Aloha Youtube this is your boy Crypto Rootz
and yeah I just want to talk today I got a just want to get a lot of things off
my chest let’s give me a second make sure I’m
coming through just give me a second I’m coming through I’m good I’m good I’m
good so I just want to give you like an
update on me personally as far as my personal life outside of uh you know the
whole brand crypto roots and I’m actually I’m actually pretty happy
there’s I have a lot to be grateful for this past year has been insanely crazy
like I couldn’t even begin to explain how much and has happened within a year
and me you know with that without all being said if you saw all my other
videos watching but I’m in a better place now I have a woman in my life I
live in a beautiful place and I’m working on a really passionate career
being a software engineer so I have a lot to be grateful for but at the same
time I have a lot I am ashamed of a lot that I’m disappointed and myself about I
just feel so hurt and betrayed and I feel like I’ve been used by Brother
polite Michael Novick and who would have ever
known you know I’m saying that this dude is a straight-up con artist like it’s a
straight-up psychopath the whole metaphysics the whole all that shit is a
trap it’s a setup and it’s like a religion it’s like a coal daddy has it’s
like an online cult where he fills you up so much with so much hope and
inspiration and you you feel like you can relate to him and you feel like he
can relate to you like you you feel like yo he’s actually like lives up
the title that he claims to have is being brother polite and it couldn’t be
further from the truth it really it really couldn’t be further from the
truth this person is truly a coward only a
coward would spend their life trying to trick and con people that trust them
only a coward can do that only a coward can take advantage of people who trust
you I’d just like so there’s a lot of things like that I’ve come to terms with
there’s a lot of things that I could accept it but there’s certain things
about this person in particular that I just can’t understand and that’s what
drives me crazy at night it’s like I can’t understand how you could take
advantage of people who trust you like and then like consistently make a
living off that and then posting it as if you were doing it all on your own
like you work those books are plagiarized
those cars are rented those houses are rented it’s all an act and I’ve
witnessed it personally the depths of this person’s lies it’s like what what
kind of life do you live when that’s all you do and then not only that you know
there’s repercussions like your spiritual teacher your spirit you know
that there is again and yang to everything so why are you doing so much
harm to people and not expect there to be some kickback like universally like
and whether we see it out on camera or whether we see or not it’s happening
you can’t live a life like that and not expect some type of repercussion and I
know this person is tormenting in his mind only a sick person can consciously
consciously sabotage and betray and scam people
and continuing to do it it’s like so I just don’t understand it I just don’t
understand the mind of brother polite and as much as I try to I just
understand it’s like I’m almost trying to oh it’s like I’m all I’m almost
sympathizing and then I’m like don’t sympathize with this demon don’t even
really try to see where this demons coming from like as a rational person
especially now that I’ve been took advantage of and understand that I was
naive I’m studying psychology I’m studying philosophy like I’m
studying the depths of the mind because that’s what fascinated me about brother
polite was the mind and I wanted to tell him when I was with them I wanted to
tell him you you know you I’m on that mind shit too
I wanted to tell him that but I didn’t say nothing when I was with him I wanted
to let him know that yo I deal with the mine on the heaviest level as well but
at the same time you know how to say that them but he was scamming me but I’m
not even knowing it but at the same time he didn’t realize I was taking notes
about everything he wasn’t planning on that shit polite wasn’t playing he was
planning on setting it up where everything I did was my fault and he
would try to play it and play mind games and it’s called gaslighting that’s when
art he wanted to set it up where he could walk away clean and then I would
have only myself to blame for not having you know I’m saying like he this is what
he consciously did but he did not expect that I would be taking notes on every
single thing about that my experience and his behavior and everything everyone
else around him because he introduced me to everybody everybody that had my but
he’s the one that person personally introduced me he said he sent himself up
at the end of the day cuz he didn’t know who
he was truly dealing with and at the same time I didn’t really understand my
true power until being around him I didn’t understand that what I had was
actually that valuable because in my mind I still you know I’m saying I’m all
alone on the island somewhere in a jungle I didn’t understand what it was
until being around and being on his live streams and they were like yo I could do
this shit I could do the same shit that he’s doing but actually being on his
person actually follow up with what I’m saying you know I said actually take the
time to study and do work the shit that he claims he has done he never did it
it’s like it’s real it’s really like some Elijah Muhammad Malcolm X type shit
like yo you inspired me but at the same time I find out who you truly were I
have no choice but to act to disconnect from you but I can’t deny that polite
influenced me I can’t deny that I can’t deny that he woke me up into
consciousness I will say that as true that’s what he did he woke me up into
like I said on my other brother was it whether it was an evil spirit from the
beginning that was in him or whether that spirit became evil later regardless
I still received it and I still it’s still active it’s still germinated my
consciousness and I started going hard I started going hard because I felt
inspired to be on the level that I thought brother polite was but he wasn’t
he took the works from other people he studied other people and he he took each
study Jim Jones he studied these Psychopaths because
that’s the only way he can understand how to really operate this on on a level
where he doesn’t get caught and he continues to do it so he must ever know
you know consciously what he was Western what he was doing anyways there’s a
little child in this person and he hasn’t grown up you’re looking at a
grown child when you look our brother polite at the end of the day anyways
whoo all right I got that off my chest now for the most part I’m in a better
space if I turn off the polite comments and I continue working on what I’m doing
okay I’m in a better space but what really gets me is the emails I still get
emails of polite scammer more people and every time I get an email they tell me
that they can relate to me they understand what it is to be hurt and
know it we’re not I’m not even talking about money amount anymore because all
the priceless things that I’ve gained I can kind of equal that with the amount
of money I spend I’m like you’re my life is way different it just didn’t happen
in the way that I thought it would be so in some ways I can still work I’m still
pursuing the legal thing I’m not going to talk about that but it’s still
happening I can’t let it go it’s my life’s duty I can’t respect myself as a
man if I just don’t pursue legally so but that’s I’m keeping that off camera
now what really gets me is the emails of people still getting scammed and I’m
like wow like this dude still is doing this to people who so like idiot blows
me and a job it throws me off my ladies like what’s wrong with you what’s wrong
with you all of a said and I just feel that yo like this person needs to be
stopped by any means necessary he needs to be in prison he needs to be in prison
that’s the only way you’re gonna stop a pretty cuz he’s really intelligent and
that’s what a lot of Psychopaths they’re highly intelligent so they slip in to
society and they’re they know how to use words they’re very professional con
artists so this person will always con people as if as long as he’s still
walking around free that’s just what it is it’s in his nature to steal and scam
people so this person needs to be locked up by any means necessary
and if I’m the one who can perpetuate that and push that closer and because of
the dollar amount sure so be i’ma go hard as much as I can now I got an email
today polite scammed somebody else for $2,200 this this brother has a wife and
a kid he doesn’t live in an urban community it’s rural it’s hard for this
dude to get some bread and he’s just he’s devastated and I know the feeling
and I can’t let this keep going on without attempting to do something I got
to do something it got to do something so the reliable token that’s that’s part
of me doing something me sharing my story on social media that’s part of me
doing something me follow a federal lawsuit that’s still part of me doing
something but I still need to do something more and it’s not just to get
out brother polite it’s to stop this from happening to anybody else that is
being scammed by social media influencers on social media this we this
needs to be stopped this is an issue okay because just because you have a lot
of followers doesn’t mean you’re an accurate a credible businessman or a
businesswoman just because you have people that follow
you and that’ll leave a lot of comments doesn’t mean you do good business that’s
farther from the truth and social media would have us thinking
that yo these people they have a lot of followers and a lot of they get a lot of
love that they would be good business people and trustworthy business partners
that’s I couldn’t be farther from the truth
that couldn’t be farther from the truth so we have an issue here we have a
problem is that people on social media can sell their goods and services
without any type of quick rapid justification for their
actions whether they end up not fulfilling their promises or they
there’s nothing because they can block you they can delete you and then no one
would ever hear that you got done wrong on their social media page no one would
ever hear that side and the more people that scam the more people they could
block so what they’re they have this false reality of the work for social
media page of nothing but praises for this person so more people walk into the
fire there’s we have an issue here okay now what what I proposed to the
community what you know it’s it’s to create some form of a social media
justice league where think of you have you heard of the Better Business Bureau
look that up the BBB think of the BBB for social media where if you want to do
business as a vendor as a social-media influencer you would need or at least
apply for our credibility where you’re a verified so she verified by the social
media justice league it could be a different name we’ll work on that later
where if you want to sell you need our approval or it’s better to have our
approval and you’re more trustworthy with our approval because we do the
research we do the research on what type of business partner you are the people
that have done business like that’s where the whole startup is is that we
create some form of justice on your social media accounts whether it be
Facebook YouTube is instagram doesn’t matter is that if you do people wrong we
have it all set up to let people know instantly we’re going to be talking to
these social media accounts to not only report your profile to possibly shut
down your profile get it suspended because you have been doing bad business
on this platform you know I’m saying so give me I wrote all this down on how
what week what we can do because it’s not just brother polite there’s many
other people and if you want to sell your goods and services you’re more
likely to be to get to actually get more money because you’re an accredited
person so let me go through some of my notes sorry I’m a little I didn’t eat
breakfast this morning I’m a little I edit so if you’re a victim if you’re a
victim of a social media scam here’s what we can do we can’t I’m just letting
you know we we can’t force any physical type of hitman you know I’m saying shit
and we can’t really go super pic because the legal system takes too long it’s
intimidating most people would rather just let let the scam go then try to
pursue any form of actual so we need a social media just like Justice League we
need some sort of some sort of quicker justice that costs less and is more
accessible for the people so if you for instance with the social media justice
league if you’re a victim here’s what we can do for you we can anonymously
contact the authorities for you alright you would send us your your screenshots
your receipts your side of the story and if you know I’m saying whatever we look
through it we’ll contact the FBI will contact the SEC will contact the Fair
Trade Commission we’ll do all that okay we’ll do that all that on your behalf so
that you don’t have to stress and you don’t have to worry and we’ll do it
anonymously anonymously if you choose to shit it all depends what you choose to
share with us we’ll handle that on your behalf okay we will contact the social
media companies we will personally contact the social media companies and
we will directly let them know what account what user what what user has
been we’ll let them know not only will we let
the legal note we’ll let the social media tech companies know directly okay
even if we have to mail them a couple times and the point is to create a
strong report a strong good relationship with the legal departments just create a
strong relationship with these social media tech companies so that we’re we’re
trusted in this process of social media and justice where the bridge and the gap
and I’m saying so not only we’re also post a picture of
the social-media influencer that scammed you and the description of the scam and
how it went down on our web page it’ll be there and the more people you scam
the more your the your picture is gonna stay up there your that most most scam
artists on social media and you’re the most psychopath like we’re gonna post
you all as the most like Most Wanted but we’re just gonna let people know right
there stay away from these top five social media influence because they’ve
been reported as scammers and con artists this is what we can do on your
behalf okay now also we’ll have our own social
media accounts where we’re also post the biggest scammer so we’ll have a web page
we’ll have a social media account and people come to us before they choose to
buy or deal with business on anyone on social media or they accredited by the
social media Justice League how you know and so we’re you’re you’re incentivizing
influencers to do better business and you’re giving victims more of a a
quicker justification or social this person has not been doing good business
and you know I’m saying and obviously the system can be took an advantage of
if someone does you know we’re gonna make it legit like you actually been
scanned not that you’re trying to do little shit or petty shader you know
work on it we’re gonna take our people and we’re gonna look into account is
this legitimate or not you know okay also if you’re a victim we can
reimburse you with our LT reliable token and and in the form you know I’m saying
so that’s if you’re a victim of a social media scam or crime okay if you’re a
vendor if you are a seller of your online goods and services well we can
accredit you as a trustworthy individual so we give you a badge or what happens
on your social media page or you get an outline whatever type of visual graphic
to let people know that you got a badge of honor by the social media Justice
League same thing with the BBB like you’re an accredited vendor all right so
and it’s also intended to crease yourselves okay and not only that if
you’re an accredited vendor and you do consistent good business will promote
you on our site not only will we have non trusted and influencers we’ll have
most trusted influencers so we’re going to also be building we’re not here to
just take down people we’re also going to be building a good rapport with
individuals you know I’m saying so they’re held accountable all right and
also you can sell your online goods and services for rlt you know I’m saying so
you can sell on our platforms if you’re an accredited vendor now that’s the gist
of it I’m a full stack web developer so I can build the website I can build the
front end of the website I can build the back end of a website I’m a media
influencer I can market to my audience okay and then some so I can do at least
and then I’m more familiar with filing lawsuits now how to get how to file a
complaint you know I’m saying how to contact the FBI I’m more familiar with
it now because I’m in the process so I would like to make the process of
justice easier and smoother from now on for people all over social media this is
a big deal this hasn’t been done before this is the need this is a need we meet
with society needs and this is a start-up and it only work with the
participation I can do it all on my own but still if you’re interested in
joining give me a second and we blow my nose what if you’re interested in
joining I’ve I can already do half the business so you don’t have to worry
about that what I need is social media influencers what I need is graphic
designers what I need are writers proof proof readers editors when I knew I
can’t do everything but we can create a worldwide organization social media
Justice League to stop the bullshit to stop the bullshit to take people like
brother polite offline offline imagine how much people we can say if brother
polite cannot log into his Instagram account or space book or if his YouTube
videos get shut down he’s not he’s out because these people I can’t narcissist
they feed off social media they that’s how they that’s how they make a living
is by scamming people on social media if his account were to be shut down his
whole his whole shit is done with he would have to come out and try to branch
him it would be done with trust me and plus you be dealt with legally so I can
go on forever but if you’re interested in joining I’m not asking you to pay for
anything just say yo these are the skills I can offer I can offer you our
LT we can set up a Kickstarter or a GoFundMe or whatever we can do this shit
legit we can get incorporated we can start a non-profit business we can do it
legally you know I’m saying we can do it decentralize it doesn’t matter at this
point like there needs to be an organization to help people from
becoming victims and I’ll use whatever skills I have and continually developing
to start to start the movement you know we’ll work it out what will look for
government grants we’ll ask for sponsorships like we’ll do
ads or targeted ads on our website like to raise funds you know I’m saying well
take donations we’ll do what we can to make this a reality if people choose to
help me or choose to assist me I’m going to take care of my polite situation on
my own but this is for other people this is for the victims and other potential
victims not just what brother polite but all of social media in general all right
I need to get something to eat thank you for listening please want as
many people you can about brother polite showing my videos let them know it’s
real and yeah social media Justice League Aloha take care