what’s going on guys Patrick here bring
you a brand new videotape another cool video if you guys full of information
today we’re gonna be talking about what is the next move coming up for Bitcoin
we’re also be talking about 20 billion dollars liquidated on Big Macs as well
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recent trade that we were actually everybody were able to actually catch a
long in here with Bitcoin which worked out very very well getting in early and
then riding it up all the way securing profits all the way up to 7,500 you guys
can tell I went a little bit above that and then after that came a ride back
down some positions closed right now we secured it in profits and now we’re
waiting for another move from Bitcoin now this cool down to me was expected
roughly around 7,500 I thought Bitcoin was gonna be dropping back down into
7100 now we haven’t exactly seen 7100 here we saw briefly 7,200 so just close
to 7,000 100 maybe 7,000 199 hit on Betamax mom’s looking at the USD T chart
as well and I still think we have room potentially for a little bit of a job
entering these seven thousand one hundred dollar range which would be
roughly around in here right seeing a potential pull back in here but again
riding it down from 7,000 I wasn’t in a short but I did close my
trade at 7,500 waiting for this cool off to come in and then I’m looking for a
potential long in this range to ride it back up into the 7200 to seven to seven
thousand three hundred dollar range which would be all the way up into this
range over here obviously securing profits along the way right so this is
kind of what it’s looking like right now looking to enter somewhere in here and
then looking to secure profits as we go up up up and hit these different targets
and I wanted to share the BTC USD teacher on Finance as well as the bit
max of the obvious bit max index that we use the one for Bitcoin USD over here
now the reason I wanted to do that was simply because I get a lot of questions
asking since I’m using the X BT USD chart when I’m showing you guys how
exactly does that translate to the other exchanges for buy bit for example or
finance for using BTC USD T how exactly does that translate and very simply all
exchanges vary a little bit with the price of Bitcoin but overall directions
going to stay the same so you’ll notice over here Bitcoin is at seven thousand
two hundred and thirty and it went down to seven thousand two hundred that’s on
xbt USD if you go to the BTC USD T I was
just on it’s around twenty-five dollars higher so the low there was roughly
around seven thousand two hundred twenty-five and the current price was
roughly around seven thousand two hundred and fifty five you’ll notice
it’s around twenty five dollars hired again that can vary as well but when I
give you guys my opinions over here again not financial advice I’m not
telling you guys what to do but if you want to form your own analysis on that
using another exchange or using a USD T pairing you can go ahead and find what
the difference is and be able to adjust the trade accordingly that’s sort of my
number one tip when it comes to doing that of course the price you shouldn’t
use the exact same price for the bid mechs that I’m looking at if you’re
looking at BTC USD T just because that price target might not exactly hit and
you want to make sure you adjust things accordingly so you can enter and exit
your trades at the right time but that’s sort of what I’m looking at right now
for Bitcoin terms of when I’m want to be entering along at least that’s the
current situation of course things can change and I’ll update you guys if they
do and of course if you’re in the trailer group I’ll update you guys more
up to Dejan there as soon as I see something
different happening but that’s sort of the breakdown we can notice if we look
at the EMA ribbon again keeping things very simple when it comes to our
technical analysis on a smaller time frame looking at the EMA ribbon we do
expect eventually when we see a larger gap between the EMA ribbon and the
Bitcoin price we usually eventually see them start to meet up again before we
see a rejection if we do get that rejection so maybe a dip just into the
7100 and then coming back up again allowing us to secure profits and coming
to retest that resistance might be what we see happening in the future again
this move up we saw the bounce off of the support for the EMA ribbon which
again was a confirmation once we saw that balance that we could expect to see
a Bitcoin move up and that’s the one that was actually able to capitalize on
the trade then again it came and tested again and then we can see it’s starting
to become resistance and from that it broke down you’re very very easy trade
to it to see a very very easy setup if you were watching it and if we zoom out
into the four hour early because you guys know I like to zoom out I would
like to look at the different situations if we zoom into before Ally we are
actually looking at a potential break under over here right we’re already
seeing the first candle form underneath the four of the EMA ribbon on the 4-hour
chart so definitely something to keep an eye out for as well in the four hour
looks like me you might have a bit more room to go down before we do eventually
see that bounce and that’s the one that I want to catch now unfortunately
unfortunately before I made this video we actually already had the CM e futures
gap closed another gap came in and another closed came in very shortly
after so for anybody that was in and was trying to get the trade to get to fill
this gap right congratulations you would have absolutely nailed it because just
after it opened a few hours later we came right back down and we have
officially filled the gap – we did a fish elite fill the gap so that is
already it done over there so that’s really cool to see again another gap
filled gaps they’re really really easy again sometimes sometimes we do have
gaps and they take a little longer to fill right oops sometimes we have gaps
and they take a little bit longer to fill that’s totally normal this gap we
didn’t fill it until we came all the way back up over here and that’s after the
significant move down that’s why with these gaps especially if there’s not as
much information that the price is going to
fill it immediately that I do not use a higher leverage if it looks like we’re
going to fill it pretty comfortably off the rape and that’s what I think the
directions going to be then I’ll play with a higher leverage but if it’s not
looking that way you might want to use lower leverage that way even if we do
have this swing even if we do come down first it eventually does get filled
that’s something to definitely keep your eye on either that or set a stop loss
and then once you say you’re so old you should be saying a stop loss either way
but either that or you hit your stop-loss
early right a tight stop less you hit your stop-loss early and then you wait
for another move that looks like it might be coming up to fill and that’s
what we would have seen over here so just a little bit of tips now talking
about bit Maxell guys a quick note that I wanted to add here in the middle of
the video before I forget to talk about it with the giveaway that was supposed
to happen on Friday and I told you guys I was postponing it to today which is
Monday I’m actually gonna postpone it again I feel really bad about that I’m
sorry I’m gonna be postponing it again to Wednesday and the reason for that
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Friday they require a little more planning and I’m gonna leave that that’s
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back to the video now talking about bit Mex I have links for Big Macs and bi bit
down below in the description if you guys want to use them to leverage I
highly recommend them if you know what you’re doing or if you’re following
someone who knows what they’re doing but if you’re not following somebody who
knows what they’re doing and you don’t know what you’re doing which is what a
majority of people do what ends up happening is what we see happening over
here twenty billion dollars got liquidated on bit max that’s a 20%
increase in last year so last year you guys can see sixteen point four billion
dollars were liquidated this year no surprise we’ve seen leverage training
getting more and more docked and a lot more people are using it especially when
they get a little bored of the Bitcoin price moving relatively sideways and
they want to be able to leverage and make more profit nineteen point six
billion dollars got liquidated majority them you can see the Long’s vs. the
shorts it was or Long’s and shorts but that’s
absolutely insane so that again makes me preface if you are going to use these
exchanges use money are willing to lose apply risk management and if you can
follow somebody who knows what they’re doing if you don’t know what you’re
doing follow someone who knows what they’re doing because that’s going to
guarantee that you don’t end up on this side and you end up on the winning side
now this 20 billion is including leverage that’s the amount of contracts
so if you take that out and we average an assumed average of 25 X leverage
thumb that was used 800 million dollars of users funds of actual user funds got
liquidated on bit mix during 2019 not as bad as 20 billion because like I said
that’s including the leverage but 800 million dollars in users funds yeah I
hope that was any of you guys because that’s a shame especially getting
liquidated that shouldn’t happen you should have your stop-loss is set it
blows my mind that this is still happening to so many people blows my
mind that people are entering leverage trades without knowing how to leverage
trade and not having someone to fall so again I do have both links down below in
the description I love using these platforms I know how to use these
platforms I’m successful using these platforms if you are a beginner follow
someone who knows what they’re doing it doesn’t even have to be me you can
follow someone else but please follow someone that knows what they’re doing or
learn what you’re doing first and if you do know what you’re doing of course
apply risk management have fun and hopefully make some money but if we look
at the overall market 193 billion dollars in markup again it’s a red day
for Bitcoin down 2.2 6% we can see Bitcoin taking a little bit of a dive
after I hit that peak like I told you guys I was able to catch the peak look
like that was gonna happen from there I was expecting this cool off but I did
not want to enter short I’d rather just wait for the next long position that’s
exactly what’s happening bitcoins cooling off right now if you
were in obviously trading BTC USD T you might have sold and way to buy back
lower whatever it is I hope you guys are making money biggest gainer of the day
waves 8.6 6% bittorrent of 6.5 5% but with Bitcoin down you can imagine it’s
definitely a red day in the market more red than green in the market DX chain
token down 11% V systems down 8% centrality Luna Tomo chain bike coin a
majority of crypto like I said are in the red but rumors
are going around now of this article now this article came out March 22nd 2019 so
you might be wondering why the hell are we bringing this up right now majority
of Bitcoin trading is a hoax according to a new study now I don’t want to go
into the actual how legit the article is what I do want to go into March 22nd
2019 right March 22nd 2019 let’s keep that in mind this reddit post shows us
the exact same article being published over and over and over again October 10
2019 December 7th 2019 December 29th 2019 you know so there’s a lot of rumors
starting to come out that you know the there certain news sources are trying to
purposefully put out bad information for Bitcoin when things are starting to get
good using old information using old research using old source or even using
just recycling old news articles keep pushing them out when price looks like
it might be gaining some momentum specifically to try to scare people and
to try to cap the price of try and you know put in some fear throw some foot on
there try to keep the price suppress the prices that’s the word I was looking for
trying to suppress the price so that it doesn’t it doesn’t have a too much of
bullish action so that’s what a lot of people are saying if that’s true or not
I don’t know but there are a few things that I know and I say this several times
to you guys one nobody is stupid especially well a lot of people are
stupid majority of you no mass population a majority them I say all the
time are and are not that smart and that’s why you see these big companies
which are not stupid the big companies are not stupid they know exactly what
they’re doing they know when they’re publishing articles why they’re
publishing articles why they’re spinning a certain way they know why they’re
doing that there is a reason a tactical reason why they are doing what they do
it should when you get that big and there’s so much money involved in this
so much you know everything so much money involved specifically that’s the
type of stuff that happens and that’s why you have to be very careful when
you’re seeing news when you’re reading news who you’re getting news from and
when you see things like that it does sort of ring it does ring an alarm bell
that there must be a reason why they’re recycling this over and over and over
again all the time when never seems to get bullish traction
one reasons definitely for clicks because when there’s bullish momentum
and you put out a news article with Fudd that’s going to give a lot of clicks and
these guys like youtubers for example rely off of views rely off of clicks
that’s how they make a lot of their money as well so keep that in mind just
a few things yeah overall no final conclusion cuz obviously we don’t know
but that is something to keep in mind now ripple for all my ex RP fans expands
South American presence with Brazilian partnership as you guys know I am
Brazilian so anytime Brazil’s in the crypto news it’s always great they were
doing pretty well in terms of adoption I think recently there was a few road
bumps but overall I think Brazil was doing well in terms of adoption now
ripple is trying to expand into Brazil as well with their Brazilian partnership
is trying to expand into South America which i think is obviously really cool
if you are an investor in XRP if you hold X RP or you want to see ripples
succeed this is one of the things that of course the more partnerships they
build the more they do is obviously a good sign and last but not least Tron
unlocking thirty three billion TRX on New Year’s Day the reason I want to talk
about this of course they’re unlocking a lot of TRX and I wanted to ask you guys
some sean is a very popular project what your thoughts are on this overall
situation thirty three billion TRX that’s forty five four hundred forty
five million dollars worth of tron are going to be unlocked on New Year’s Day
they’re asking for the community feedback on how the funds should be used
so let me know your guys thoughts how they should be used in the description
of this variant section of this video let me know your guys’s thoughts so I
can see what you guys think let’s see how they actually end up using it and of
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