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weekly crypto news brought to you by me rip those low so let’s get right to it
looking at the coin market cap sitting at 249 billion dollars so not too bad
not too bad BTC dominance at 56.8 we got Bitcoin sitting about 8,000 e 249 x RP
really not doing anything light coins not looking bad not looking bad
I definitely probably need to pick up some light coins but yeah so we kind of
just kind of went sideways a little bit this week you know but overall not a bad
week alright he’s first in the news finance new interface screenshots margin
trading oh boy yeah so anyways you know just be careful with this basically what
they’re doing is they’re announcing margin so it’s in essence going to be
allow you to leverage or spend more than what you have in your account but if
certain things if the price goes down or you’re shorting and it goes up you could
get liquidated so basically it’s leveraged trading loan trading and just
be careful so let’s say you had five litecoin you might be able to trade with
ten like point but that also increases the risk a lot so I personally am not
really a traitor anymore I traded during the bull run of 17 and it’s just
stressful it’s better to be investor in crypto and no and make a
solid sell but as far as jumping in and out of coins I try to avoid that
I just merely accumulate in good products you know good projects that I
believe in and you know just just move forward and if you see a good chance for
a game then you know I’ll sell and I’ll take the game so but anyways yeah so
pretty cool if you have a binding it’s account next in the news Justin Sun
announces the announcement of the announcement BTC surges 20% now I don’t
know about 20% but you know I I told you guys that BitTorrent looked like a good
buy you know 11 all the way up to 15 um is
it getting expensive now do I think it’s too late no it’s just not as good as it
was you know a week ago so we’re sitting at 17 sets and supposedly Justin’s son
has a very big announcement coming up and it has to do with Tron and BTT
something huge I will share yeah so it’s gonna be interesting but in the mean
time that did we did see a nice little jump on TRX you know three cents so
definitely solid if you’ve got your bag of TRX so we’ll see what Justin Sun
comes with so the first this big announcement is going to be in exactly
about six days so we’ll see what Justin has up his sleeve Google Trends shows
clear decline for the search term Bitcoin alright I want to demonstrate to
you guys how like news articles like these it’s all about the context it’s
all about the context so if we go over to Google Trends and I do a
beginning a year – now you can see that we’re kind of on a slightly upward trend
so a lot of this these news articles can all be construed on how you are pulling
the data and higher looking at the data in actuality you know we kind of had a
higher high on our search terms and if we go to all-time you will see we had
the bull run and the spike and you know it’s looking like a solid uptick so I
always take articles like this as I always say with a grain of salt and do
your own research and look because you know they’re like a cleared of love
they’re just full of crap and nobody cares now what I will say is that since
bitcoin has went from 3,000 to 8,000 there was buzz and it’s kind of wore off
a little bit but you know we’re just waiting for the next price level buy
sell hotle aggregates price predictions so I thought this was pretty cool
there’s a new app out looks like it’s iOS and Android and basically it gathers
votes and sentiment on predictions and it kind of intro rating in this app it’s
totally free I’m not sure if there’s in app purchases but I probably will
install it and check it out but it’s called buy sell and huddle now what you
could do is you could just do the opposite of what everyone is doing right
maybe that the contrarian view will be the way to play this little app but
another little cool app to play with you know and plug in some of your coins and
see what it says if you should buy sell or huddle
how blockchain will impact healthcare in banking so there happen this banking
obviously that’s really not that much to talk about but healthcare this is very
interesting because we talk about electronic medical records and securing
them so there’s a lot of talk of basically putting your medical history
on the blockchain and then it could instantly be shared with anyone that is
an authorised party at any time which sounds you know it sounds interesting
and really that’s probably one of the primary uses of blockchain oh sorry
a little late last night trust me I am excited about doing this today but yeah
putting your healthcare records on the blockchain so yeah we’re gonna kind of
keep I think this is gonna take some time especially because I don’t think
not many blockchains or optimized first database storage per se they’re kind of
slow and clunky because you might as well just have a database right so but
definitely interesting thing to follow as we move forward facebook proceeds
with globe okay and so I talked about this last week or two it is confirmed
that Facebook is moving forward with their crypto now as soon as they started
talking about this man the government was getting involved what is your what
are you gonna do with this Lobo coin although I think they picked a bad name
because they’re gonna get made fun of that’s just my thought though but yeah
we’ll see um Digital payment system so who knows if
it could be a it might be a stable coin who knows
obviously they they probably want to have it kind of like how Apple pay has
Apple pay there’d be Facebook pay so friends could send friends oh yeah here
we go yeah well that’s what I just said a stable coin pegged to the dollar a pro
will operate on a private and centralized blockchain bullshit yeah
that kind of takes the fun out of it yeah I know I had said I was interested
in it but if it’s a stable coin it’s on a centralized basically they’re just
issuing their own currency so yeah that’s just like ripple I’m just kidding
guys yeah so Facebook global coin that is it the future of like conan
cryptocurrency world another more like pump article but just keep in mind it’s
gonna be interesting to see what happens with litecoin because the having is
coming up so instead of getting 25 light coins per block you will only get 12.5
now there’s a lot of theories on these having’s that you know some people think
it will moon the price other people think that the price will increase until
you get to the halving and then it will crash it’s tough to say but like coin is
one of the bigger hitters so it’s it’s gonna be yeah it’s gonna be interesting
to see what happens with light coins but anyways university students choose one
dollar over one Bitcoin I thought this was really really interesting yeah it’s
kind of dumb kids but basically it’s just kind of talking about that a lot of
people still don’t understand Bitcoin or know what it is and you could sit there
and argue with them and they think it’s just made up I actually got in
conversation with someone the other day about this and it is hard to convince
somebody that’s new to the technology but basically in this the students chose
a one dollar bill over a Bitcoin so definitely an interesting article you
know this goes more about mass adoption and education to first Bitcoin to be
successful Andrew yang buy-in now people the surge is coming so this is one of
the presidential candidates and he’s tweeting out there that you know you
gotta get your coins you got to get some stacks and you got to get some bags
before this stuff pops so yeah definitely definitely cool just more
convention you know that there’s believers and non-believers and I go
back to this that you know by the time people trust crypto it’ll be too late
it already be too expensive so you know with that but as always do your own
research never put in more than you could afford to lose moving on to the
DAP sand coins ante has still continued to its decline
I’m glad I sold so yeah that saved me about 30,000 TRX so it’ll lost already
if I wouldn’t have gotten out so I’m still happy with that decision again
just waiting for the price to drop to something more realistic like 10 15 and
I would consider buying some more an t-888 not looking too bad
wow man that’s just continuing to go into
self-destruction mode yeah yeah just a lot of the side tokens taking a beating
so yeah yeah now BTT you know as we talked still not looking too bad sitting
in a 17 sat so yeah all right on to the DAPs nude apps in the Tron space Tron
Bowl which you know I was playing the other day I still kind of think it was
it’s rigged no matter how I would play the different odds
you just keep losing so but anyway is the divs I are a wide on this so I
really don’t even care what happens I pulled him first it was like I don’t
know like two or three thousand and the second one was a like seven thousand and
then a thousand and now it looks like it’ll be a couple hundred so I probably
won’t be rolling on this this DAP anymore I’ll just let my bowl
token sit and earn me a little a little tiny bit of divs yeah but be careful
with that one yeah so not a ton nothing jumping out at me
the new hyper stakes was pretty dope like I said I played that the other day
I’m not gonna play that because actually the music in it is copyrighted and if I
put it on my video I will get flagged for a copyright violation even though
it’s a frickin video game yeah yeah not much not much going on there not a ton
going on in the iOS T space again nothing jumping out at me
let’s see John and what about of course my video
wouldn’t be complete unless I talked about bankroll the new daily is coming
and it’s going to be exciting it it is gonna be a little more I’m not gonna say
it’s complicated for the players but if you’re looking to understand how it’s
gonna work I will have a breakdown video of it credits is continuing to be pretty
solid contract has actually gone up a little bit
luck let’s check out luck see where the balance is balance is still growing to
24 and the daily is going to be designed to help that luck balance and then that
which is good because you know that’ll get us up faster and make bigger
jackpots so I know that’s what everyone’s been waiting on since we
started but yeah yeah so the test net was up and to get to the test now
basically you switch your gear setting to test net
and do a control f5 and yeah five players around 30 how many tests net
coins do I have I think I gotta go to this one yep so you can actually play on
the daily on the test net and give it a shot so yeah so very cool but I will
keep the community updated as always as soon as the real deal launches so that’s
gonna be fun see ya I thought I had some Shasta coins
around here yes I don’t but anyways yep so that’s cool but daily bankrolls
continuing to do well still so yeah so it looks pretty good
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