I’m Sophie Conway, I’m a project
manager at BLOCKv and yeah so BLOCKv is
basically a platform and what we’ve done
is we’ve created a digital object which
we call a vatom a virtual atom, a
Vatom is a unique and scarce digital
object so we utilize blockchain and
blockchain like principles to kind of
achieve the scarcity and we basically
use these objects for sort of brand
experiences, creating sort of interactive
gamified experiences for brands and
companies and kind of kind of a way of
kind of creating an interface layer for
the blockchain and kind of making it
more accessible to people. I am here
tonight because we are actually running
an interactive demo of Vatom technology
at the event so what we’ve done is prior
to this event we’ve sent out via an
email a virtual atom which is a crate a
digital crates and this digital object
can only be unlocked if they find the
vatom key which we have dropped geo
drops sort of pokemon go style at the
events tonight so what people have to do
is they take their crates , they need to
find the key to unlock the crate and
they could be found in AR or just
on the map view so what people do pick
it up drag and drop and then they can
redeem it at the bar for free cocktail
so it’s just like a really simple demo
of the technology of vatom technology
and basically shows that kind of instant
gratification they’re showing how you
can go from digital objects to physical
object and redeem a digital object for a
real-world good. What we’re most excited
about in the next month or so is
definitely building upon their
relationships this summer we’ve built
some really exciting partnerships and
really big companies so I guess it’s all
about sort of like building those
relationships making you know
solidifying those relationships and
building some really exciting vatom
campaigns out of these
relationships so that’s why we’re most
excited about