Welcome to Blockman Capital Analysis.
Today we’re returning to Bitcoin on behalf of our clients.
Back on the 25th we put our latest update out when we saw the price of Bitcoin and other digital assets drop on the 24th as we were
anticipating a sharp move, and we also felt in the last update that we may see further weakness ahead.
That actually happened just yesterday, a roundabout sort of tea time, something like that.
The market gave it up a little bit more.
We’re now still holding those running short profits.
We feel that there is still plenty of opportunity for the market to keep dropping, but we are in the line of support at a roundabout the
eight thousand dollar mark for Bitcoin and very similar across other digital assets.
So watching things we’ve move, stop loss trading, stop losses down to protect our profits.
But at the moment, we want to run those positions and get as much out of them as we possibly can.
Thanks very much.