Welcome to Blockman capital analysis. Today we’re returning to bitcoin on behalf of our clients and we’re looking here at the 1 hour chart. What we’re seeing at the moment is this period here so after a bit of a slide away which finished on the 22nd of November towards the end of November we’re into a bit of a consolidation pattern here. So the market keeps trying to drop then recovering back up dropping back again and we think that this is going to continue in the near future. Now why is this important. If we go back to September again we identified a consolidation period, and on the back of these consolidation periods we often see a very explosive move. So here we are we see from the 2nd of September through to the 24th of September really a fairly tight range maybe to the downside slightly and then an enormous drop on the 24th of September. A flash crash then the market held its own for a little bit, and again consolidated within a fairly tight range all the way from the 24th of September through to the 22nd 23rd of October. Then at this point an initial break to the downside, so it looks as though we may get another quick flash crash which we kind of did with a very very brief consolidation period here and then a huge recovery back up. The frustrating part of this. In all fairness was on the back of two fairly sharp moves down. Most traders were out of the market at this stage on the long side for very obvious reasons. There’s a very good chance that is going to be a further move to the downside. So on the back of the Chinese President’s initial positive comments regarding blockchain technology and a number of short positions getting closed out on Bitmex we did see this bump back up on very very low volume. Now since then we’ve sort of dwindled away until again we’ve just sort of slid down a we’re into this consolidation pattern again. The range is tightening up as we speak. So what does that mean? It means we believe that this is going to continue could continue for another week or two. However at the back end of this we’re expecting a significant move one direction or the other which we will be capitalising on on behalf of our clients. Thanks very much.