Welcome to Blockman Capital Analysis today we’re you’re going to look at Litecoin on behalf of our clients. I’m looking here at the 15 minute chart. Now, you may recall from our update earlier on this week, we were talking about price consolidation and what we can see here with Liteoin, one of the other crypto currencies in the top 10 by market cap is exactly this. The good news is it appears that we are now bottoming out. So what we’re expecting here, we can see this price here at around about the sort of $44 mark. Something like this keeps retesting it. If we just put a bit of information on here, we can just see this at the sort of $44 level and we just come across here. What we can see here is a very clear line of support. Now, what do we mean by line of support? We mean that the price tests sit here and bounces off tests it here does actually break through, but immediately recovers back up, and again retest it here a number of times and kind of bobbles along at this $44 line. What does this mean the longer that this goes on, the sharper the move that we’re expecting on the back of this? So if we start seeing a recovery, expect it to be fairly big and fairly explosive. Again, as we mentioned in our previous update. However, if it breaches this support line again we could see a significant drop away from here. So if we now sort of scroll out and look at a longer timeframe on this, we can see that the price back in February of this year was as low as $31, $30 and there’s a line of support there. So we’re right here again at a line of support at 44 that was retested back in February and in March. And again, move back onto it here. That’s good news because the price has actually been as high as $140. So back in June, the price of Litecoin with $140, that’s three times over three times the price we’re at the moment. What does that mean? if we start seeing the recovery that we’re expecting in the relatively near future, we do as I say think that the support line could be breached or we could return lower again. That doesn’t hurt anything. What we have got here is absolutely significant headroom to trade into three times the current price. So lots to play for, lots to aim at, and we’re expecting good news in the next maybe few days in terms of it either bounces off this support or breaches it. But equally speaking the longer term of were the price could actually get back to just to get back to six month highs, which is great news. Thanks very much.