Greeting. Welcome to Bitkub Tournament! Competition among cryptocurrencies in which the winner will be listed in Bitkub exchange ( Today’s competition is… is what Mr. Chakrit? Oh it is men single 100 m. sprint racing The contestants include Tether (USDT) Ripple (XRP) Litecoin (LTC) และ EOS Ready. Set. It has started All cryptos run with maximum effort But there seem to be some form of energy on the track Wow, the mysterious energy of delisting rumor hit Tether right in the face Back to the competition Now, EOS is on the lead Oh, what is happening to EOS It was tackled by its foe, Vitalik Now, only XRP and Litecoin are in competition with XRP leading and nearly finishing But it seems that Litecoin uses its ultimate move running like Naruto Litecoin is catching up and and… LItecoin wins Start trading Litecoin now at (link in the description below)