Hello, and welcome to The Silver Lining Series,
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silver lining of a news cycle that is full
of trash and chaos.
This week
we have Boris Johnson and his new furry rescue
friend, why you
should never give up on your lost pets, the
real life Superman who
saved a baby on a plane while travelling to
accept a medal for
heroism, plus paying it forward, and of course,
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And Irish grocery store worker has given a
new meaning to the
phrase pay it forward.
35-year-old David Vance, who was working
the checkout at a Lidl store in Belfast, was
seen by a customer
surreptitiously paying for an elderly gentleman’s
The man’s card had been declined several
times, so rather than
drawing attention to it, or depriving the
gentleman of his groceries,
David subtly paid for the man’s groceries
out of his own wallet, sent
the old man on his way, and sat down like
nothing had happened,
ready for the next customer.
However, his good deed has not gone unnoticed.
Another customer
saw the act of kindness, and posted about
it on the Lidl facebook
“Today I watched one of your till staff
pay for an elderly man’s
shopping from his own wallet.
I don’t think the man was aware that
his card kept declining and didn’t seem
to understand that the staff
member had paid for it as he didn’t say
thank you, he just walked on
with not a word.
But I saw it.
I saw him discreetly pay and sat back down
at his till like
it never happened.
I wanted to let you know that this is one
of the
kindest acts I’ve seen from a staff member
It was in your Connswater branch just after
It would be nice for
him to hear a thank you that he didn’t
get from the customer he
Soon enough, the post got a huge amount of
traction, with so many
viewers moved by David’s paying it forward
in this way.
As for David
himself, he stated to Belfast Live, “Last
week I didn’t think I did
anything out of the ordinary, I just noticed
one of our regular
customers needed a hand,”
As for the grocery chain itself, a spokesperson
said that Lidl,
customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything
they do, and David
is a fantastic ambassador for the business.
They were delighted to
see David’s actions be recognized by a
customer on their Facebook
page, and so have made David their Customer
Service Champion for
Very well deserved, I think, and just one
example for how much good
we can do within our own little corner of
the universe if we just pay
A border collie has miraculously been reunited
with her owners,
after they spent 57 days looking for her in
a rural region of Montana.
Carole King and her husband Verne had travelled
to Kalispell from
Washington state for a four-day mountain holiday.
However, this getaway became a gruelling search
and rescue mission
after they returned to their pet-friendly
hotel on July 20th to find
that their 7-year-old border collie Katie
had disappeared from their
Carole and Verne promptly cancelled their
return trip so they
could stay in Kalispell and look for Kate.
They stayed there for weeks, staying up until
4am looking for the
beloved border Collie, and distributing hundreds
of flyers within the
local community.
They published Katie’s picture on social
channels and Facebook groups; concerned locals
even helped them
comb the countryside—but still they were
unable to find her.
However, rather than giving up, the couple
bought motion-triggered
cameras and animal cage traps baited with
Katie’s favourite food.
They even bought night vision goggles, just
in Katie moving around at
night—but still no luck.
Eventually, Carole had to travel back to Washington
to go back to her
job as a mail carrier; however, when they
refused her request for
extra time off to find her do, she quit, deciding
Katie was more
important to her than her job.
By this point, Verne returned to their home
to look after their other
pets, while Carole continued the search in
By September,
she was, understandably, ready to give up.
But after much
encouragement from Verne and the locals, she
decided to keep
looking for one more week.
Soon after, she received a call from a
resident who said that he had seen a border
collie in his yard.
Carole visited the property, but found nothing—until
she bumped
into a pair of hikers who pointed out a border
collie that had been
resting under a nearby tree.
When Carole called Katie’s name, the
dog ran to her, bounding into her arms.
Carole, after 57 days of
relentless searching, had found her beautiful,
beloved pet.
She was
ecstatic, and needless to say, so was Verne
when Carole brought
Katie home
So, if you’ve ever lost a pet, never give
up on them.
After all, they
wouldn’t give up on you.
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is certainly
having a bit of a time of
it lately.
With what seems like all the forces in the
world working
against him when it comes to Brexit, he’s
a little bit in the wars, shall
we say.
So, I guess it actually makes perfect sense
that in the face of
all this immense stress, he has brought a
little light into his home
that just might help alleviate some of it.
Meet Dilyn the Jack Russell puppy; the latest
tenant at 10 Downing
Dilyn is a rescue dog, abandoned by a puppy
farm in Wales
because he was born with a crooked jaw.
He was saved by the
Friends of Animals charity group, and subsequently
adopted out, into
the loving arms of none other than Boris.
The Prime Minister’s office used the adoption
as a chance to
emphasise the PM’s stance against puppy
A spokesperson
from his office said that Boris Johnson has
always been a passionate
supporter of animal welfare and has always
believed that animals
should always get the right start in life.
In fact, Boris feels so strongly about it
that the UK will introduce
legislation to crack down on puppy farming,
banning the sale of
puppies and kittens by third parties.
Animals under the age of six
months will only be able to be bought directly
from a breeder or
animal rehoming centre – they’ll no longer
be sold in pet shops.
Bravo Boris; ya done good!
If you thought superheroes only existed in
movies and comic books,
guess again.
U.S. Air Force Technical Sgt.
Kenneth O’Brien is one
brave guy.
He was one of the divers who saved the team
of Thai
soccer players trapped in a cave last year,
he’s saved people from
burning cars, he was even on Trump’s security
team when he went
to visit North Korea.
Needless to say, he’s been given an award
for his heroism, having
been selected as one of 12 other Airmen who
were named the 2019
Outstanding Airmen of the Year.
And it was while travelling to
receive this award that he unexpectedly proved
his hero status yet
O’Brien was on an aeroplane with his family
from Okinawa to Dallas
to receive his award when he saw a 1-year-old
baby had started to
After another passenger was unable clear the
O’Brien quickly stepped in to perform CPR
and back thrusts on the
One minute later, the baby thankfully regained
O’Brien returned to his seat and continued
to check on the child
throughout the flight, and said: “I’m
thankful that the child is ok and
that I was able to help when the family needed
I happened
to be in the right place at the right time.”
However, despite his playing down this latest
act of heroism,
reporters and military officials have hailed
him for his apparent
aptitude for, you know, saving people’s
“I can’t decide if he’s Superman or
Mayhem (the guy on the
insurance commercials),” joked Lieutenant
General Jim Slife in a
Facebook post.
“He’s on the President’s security detail
during his summit with North
Korea’s Kim Jong Un.
“He pulls a person from a burning car in
He saves a Thai Navy SEAL during the Thai
cave rescue mission.
During that mission, he’s the furthest American
in the cave,
successfully rescuing the Thai [soccer players]
who’d been trapped
for days.
“So, he’s rightfully recognized as one
of the Air Force’s 12
Outstanding Airmen of the Year.
AND THEN… on his flight back to the
states from Okinawa last weekend for the AFA
Convention to be
recognized, an infant starts choking and stops
Our man OB leaps into action, clears the breathing
resuscitates the kid, hands him back to the
parents, and then goes on
about his business.
Slife concluded by saying he didn’t know
whether he wanted to be
right next to him in case bad stuff went down,
or whether he wanted
to be as far away from him as possible because
bad stuff always
seems to go down around him.
Kenneth O’Brien, however, has remained humble
though it all, saying
that if someone needs to go do something dangerous,
or needs a
leader, he just volunteers.
He also said he wants to keep doing this as
long as he can or as long as his body can
handle it, hoping he can
continue to do the big missions and continue
to help people.
A wedding is supposed to be the bride and
groom’s happiest day of
their lives.
It’s a day to share with those most beloved
to you, so, I
guess it should come as no surprise that probably
a larger number of
people than we realise would prefer to have
their beloved pets as
their best man or maid of honour, rather than
a human.
In the case
of Aaron Benitez, he’s done it.
His recent nuptials featured his
beautiful kitty, Prince Michael, as his best
This isn’t quite as out of the blue as you’d
think for Aaron Benitez;
he’s not ordinary cat lover.
In fact, he has a YouTube channel with
over 2 million followers called Aaron’s
Animals, feature adorable
videos of his furry friend, that have extremely
high production
values, actually.
I’ve linked his channel in the video description,
I encourage you all to
have a watch.
So, really, it made perfect sense for Benitez
to feature
the star of his channel as the co-star of
his big day.
And let’s be real here; animals are, a lot
of the time, more agreeable
than most human.
Pets love you unconditionally, are always
when you need a pick me up, they’re always
happy to amuse you
when you need a giggle, and you will not find
a more loyal
And in the case of Aaron Benitez, I don’t
think he could
have found a better best man.
Speaking of cats, I am very excited to announce
that in a few months,
I will be getting a kitten!
A Siberian kitten to be precise.
Siberians are
about as hypoallergenic as cats can get, and
for a house containing
someone with cat allergies, which mine does,
they can make the
perfect cat companion.
So, to celebrate that; in cute animal videos,
please enjoy these Siberian cats doing backflips
Thanks so much for watching the Silver Lining
Series, let me know
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Until next time, be bright, be safe,
and above all, be happy.