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happy Monday I’ll tell you what I can’t wait to get back in the gym oh my gosh
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blockchain has the last word so really interesting article this
morning it was part three of the correct right climate debacle about if you’re
not familiar with it basically you know Craig writes claiming that he’s Satoshi
Nakamoto and I don’t want to screw this up because it is actually really
complicated but anyways the two people actors right and Klieman basically
supposedly started this defense corporation and you know obviously Craig
is claiming that he had been at Bitcoin and then they mined these bitcoins so
there’s basically purportedly 1 million Bitcoin that are locked up in this trust
and you’re like the trust the tool of trust and then it’s got like you know 9
billion layers of security on it well you know as everybody knows climbin past
and what is that question is who owns the estate of these 1 million bitcoins
well supposedly like I said they’re locked up now the point I was trying to
get at with all this is it goes to a thing called a DA Oh
Digital autonomous corporation they’re like PA oh and what’s really cool and
interesting about this is basically they’re saying that the trust was
created in this digital autonomous corporation which is basically a set of
rules and guidelines of the corporation and the trust put on the blockchain so
ultimately there is no human interaction with this trust because it’s not it’s
automatic it can’t be turned off you know basically they’re fighting over
there’s assets and I’m like ditto I don’t even have them they’re locked up
in this trust so what’s interesting about this is that we
think about this you know how like a lot of times someone
passes and then everyone swoops in and are fighting over assets what if wills
were created on the blockchain they’re immutable unchangeable undeniable and
the blockchain execute the will and you know the people receive their the
property you know it’s very interesting and the thing is nobody can stop or shut
that down I mean theoretically the only way you can stop that blockchain from
executing its code would be to shut down the entire Internet which I’m not saying
that’s not possible but is it probable no but you know this
is that this is that interesting concept of of a machine that’s running that
can’t be turned off even if it even if it breaks the law even if it is immoral
it really it’s it’s it’s exempt from all that the code only knows one thing and
that is to run and that’s kind of what block gene does and if you step back and
really start thinking about that you know you know part of the reason Bitcoin
has gotten to where it is god is because you can’t be turned off
we turned off so really think about that think about the you know
things that could happen in the future things that could be put on the
blockchain where you could take third party entities out and the blockchain
would do the work and that my friend is what is so special about
and once people understand it’s more efficient you know it’s
unchangeable and it just goes so you know it’s something really deep to think
about and once you understand that that blockchain technology you’ll understand
why I’m such a believer in crypto and why I try to bring the word and mass
adoption to people so that you can be in on early on the technology and you know
be a generation or two ahead of everybody else you know when they adopt
you’ll be an early adopter you’ll be a city in a very good position because
you’ll understand it you know you maybe have taught your kids some things about
blockchain may be installed a wallet on their phone giving him a little Tron to
play with you know because they’re gonna be teaching this
stuff at schools you know the next generation of jobs will be blockchain
it’s gonna be very very interesting to see how this unfolds but that is today’s
thought think about that blockchain and think about it that it can’t be turned
off what ramifications that has in the
future for society and it’s really interesting
but anyways hope you have a great day get in that gym get those gains on this
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