Chart with you guys as you know
I’m on the money train – is cash
And the boss method said we shoulda bought this thing about two and a half days ago
If you would have done that you can see that we would be up about
64 percent
Right now so what I wanted to do on this call which you guys is go through the chart
Where we stand today? How we’re looking
Moving into the next couple days and really what to expect
with this chart
And so here we go we are on trading view calm. This is a
Minute chart, this is going to be a quick advanced technical analysis of our method
So if you haven’t yet gotten familiarized with how we do things just check out
Chart like a boss the playlist
I’ll put a link right in the description
For you guys click on that video like two or three videos right from the top, and you’ll understand the method
Again what we’re looking at right now
I’m gonna cut these candles off so we can focus on the core content what we’re looking at is a 7
right there – white line a 21 the red line a
77 a blue line and a
231 those candles right there right so I got all 4 up for you guys a lot of times people ask me
Which one should you use you can use all of them you can use two of them right at the end of the day you?
the most two important are two seven in the 77
But you can see I still have the 21 and the 231
There is will so it’s really up to you what you’re looking at what you would like to see and how these
You know down the rabbit. Hole you want to go right?
So quick over to you guys you see that this thing has been pretty much waving sideways
For about three months now right we went up. We went down we went up
We went down right just like a rollercoaster graphic but to be honest that is it traders dream because – is fairly consistent
With disciples it gives and profit that a yield to what I’m going to show you guys is how we can pinpoint these energy cycles
And make some real deal of money first thing. We’re going to do is I throw up some cycle lines
You can see all I did was I just threw a simple trend line right breakout to breakdown right there
And if you want to see me draw it, this is how we do it boom boom break out one
Right down to just a simple trendline
I got those blue boxes highlighted for you guys, so you can see you know where you can do it on your chart as well
With that I am going to do a cyclic line
Boom boom right a lot of people ask me where this tool is here it is right there
Ah, so you can see one two three four five six down and right there boom boom put a little star on it
So you have it in your tool bar ready to go?
This is my tool bar right down there to the lower left right so you can see this thing almost
Does a ridiculous job at pinpointing these energy cycles so we got breakout?
right and
Guess what it did here it showed us the bottom of
That range right on this next cycle
What do we get we get the cross going back out into the breakout and now we’re in a positive energy
Channel right
And again just to go through the basic parts of any cycle that we review we have always are going to have a breakout
break down
flat line break out break down flat line what comes next
breakout right
Now let’s see what’s happening inside this chart. We have that I?
Apologize if it’s kind of loud I am on vacation with my family in Florida sunny, Florida
I still just wanted to jump on you know
I’m saying jump on the charts with you guys trying to make some I’m saying even even on my days off. I’m still getting paid
Real quick. We’ve got to do a Fibonacci
Extension boom boom like a boss one time. What does that do for us it does two things?
it starts to pinpoint the energy on the
Correction right I’ll keep in mind. This is a
Fibonacci tool so what I just did right there
and I’m actually going to hold off on that when I’m going to go down to a
77 so we can try to pinpoint that a little bit better
But what I’m trying to do is really get
There you go, that’s nice, that’s nice, that’s nice
It’s a lot better
So check this out
So we have our
Trendline we have our
What happens when I do this?
If I do that and just throw that thing down
Look at what happens we bounced right off the three point four right
Which means we will confirm at the one point six, which is exactly what happened right there again?
I’m just freestyling this literally as we speak, but you can see when we
All I did you guys is is went from
breakdown breakdown
And it’s going to give you these natural points that you’ll you can triangulate this interviews of what happened we broke down
Or we bounced started at two four which means we were going to confirm it on the one six almost like a little
Looting loop right and once we confirmed it on the one six. What are we going to do again?
We’re going to confirm it on the one two what happens after that we’re going to confirm it
Actually we tried to confirm it
We would have needed to confirm it on that one point no we didn’t do that we actually
Confirmed a breakdown on the one two all the way down to the two four and now
We’re cooking with some gas because once we go up
Above that one six you can see what happened. It’s almost like
Afterburner do I think this breakout is going to be or ever?
Absolutely not. What can you expect you can expect to come back and confirm it at the?
0.64 line
In addition to that and that shows you kind of like the micro-cycles happening in the present day
So what I’m going to do now is we’re going to jump back out with critters limiters arms
Jump back out to a three four three now that we understand these are literally micro-cycles of the same Fibonacci
that are kind of playing out on a
77 we can go up to a
To get a better idea of how this is all coming together in
Real time so one of the things I wanted to do here was
I’m going to use three
Areas three
Intersections for this triangle
And I’m going to try to show you how to pinpoint this energy moving inside – right now. Let me get this
Cleaned up real quick
Boom boom boom right
Since we got that we can go ahead and reverse this thing back just to give us
Energy, we’re looking for in the positive direction instead of going
on those micro-cycles
Check this out. Let’s do the one six boom boom boom boom
That’ll be a 1.0. This is going to be pretty amazing you guys watch this
I’m going to do here. I’m going to draw you a triangle
All right, we’ll do one triangle
I’ll just on a side note. You can see that. Uh when you do have a really good trendline
It does hold
in the past and
in the
so you can see if we would have just dropped it on that intersection it holds all the way through you get that intersection you
Get that copy and you get that breakdown right we can do the same thing going out, but I’m going to show you another method
to really
Pinpoint this energy energy right here, we’re going to do a triangle right there from that intersection
to that intersection
To loop
Like that
Right there right you know what that does is that should give us?
The next wave moving into the chart, right
Delete that one. That was like an extra one
Copy and paste it
And I’m just going to move it up one
Where you can see
When this thing
Is put almost right on top of it
It’s almost exactly where
We’re breaking down that right now, right
So you can see
It’s pretty crazy how does energy?
inside this thing works, and we almost have to
working right there
Giving us back this whole focus area at energy
Right there at the 1.0. Right here at this next
macro cycle of the cycle lines which all came
from this point right here right all this thing did was
created an entire
It’s almost like a sine wave
To where when it hits at this point
It’s going to have some tremendous energy you guys and you can expect to create a new system that
Will more than likely be above that point
one oh
So right now – is roughly 26. It’s going to go up come down
centralized right here at that next macro point and probably break out north of
0.10 – is cash you guys I’ve been saying this for a few months now
It’s been one of the best performers in the market
With regards to just really holding its own birthday coin not taking that big loss
we had a pretty big fall off here, but you can see we’ve
Resonated quite well, and we’re ready to make a huge
Gain over these next couple days
moving into the first of the year and moving into
First couple weeks in January. I think the first couple weeks in January are going to be monumental
For these these big-time charts to get the energy that they need
To have a beautiful spring. I think I think the spring is going to be
Quite well received by the institutions, and and the investors alike right
a lot of people you know are
Finally waking up to crypto and as I’ve been saying when they do we will welcome them with open arms
So this is what you got to look forward to a lot of
Profits a lot of green candles and the future – will be one of them
Hopefully this video helps again. If you’re just now starting off make sure you check out our resources arrest boss of
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