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the comments below the biggest story this week is of course the segue to X in
the calm after the storm segue to X was found dead in the water the
controversial update to increase the size of bitcoins blocks that could have
been led to Bitcoin forking itself has been put to rest by the creator’s
themselves do you think that this was the right
move all right now let’s talk about tomatoes and in Italy people have come
under fire after an investigation revealed the exploitation of immigrant
workers in the country’s south leaning two debates over whether to implement
blockchain technology one side is arguing that blockchain technology will
allow consumers to know the source and quality of their food products and the
opposition is arguing that blockchain technology can be limited in such a
field and sometimes you just don’t want to know where it comes from okay so our
question of the week comes out of China and it’s this does China’s government
have as tight a hold on the crypto market as people thought well the short
answer is no because people are people and people will always find a way to
make money you know the more spiritual Chinese investors seem to be following
the ancient Confucian proverb the man who moves a mountain begins by carrying
the smallest stones away from China it seems that in spite of the government’s
hard stance against icos Bitcoin and the subsequent regulations
imposed on the market Chinese investors are finding ways to wriggle their way
out of the government’s back pocket investors are doing things as small as
dropping the government-controlled messenger at WeChat for a more secure
Russian based telegram as well as bigger changes such as taking the crypto mining
operations into less regulated areas what is the future of Bitcoin in
China The United Parcel Service is one of the newest of what is sure to
become one of the many companies in industries outside of the crypto verse
to embrace blockchain technology announcing a partnership with PETA the
consortium claimed that ups will be implementing blockchain in systems used
to track or monitor packages and facilitate payments between shipping
parties but this is only the beginning the possibilities for blockchain are
seemingly endless for ups and they could lead to improvements in efficiency and
transparency in every aspect of the business except the boxes themselves
let’s not make those transparent it seems that UPS is one of the many
companies stepping up to bring us greater transparency even when it hurts and now with a story out of Russia
Russia has announced plans to integrate blockchain technologies into its tourism
sector within the next five to ten years Russia where it’s warm beaches and big
smiles have attracted tourists for decades want to use blockchain
technology so that tourists will be able to connect straight to service providers
without the need for third parties or intermediaries they believe this will
lead to more responsible practices by tourism agencies such as paddle boat
rental services beach umbrella vendors and tiki torch manufacturers now we have
just another reason to move to Cyprus the sy CY SEC plans to integrate a DLT
into its elg after signing a partnership agreement with the BARC what does this
mean the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has announced that it will be
integrating blockchain into its electronic payment system it is their
hope that this will lead to a more efficient secure and simplified
financial industry this is just another reason to go to Cyprus especially if you
I see Oh startup in line so should we be getting our financial advice from
celebrities well the SEC says that’s your business
but they warn that celebrities like Paris Hilton and Jamie pops who haven’t
outing different icos could be illegal if they’re part of an undisclosed paid
promotion they stress that it’s in your best interest to do your own research
and make decisions based on hard facts over celebrity endorsements and also
they’d like to remind folks that don’t eat raw chicken and if you plan to go
out in a snowstorm wear boots now we have visa who has decided to be the
first major credit card to jump into the crypto pool
starting with Singapore card holders will now be able to use their visa back
cryptocurrency debit cards to make purchases at over 44 million locations
worldwide parents of students at the Montessori schools and flatterin and
Soho recently asked the Chairman marcozzi osa if they could put pay their
children’s tuition with Bitcoin to which she replied yes and then very quickly
added please though the school does not hold on to the bitcoins themselves it
has offered a more affordable reliable and efficient way for schools to process
tuition payments especially when you factor in the processing fees of most
major credit cards and out of the u.s. in a year rife with conflicts regarding
transparency in US government especially with the past election blockchain
technology might be on its way to save the day the blockchain firm consensus
has partnered with the US Department of State to explore all the potential
applications of blockchain technology do you think that this could be a new age
of transparency in the US government and really do you want to know and that’s all the news for this week
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