hello people hey you going today have a
look at this beautiful Brazilian bank now anyway my name is Glen and I like to
show you and teach you about coins and banknotes from around the world from
different time periods and today I have this Brazilian bank note
pretty simple design this series was issued with the 1 5 10 50 and 100
cruzeiro’s these were issued between 1970 and 1980 you know you’re pretty
basic design so you have an image of republic in here and this is divided
into 100 centavos so you have a color pattern here you have white patch for
the warmer just also the república begin to see it you can just say it there and
has my security free cuz it’s such a light denomination and typical with
Brazil at this time they actually have a lot of numbers in there in its serial
number sequence so this is me say from doing know when I drop unfasten I mean
the size is 16 billion and I actually went up to 18 doing and that’s it and
then it was replaced by a coin you know beautiful pack you know for the one
pretty basic design but it actually is quite nice Jim Willie I don’t like white
pictures like this here a few other banknotes from different countries
actually haven’t it’s just terrible been on this one it’s actually quite good and
also on the banknotes of Angola they do serve white patch here quite good as
well Australia you can I Canada and New Zealand they actually have it
see-through we know it just looks terrible that looks like this is a confusing
feature for my eyes cuz I’m colorblind as well so on
the back we generally have a building and this one’s a national banking Rio de
Janeiro mmm he has to print at the bank night damn yeah so quite a nice thing
printed Brazilian bank nice this series is actually cheap to get and it’s
actually quite a nice design so if you like these bank notes or if you’ve got
some leave a comment down below what you think about it and I encourage you to
comment and leave questions about bank notes and currency so I can try and
answer them the fun fact I don’t know everything so thank you very much for
watching yeah but awesome banknote collecting time