This conference will now be recorded yeah Yeah, yeah good evening guys Myself Nani. I have total six plus years of experience In different like mobile and web applications development in that I have the nearly nearly three years of experience of experience into block sale in the blockchain mainly I work some of the platforms like ethereal and thought and the Tamil is the one of The ages. So these are the platforms what I work previously So presently I am working on hyper legit kappa fabric also on occasion So this is my experience and my technical background Then coming to the blockchain Generally nowadays, we know that like Blockchain is a password Yeah, everyone is trying to move a regular method to the like what a blockchain and how to implement A project into the blockchain so everyone is thinking like that. So if you you see like Excuse me. Can you please new devices like because I am getting some disturbance Yeah, that’s good, thank you Yeah The thing is what a blockchain is Actually, if you want to know about the block chain, we have to go back to the 2008 in 2008 Supposing Nakamoto has released a white paper that white paper is called a Bitcoin then what happened? So He has created one digital cryptocurrency and the in that digital cryptocurrency He has to release it and that has to transfer in between the people like he wants to send the Big points like here to be he don’t want to maintain any centrally or anything So just he want to do it with a peer-to-peer so that is the reason he has it written one white paper that we call it as Cohen white paper in that he has given some concepts. So how we will maintain this digital Currency and how we will validate this Currency everything he given some ok, or one document. It’s a white paper it has some technical like points how it will be walk and and everything even so so then so the thing is what exactly a blockchain Means it’s a like the transaction between the two people Two people means two peers in between the people how the transactions will happen. Is that mainly so Before going to the blockchain we have to know two things First of all, what is a centralized and what is it nation based? So if you see that whatever we are using presently like presently we have the application side whatever they are doing applications all are related to the centralized centralized means we are storing the data in one particular place and we are storing the data and we are retrieving the data suppose if we take any example, like if anything what we will do we will give my input and Whatever the requirements you want suppose if you want any details, you will get the data from the server So when me and some other person is there If the new people who wants to do some short thing or anything, so what will happen suppose if I send any message? From my side what will happen that message in this told Fasting to the server and that the same message will be displayed to the some other person To whom I send the message Particularly, so that may say sweet good particular person So this is the what the process is it happening like present days what we are doing we are depending on the third parties that Means it tastes server if we take it as a third party So whatever we are doing the transactions either it will be a bank transactions of messages Whatever whatever. We are sending or receiving everything so everything we are storing in some one particular place and from there only we are getting that data so that Means we are depending on the third parties so the main motive of this attention of mu-2 is We don’t want to depend on third parties are some other persons So we want to store the data in wound Own way that means in our network only we have to store the data Whenever we required if we will get the same data, whatever. We are storing in a network so that data will be Get back so how how this will be possible So that is we call it as decentralized thing be centralized it is the one one of the mechanism like where the data will be shared among the people and that security wise it is more secure because That data we are not showing in any third party or any centralized place what will happen suppose? Suppose if a a is the person if you think that a is the person he a wants to send the data Some data to the zombie person what will happen that the data will be? Stored to like all the people in the network Whoever there in the network the all the people will get the same message So that the data will not be removed from any Particular person and it is not controlled by any particular person so that it’s a very secure Suppose one Bitcoin if you take that one I’m taking Bitcoin suppose a person send one Bitcoin to the zombie first what will happen that the same thing will be Broadcasted to though all the people in the network if suppose it’s thousand people are there in a network? so what will happen suppose if a person wants to send a one Bitcoin to the B person what will happen with that message will be broadcasted to all the people suppose if any Happens or whatever in between anything occur if there is a possibility of some B is the one person so For that particular node. One person has at the D D node And he collapsed that he collapses the data like opti what can happen immediately hitting the fraction of Seconds what will happen the remaining people how the data bit that is a character data So automatically the algorithm is itself between sync the data. They also so immediately Die affected mode. The affected node is here B is the affected All right But immediately the effect and Road will regain the data because the data already there in the majority majority of the people so that it will be the data will be back up to very fastly this is the way how the broadcast message will be The message will be broadcasted. I mean among all the nodes in the network and this will be the more secure he thought that this is the good way because We are not Maintaining any particular like BB and we are not depending on easy Any third parties or any other people so we are all in the network, so we are all like we can validate the transactions and we can make it like Happen and we can make the blocks and everything is possible within the network for me So that is the reason the Bitcoin that is the reason the blockchain I came into existence and now it’s very popular because it actually what’s happening if Present is this is the whole concept of the blockchain? but in that we are getting the different type of platforms what happening in the different type of platforms means according to the day requirement and their domain requirement Everyone is trying to create their own platform according to their domain suppose if you take the financial domain In the financial domain, the more importance is security and the privacy privacy also, very important So in that case what will happen they don’t want to share their data to the other people So in that case, this is not work. All right in the Bitcoin what will happen suppose if I send anyone triage and that? transaction will be broadcasted to all the people right so but if you take If you take it as any thinner financial domain type of project So in that case the sending of the broadcasting to all the people is not a good process in the financial sector So in that case they will do them type of like negotiation like they don’t want to publish the Transaction to all the people they want to keep it private so like that. So what’s happening? We are getting to many platforms and the according to the business requirement their business requirement. They are developing the platforms and under the companies They are doing the projects on the particle device So this is what the main difference between centralized and decent ways this is very important before going to the cocktail because how Why we are going to the decentralized thing why we don’t want to trust the centralized thing Centralized thing why we are not trusting means the data everything is storing in one particular place if suppose this server is compromised, so Definitely we all been lost Lost the data to see same thing. If you take the banker nowadays, we have the banking system We have the money in the form of digital format So if anything happens to the bank server what will happen if the data? Lost what will happen so we cannot do anything in it. So We have some type of problems in the present existing system. So that is the reason we are trying to move to the to the blockchain So what exactly blockchain is? These are the four points actually major point. We are covering in the blockchain The first point is a blockchain is an open source, actually, whatever the Bitcoin is It is open to everyone we can customize and we can do it open to everyone and here whatever the transactions are Whatever the message is, whatever we are sending in the network So the data will be broadcasted to all the people so it’s open to everyone Everything and if you say decentralized thing we are not storing the data in one particular point and public digital nature everyone can see the messages who send to whom and suppose if he sent the message to a particular person P so Who send to whom and everything we consume from which public address to which public others? The transaction is happened ability. We can see here so and next to verifiable and permanent way and Verification is take care by the cryptographic algorithms. We have the cryptographic Concerns algorithms are there it will take care of everything so If suppose a transaction is in between the protocol whether the transaction is valid or not It will take it by consensus. Algorithms we have Too many consensus algorithms out there mainly in the Bitcoin. We will use the And even a theorem also presently we are using the proof of work, but in future we will go for the proof of stake Yeah, I think in January. Yeah The night work they are trying to move to the proof of stake So this contains algorithm will make sure that this particular transaction is happened Is it correct or not? Well, so we are using these concerns algorithms also, so that is the reason we can tell that this is like it is a verified transaction and it’s a permanent and here so in the Bitcoin if you take that Like whatever the transaction is happened. It’s a permanent We cannot alter the transaction. Once the transaction is like stone in the block So the block is created then it’s final We cannot remove the particular block suppose if you remove the particular block What will happen so the chain will great so blocks in itself We call it as chain of clocks. So what will happen. The blocks will be one by one by it has some Interconnections i1 block has some connection with the next block So if anything changes in between the block, so what will happen so the total? Like chain will like it will show that it has invalid data so that we can strongly we can tell that it’s in very viable and permanent way of storing the data And this is the small life cycle how high transaction will happen? so see here suppose if a is the one person so Someone requested a transaction So in the Bitcoin if you take the Bitcoin is the one small example You see in the blockchain if you talk about the example the first example we call it as Bitcoin is the best example because the blockchain It started with the block Bitcoin way so that is real so suppose if I want to send a Bitcoin, so what will happen? So that the ones the the requests came what will happen? So I sent the one Bitcoin what will happen the message will broadcast to all the people So these are these are the all the nodes in the network Suppose if you consider that neither are the nodes in the particular Network So what happened? whatever I am sending that message will be broadcasted to all the people Next what will happen this broadcast and message supposing a person wants to send one point to some papers so it will validate by the validators that validators we call it as – so follow what they work is they will verify that this Conduct means valid or not it will take By using the proof of work Of stake of the different algorithms. So the miners will decide that these particular transactions Are valid and by these all these? Transactions that but the point of time all the transactions will keep into the one one block So the law will easily with one hash okay, that means this block is valid and all the transactions in this particular block is valid so So once it is valid that block will be added to the main network So once it is added to the network means so the miners will get the rewards immediately so whenever it is added whoever valuated like validation is nothing but the miner has to do some mathematical calculation that mining algorithm will take care of all this and this will Do some work and it will create the final key if the final key is Finalized and if it is correct form, so immediately the block will be added to the main net So that means that injections are valid whatever the transactions are out there in the block. Those are the valid transaction So this is the final message Typically it so this is the way how a one will happen in the blockchain in the Bitcoin particular if we take the Bitcoin as a platform So so how the transaction will happen is that this is the process So then coming to the block change in the project. I told her already I told where according to the their domain Like domain requirement so financially we take the some Others supply chain, is that one more and we have too many domains are there in present market? So based on the domain they based on the domain and based on the requirements. So Blockchain has divided like public blockchain and private view option and consortium. These are the three major Blockchain like differences like in some of the use cases. We don’t want to go for the Public option because I don’t want to share my data to some other particular process because it is related to the someone organization so so that case If you want to share the data so that then we will go for the public project the best example for the applet blockchain is Bitcoin is the one hand they theory about so and Then come into the private blockchain in the private rocks whenever they explain like if you don’t want to share your data to the public thing because if it is it is related to the particular organization or a particular some two to three minutes are combined and they want to Share their data. So in that case, they don’t want to share their data to the Outside of the people. It’s Unnecessary, right. So in that case, what they will do is they will maintain like private logic So that is the one day and convert them in some cases What’s happening is they want to actually if suppose I have this full of data in the pool of data? Some type of debt. I don’t want to share the other people but some some data has to say suppose suppose three minutes are combined and they they kept even like They they have created one for network in the network among these three Three organizations someday that they only want to share with the people and some way some data we can share it We don’t have any goal. So in that is combinely we will create one One network that is public and private company some data. We will store in the private network and some data will store it as public Publicly and some data will be stored as privately So this is we call it as consulting blocks income certain isn’t nothing but combination of both public and private blockchains Based on our requirement. We will maintain this thing So these are the some of the major blocks in plot from presently we have in the market We have too many Nearly 40 50 platforms are there so the either Some of the images the first one obviously said Bitcoin and the next one is ideally – legit a quorum is legitimate and plotting they are a developing if they are working a quorum and Boredom quota is the artery. The one company is a uk-based company. They are developing the cauda equina So for the at the starting time, it’s mainly they have Financial domain, but presently they are giving support to all the type of the minds Everyone is trying to move their products to the quota because it has some unique Features then compact the remaining when the wrinkle and Stella Raye please do some banking related type of transactions we can store so they are trying that type of Flat phone and this tell are also seen so these are the some of the platforms we have presently and The main features of the like blockchain is We can trust that the only valid transactions are executed because Because of concerns and some concerns algorithms are not that much simple In this the miners are involved throughout the world. So if they want to do any fraud or any so We require 51% of the people has to has to do a product later. So I will explain what it is exactly 51% attack and everything So the the main feature is the only value transactions will be its rooted here in the blockchain When transaction can be arbitrary food. So here what we will do is we can try the award contracts in each way that the transactions shouldn’t happen suppose if the two people who wants to make a transaction a P suppose One guy wants to buy a one product. So this is also one One time that’s right Once he caught the food he has to pay the money to the back. So in these type of like Transactions we can write in the smart contracts also And the next user K Users can be anonymous but the program logic is public knowledge because whatever we are waiting in the spot contract so that we are deploying into the network and That logic we can see what they are doing suppose if suppose I took someone from any path So, I don’t know exactly like I know that They roll that give me how the only 8% of the interest, but I don’t know whether they are calculating Exactly for the 8% or not How can I tell that it is exactly percent of not by seeing the poor because in the in the core? Whatever here is the logic that is the exact proof, right? So here we can if you take the traditional method we cannot see the log but here in this in the smart contracts, whatever we deploy so we can see that who Actually how much he written into whatever the logic here it and we can see that we can see directly and The next point is consensus is not centralized. So same thing what I told actually Whenever doing very base binding for everything so it’s not centralized not doing it by it wasn’t one particular person so that we can tell that it’s not a Centralized so that it is a more secure it will be these implies because it’s a war throughout the world if not it for the fifth place of Mission is not doing all these things and secondly privacy. So security means here. We are using the cryptographic techniques in this blockchain for assigning the transactions Whoever’s I say sending in kundo sending everything that runs X and some happened with the digital signature So we can spam little inert. It’s a very secure and at privacy So if you see that, this is the general Example what I’m taking presently banking system is a right So what’s happening in the present banking system in the primary system. We have the transaction rates and suppose if you want to say To what will happen we have to pay something and then Whatever we are doing in the internet like suppose if I want to buy a ticket From online what I have to do I have to pay some internet handling fees is easy to win either for one transaction I have to pay many Lea so so so much of data So we have the high a transaction phase in the nowadays, whatever we are using the system in the system We have to pay much transaction fees and there is a possibility of double spending because we are Maintaining the data in one particular one particular place. So there is a Possibility of God or hacking whatever there may be a chances so there may be chance of double spending also possible and net frauds an account hacking is also possible here and financial crisis impression suppose if anything suppose suppose we know actually, we recently we just saying that Some of the people are taking the loans of the banks and they are paying back. So in that case what will happen? Definitely it will affect the banks, right? So obviously the customers who like who saved the money in the particular bank Obviously they can also get affected because of this centralized because we are keeping our money into the one particular They are giving to the third party hundred. So in that case is definitely we will pay raise the some issues So the these are the some of the problems. We are facing in the current banking system So if we want to solve these things so that the first point is obvious. It’s a decent line We don’t want to keep we don’t want to depend on the dollar projects So the that is the main thing and then so next one is the public lecture The public lecture is nothing But obviously I told already just we can we see everything whatever happening in the network network We have to see it it and the verification of every in duple transaction. So So whatever the transactions are happening the third party is not controlling that everyone in the network is controlling because we are also the like we can also make as like – we can act as a – also so we can also evaluate the transactions So then compared to the present system, we how the very last transaction fees because if you take the example as aetherium in the Atheneum VD We will pay the like transaction fees in the form of gas so we do not have much actually suppose if you want to a small example, I would expect so if you take the My show if I buy for four tickets or what will happen. I have to pay the four into some 16 rupees, right? 60 rupees now have to pay because 4° they are taking the – in that much amount Here the one transaction means for one particular transaction. It will take some amount It will not divide the data under divide. It will not divide the transactions it will go as a one single transaction so we can make it so that here there is a possibility of less transaction fees and future also may be Venues wonderful folks take it this means maybe they will reduce the salt. So these are the some of the like Stay this is one basic example afternoon if you take their and the real dive microfinance sectors and like these Like insulin that type of projects today this block chain will give the more effectiveness Solution so that that is the reason everyone is trying to move into the plotting so here In this class majorly I will cover Like we houses some course content see here, so this is the basic thing so for the blockchain if I want to explain so the first and foremost Example how to explain is the Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the first example I have to explain it to be these are just some of the features of the proxy first I have to explain about the Bitcoin what a piece bitcoin is and how it will be working what are the algorithms we are using how the miners will do mining and how the Transactions are value and how the plots will form and everything everything. I will cover in the In the point of Bitcoin how these are all Evenly have been I will explain in the the first one and the next And the obviously second example is the etherium if idiom is the second example and how these transaction is not happening in the etherium and how the two people are making some equipment or How and what is then necessary things in between them and the same thing same what? how the miners will work and how the Work and everything I will explain in a T. Once the TV part is completed then I will come to the Solidity part in the swaddle. You think what the solidity is a language actually? So here I have to explain the half of the language. What are the variables and how we use functions and Maths trust is deputy. These gonna take some 10 to 15 days It will take so once this stability also completed. I will explain like a bunch of concepts Just these are the three to four classes So once it is done and how a real man One application like how the transactions are happening without a TV Without using that they be how we are storing the data into blockchain and how we are retrieving and I will take one small example and I will explain and I will deploy the small contracts into Vitamin E Network that we can do. This is Hana some transactions and then network We can see all the N 1 1 PF v 8 1 p.m And we will show all the data in that particular one and the father-to-be how to move one ID Also, we have the remixes of an ID. So where we can write the small contracts like Suppose if we have the any requirement suppose if you take a small example suppose Hello Noddy yeah, this is a nil so it is not like a Very from shamanic Spanish grammar Actually a theorem and board also code that I will use the various sessions because actually too many problems are there so If you See actually from the scratch field one day written so because these many other we have to be kind with finally how to explain and the idiom also it’s a mandatory things because This is the basic thing we can have to live right so Yeah So the core are also same like that like a theorem because Okay Okay So we can access additional 40 meter or already concept-wise function Because of solidity languages proxy contracts create the contacts same contracts will be using or a murder Okay for embroidery contracts which is a type of function. So we recommend which is In what we will do is just we will We have an example like 707 exactly so that example and you will come from budget and we will do the some modifications in that we will not do any other than that because Contracts writing and everything. Oh, right Coding with this is true. Do you teach ID? They’re also using Fiber also there and then means Okay, could I a concept perfectly ad prepare overexerted up coding say to prepare of allah like allah block changing The concept and The both are very fodder because we’re taking them to you David first. We asked these main concepts and eighty idiom is not mainly because started Friday Actually expired a bit quiet but to be will not even matter because The qualities will differ a digital currency We are not waiting right we asked about the knowledge So development started from the Athenian so easily we can learn from the Indian It didn’t is the basic thing and it’s that it’s a mic This is a lot Yes, yes, yeah hi Roger very, okay So obviously we can adapt to the mix see I know first I started with the video later. I’ll aim for later, I Later I could not believe the contract which they have a Deployment Network, we will write this one right sanity building So these are the four four. I have the experience now, but I started with etherium The stopping time. I know only theory but later they asked to like TiVo season So obviously we have to go other platforms also recording – oh No, no cut out a girl. So actually I actually got a new technology coding 70 mean kiss any kill a Ventral djokovic a javelin I can okay So when I ladies put in language in any scope can each other the ordinal but because I accept very simple language we know attack Okay, we can remember anything Okay Don’t go to my smart contracts – but in the context a smartphone models in the diverges correspondence taxes but it’s the easier already taught us to go just I do it doesn’t do very much with just affects them they can get very Practical that means solidity, okay