna make a
distinction for you in a second here
1089 right oh alright so now let’s go
back to the dashboard and see how much
my portfolio is saying okay all right so
and I like that I’m doing this video now
because I don’t want to show you the
first week I showed you like a up 62
percent instantly 62 percent return on
investment but I told you that it wasn’t
a guarantee of anything because I knew
that this day was gonna come
right so it’s 92 43 is my total balance
right now okay 892 43 so I’m gonna go
into this quick calculator my investment
so far is one zero eight nine hey let’s
expand this let’s make this a little
bigger where’s my percentage increase
thingy okay I gotta go go aha make it a
little bigger for you to see 1089 and
what’s my present value my present value
is eight ninety and fifty as you can see
it’s fluctuating as we’re here 890 and
fifty eight ninety and fifty cents I’m
negative eighteen so my portfolio is
down negative eighteen twenty three over
time okay so but remember this this way
I want you to look at it I have this
money in the market place is still
working okay the market as you can see
here on core market cap has been read
essentially just read okay look at the
top ten just read right last seven days
has been read I mean cut down
as lost 36% here Bitcoin lost 90% again
we don’t care about this number this
dotted number we care about percentages
right trough resent I mean it’s a heavy
losses right here right heavy losses so
if you average the top 10 loss in the in
the past seven days alone
I mean overtime I’m down 18 percent okay
in the past I don’t know maybe 60 days
90 days but I don’t care it doesn’t
matter and I want you to notice this
moment in time and that’s why I’m
documenting this on YouTube that’s the
whole point of this so you can refer
back to this and say yeah right so I’m
showing you the beauty about this and
the difference between what I’m showing
you and everybody else is that they
can’t show you they’re not tracking they
just some of them may be able to show
you one coin where they had a 200
percent jump because the price went from
$2 to $4 right but they won’t show you
everything else all the games they try
to play before that where they lost
money and that’s where you don’t want to
be right
so the key thing I want you to know here
is keep things simple track them play
the long-term game because this 890
we’re gonna come back and show you what
it means later on right say now first of
all let me look at something if I add
dump this $1000 89 let’s say I dumped it
in there when I started okay so let’s go
back to the market okay I’m gonna tell
you when I started to buy this and I’m
gonna go into the middle of it okay
my forced by on bitcoins let’s go to big
win big one right now okay view account
and let’s look at my first by was on
November 21 okay never my 21 right so
let’s just pretend that it was Bitcoin
that I bought right and they just use
that apathetically right November 21 on
November 21 I’m going to put in my thing
on the way right now we’re gonna tell
what price it was right on about 21 it
should have been 8,000 196 okay
8,000 186 right it does 196 so I would
have bought it at 8,000 won IT systems
to that
only gone off by a few I don’t know
8,000 186 let’s go use the calculator
than 8,000 196 right and right now today
it’s at eight seven eight one eight
seven eight one right so let’s use this
simple calculator I’m just gonna copy
this over here and see what it looks
like alright so it’ll be up my coins
will be up by seven point one four
percent right so far right alright great
so that’s a good one right so let’s say
let’s say this was a ticket let me see
so my 1089 will be slightly up
essentially sure bad example right there
you go so let’s go look at another point
let’s go to litecoin right like wine or
I would I still make money
okay because like one on November 21 and
let’s see November 21 was 71 dollars
okay right now it’s 131 right so seventy
one dollars and 131 right it could have
been up by 84 percent okay chances are
my light coin is all up by the way so
probably this 18% is consolidated across
four different coins right so I am up
anyway as far as like on this concern
where let’s say this is where I put all
that 1089 it’s what I’ve been up by
eighty four percent but how do you know
what if it’s not right but let’s say it
went up right it went all the way up to
three hundred thirty nine dollars here
on on the 19th of December right but now
let’s say I wanted to old right then now
it’s at one thirty one from three
hundred dollars now I’m gonna stop
beating myself up I stopped beating
myself up and be like okay I should I
taking the money out because I had no
rules but actually that would be a wrong
idea because it again the exit strategy
is everything investment we call it
exits before you enter you gotta have an
exit strategy before you enter into
again my exit strategy remember was five
to ten years just nowhere close okay so
it’s a matter fact this is number
looking at this number it’s a good way
for me to show you the roller coaster
the emotions you have to go through if
you don’t have rules okay if I didn’t
have rules and I’m down 18 percent I’m
gonna come here and I’m gonna go into my
market I’m gonna sell everything okay
I’m gonna sell everything it’s been up
by five dollars since then okay and I’m
gonna be like oh yeah like I said I want
to sell my knives 895 maybe I should
stay a little bit more because it’s
gained five dollars now because you had
no rules
okay he came into the game with no
strategy okay and that’s why I always
tell people the best way to lose money
in cryptocurrency is to enter the game
with no strategy okay that’s really the
best way right there okay
and if you don’t have strategy then
people like bit connect to sell you on
ideas like lending and building a team
around it you know it’s not the wrong
goodnight team and making some referral
Commission’s don’t get me wrong I’m just
saying as such a it’s what some of the
kids in Nigeria are calling the science
students like mixing multiple kind of
dangerous drugs together they just won’t
go together okay the end of that is
always gonna be destruction and that’s
what I’m trying to tell you here okay
so let’s play this game let’s keep it
simple let’s capitalize on this world
shift that’s going on you can see the
numbers moving right in front of you
right now let me blow this up
okay 893 895 891 that’s what I’m trying
to say you don’t have to join the rest
of the market and be confused this is a
reflection of how confused the market is
okay you see that number moving right
there that’s a that’s a I mean let’s
look at the one-day movement of this
baby right here right bitcoins right
look at the one day when this thing
crashed all the way to seven seven
thousand at one point and then came back
up the market is confused and it’s
supposed to be confused but you need to
be a leader in the market place don’t
just be a ponzu man don’t just be a
consumer of information don’t just be a
person that operates off of your
emotions create two rules for yourself
because every successful people have
rules that they follow you want to lose
money in cryptocurrency or any type of
game just enter it with no
okay we create strategy because I put a
quote on my Instagram you can look at it
once we’re done
I talks be my code says let me find it
let me open it up here right cuz I
actually forgot now you just came across
my mind cuz I needed to say that okay
we’re wrapping this up in less than two
minutes alright let’s see here oh oh oh
I opened the story and me to open the
wait okay let’s go to the profile there
you go all right
everything is 80% shit you can’t see or
explain with logic okay somebody’s you
know somebody’s gonna come here right
now and argue with me on on certain key
points that it could be right when it
comes to paper right but um the world
doesn’t operate off of logic like that
okay this emotions evolved and that’s
why you see this number before sitting
like that and the best thing you can do
for yourself is to position yourself in
a way that you’re willing that you’re
gonna be winning okay and the only way
to win is to take yourself out of the
picture you wanna you want to win in
life you gotta find ways to take
yourself out of the picture you have to
have respect for your emotions as a
human being you had you are human like
anybody else you will be affected by the
greed and the fear in the marketplace
greed and fear is everywhere that’s what
we call a marketplace it’s normal so
that’s why you gotta push the market by
positioning yourself position yourself
to win in this game if you do that then
you’re fine
if you want to lose a lot of money in
cryptocurrency blockchain or business of
any type enter with no strategy enter
prematurely okay
enter the game with some kind of if
you’re too excited you could lose money
okay it’s a matter of fat you stay calm
okay that’s how you’re gonna attract all
the money you wanna stay calm keep it
super simple okay that’s what I have for
you Instagram we’re about to wrap this
up six seconds five four three two one
thank you alright so YouTube thank you
so much for hang
we again everything is 80% shit you
can’t see or explain with logic okay
make sure that you know what you’re
doing create if you don’t have one
create if you want you can adopt my own
rule and twist to get around right here
okay seven rules that I’ve created for
myself I could tweak it right now
because the game I’m frowning at this
number six right now but I can explain a
little further what I mean is that use
dispensable money not in the sense that
you can afford to gamble with it you
should still use strategy even though
you’re using dispensable money or
disposable income whatever you want to
call it right just make sure that you
still have a strategy behind it the idea
of dispensable money is to diversify
across time and not so you can enter a
game with that gambling spirit we all
have the gambling spirit when people are
talking about success stories
testimonials and things like that we all
have this thing called the gum dam
gambling spirit okay we all do okay and
the the only difference between the
winners and the people that are the
losers are simply the fact that the
winners create rule for themselves
the winners understand that they are
human like everybody else and their
discipline that’s the whole point of
discipline that’s why you create a
discipline that’s why you
reverse-engineer discipline into your
life because you know that you’re human
like anybody anybody else so that’s it
right there yes even though I’m talking
about how to lose money obviously I
don’t want you to lose money I want you
to stay safe out there
I want you to use some strategy out
there I want you to win big time with
this game overtime again I just showed
you today I’m smiling even though my
portfolio is down
it’s imprisoned it doesn’t matter
because I have a game that I’m playing I
have a strategy and in previous videos
you see me sure is this up 62 percent
and to some people it may sound like I’m
bragging but no actually I was showing
that so I can document this journey and
show you that it’s not gonna be like
that everyday but the goal is that all
of us will win together and we can hold
hands and say yeah we did it and that’s
the whole point of this right so thank
you so much for coming out to hang out
with me and I’ll see you on the next one
and don’t forget to get the guide the
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