so hello people how you going and here I
have this beautiful banknote from Brunei and this one you say $25 or 25 in it
which is in Malay and this is issued to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the
coronation of her son el bulk yeah at the first and this is probably you can’t
get this in circulation anymore they did issue a commemorative $20 banknote I
think in 2007 this one is issued in 1992 the date you say
and like all Brunei banknotes they had the signature of the sultan there
this is a picture of him this is him on his ceremonial car going through the
capital of brunei okay so you have this script here this is called the Rumi
script it’s just a Malay in Latin alphabet and this is the JavaScript
this is Malay in the Arabic alphabet and if you want to read Arabic if you done
already most of these just consonants and
there’s very few vowels in the Arabic script so if you want to read it you
have to actually learn each word it’s beautiful use the security feature
here let’s see what happens if I move it nothing for me because I won’t be
telling that that seems to play up for my eyes of it so yeah if we have a look
at the watermark the watermark is just the Sultan himself yay banknotes quite
good it’s not that easy to get money back has the Sultan been coronated and
this here is is actual crown you can see it here and this script is just a bank
and not Bank Negara brunei darussalam in dari script and this just gives the
dates – 67 1992 just probably saying 25 years coronation yes this is quite a
nice faint night I reckon you’re bad I was lucky to get there cuz got this
off a friend exchanger for like 25 bucks and the security fred is also in
javascript there’s a bit small codes I currently work at were the same but most
likely it’s just saying nigger Oh Brunei Darussalam so that’s the $25.00 from Brunei and another thing is that this is tied to
the Singapore dollar so it’s worth 25 Singapore dollars and in theory each
other’s currency can be used in each other’s country so I could take this and
use it in Singapore not going to take like 20 Singapore dollars and use the in
benign that’s pretty good thing and another thing also is that they have a
ten thousand dollar bank note obviously it’s a lot of money so I haven’t but I
would like to actually get that okay so I hope you like this bank now and let me
know what you think okay thank you bye bye