gday people are you going oh and have
looked this Bank nOte from Bolivia this grouse I really love this business
mmm-hmm this is a 1928 series as you can see it’s quite uncirculated and these
series in low value you can actually get enough and uncirculated great like this
this is a five bolivianos which is a named after Simon Bolivar and this is a
guy here in the portrait that’s what the currency is named after I mean this one
was issued into 1945 in the signatures on this Bank no which is a say
Prudential Cervenka and this is actually the last signature series so you can
probably get these disagree it’s a series in a circle I did a lot more than
he came the previous series so the town in the center is actually for toasting
which used to be the mine mint in Bolivia in the Spanish control America’s
well last in the central Andes Bolivian path oh these finish memories so I
actually want you spank me cuz I thought it’s green this is actually green it
actually looks a bit darker on this video it actually looks a bit black it’s
actually a nice beautiful green color and with the Brits and yellows it just
looks awesome so to reverse the banknote hmm this is a
pretty standard feature of Bolivian binos at this time just has a coat of
arms on both sides he has he printed it bang that company which actually doesn’t
print that many overseas bank notes anymore I think they’ll being for
printing banknotes for overseas countries now well don’t lose business
he has five and stylized features so these features of these are lines and
patterns was actually strong anti counterfeiting Misha at the time period
before computers made it quite easily to counterfeit these features and it
actually has a colored dots in it which is also another antique help feeding
measure these painters didn’t have in here security Fred which was not common
at the time and no watermark be hide the nominations probably had watermarks but
what it might was actually I would have been used for quite a long time prior to
1920 in it German banknotes had been using them since the 1890s so there’s no
reason why the high bank nation have had a salad scene you know the actual grain
of this color is actually a lot better to the naked eye didn’t ease in this
video so Bolivian banknotes they’re good country to actually get there’s a lot of
variety because of the hyperinflation it’s actually quite a lot of banknotes
actually again and a lot of denominations as well so thank you very
much for watching I hope you like like in believing banknotes because they’re
just awesome and have an awesome banknote collecting
time thank you