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so energetic what is on the show today
well we’re carrying on with our trading
with 3Commas section this time
we’re gonna show you the results of
what’s been going on we’ve been doing
smart trading setting up bots all sorts
of interesting stuff so come and check
that out
it’s been a roller coaster of emotion
the house for our featured project we
talked to enrico from bit mom’s they
Vaughn’s luxury digital collectibles
yeah and as Matthew McConaughey says
ten things I know had a stomach hallelu
is going today’s frost yourself frost
yourself with digital bling coming soon
but why don’t we first of all have a
look at a bit of a news run up
first up let’s have a look at what’s
been going on in the market across the
last week with coin paprika so looking
at the charts this week we can see it’s
a lot better story that was last week
we’ve got a Bitcoin up nearly twelve and
a half percent over the last week at
time the press which is 10:00 a.m. at
GMT on Friday which is up one point to
two percent over the last 24 hours a
theory I’m up four percent ripple up a
tiny amount Bitcoin at a vehicle in cash
my point for likely 5.8 Manero up a
whopping fifteen point seven one percent
Yaffe’s still sort of totaling along one
point three one percent but certainly a
better looking story than last week
first stories from coin rivet and it is
boxer and Manny Pacquiao is to launch
his own cryptocurrency boxing champion
and Philippine senator Manny Pacquiao
launched his pack token during a free
concert in Manila over the weekend coin
read have reported on the upcoming
launch of pack tokens last year at the
time it was believed the tokens would be
available by the end of 2018 or the
first quarter of 2019 the pack tokens
will enable Pacquiao’s fans to purchase
his merchandise and interact with him on
social media during the free concert
Manila Pacquiao performs songs from his
own album which consists of cover
versions of popular love songs and has
sold thousands of copies well put me
down for no copies of that and probably
none of those tokens either I like Manny
Pacquiao when he’s boxing not when he’s
been a senator or shilling crypto crack
maybe he has a beautiful voice maybe
actually you know what I’m gonna find a
clip and here it is now
I see forever oh so clearly I might
before but it never felt this wrong on
to Bitcoin our from Queen Telegraph
Bitcoin price rejected at 10,800 as
crypto market prepares for backed
Bitcoin price it continued to fluctuate
around 10,500 on September 5th is the
largest cryptocurrency stop short of
breaking $11,000 data from a coin 360
showed less volatile action for BTC USD
on Thursday following the pair’s sudden
rise of over $1,000 in the first half of
the week a press time Bitcoin traded at
ten thousand 620 compared with just 9350
at the same point last week from
Bloomberg now fewer people are sending
Bitcoin to the largest exchanges the
notion that more people are trading
crypto currencies well it may just be
wrong fewer people have been sending
Bitcoin to major exchanges in recent
months according to crypto data tracker
token analyst after peaking in 2017 the
number of unique addresses sending the
world’s most popular cryptocurrency to
exchanges such as finance and BitFenix
has been declining it found the number
of addresses sending the token to the
bit for next trading platform is at a
two-year low while the amount on malta
based finance the world’s largest
scripture exchange by volume drops to
early 2018 levels according to token
analysts that signals a lack of retail
interest in general currently in crypto
said Sid Shakir co-founder of
london-based token analyst if we go by
the Bitcoin a safe haven in times of
recession narrative the number of new
users buyers should actually be
increasing other data point in the same
bitcoin exchange trade volume in u.s.
dollars is at its lowest point since May
and has been trending down since peaking
in 2017 according to blockchain calm web
traffic to finance and Hong kong-based
BitFenix is at a four-month low
according to tracker similarweb again
from Quin Telegraph Bitcoin price now an
early phase of next bull run analysts
say they’ve been talking about this for
a while and they for about three years
Bitcoin is primed for a fresh bull
market data from coin 360 showed BTC USD
coming off local hires around ten
thousand seven hundred and fifty to
float around ten thousand
five hundred and twenty on Wednesday
still up almost 10% versus the start of
the week markets reacted warmly to the
new gains which reversed previous
bearish sentiment that are further
towards eight thousand dollars was
imminent on two litecoin now it’s from
coin desk and litecoin suffers the worst
losing streak in a year in ending last
week in the red the world’s fifth
largest cryptocurrency light coin has
confirmed this longest weekly losing
streak in a year
LTC suffered an 8 percent drop in week
ending September the 1st having
registered 3.17 15.1 o and 5.7 4 percent
losses in the preceding three weeks
according to the bit 4 next data that is
the longest losing streak since August
2018 back then the fifth largest
cryptocurrency by market cap had
suffered losses in each of the four
weeks of August onto earth now you can
now my Neos while playing a game with
vast superhero beta check out this game
not sponsored as you can see this is yet
to pass the beta stage it’s the world’s
first 3d MMORPG game which is playable
on EOS one can interact with other
players engaged in the game and endless
exciting adventures we didn’t write this
will surely draw in piqued blockchain
gamers on takodana now we finally found
some news and it’s a big month for
Cardno in September with updates coming
from Charles Hoskinson Cardno will be
making waves this september with charles
Hoskinson confirming that the proof of
stake shelly test net will launch ahead
of schedule this is on top of several
other big updates along with two more
announcements that are yet to be
revealed promises to change the world of
blockchain Cardno has been one of the
most heavily discussed crypto projects
in the past couple of years
created by input/output Hong Kong IO HK
the brainchild of aetherium co-founder
charles Hoskinson Cardno has slowly been
transitioning to the shellye era which
will bring about proof of stake last
week charles Hoskinson released a series
of much-anticipated updates regarding
shelly revealing that the phase two of
Shelley’s launch will go live sooner
than expected in a live YouTube AMA
Hoskins has said that the first phase of
Shelley’s test net program was
successfully concluded hundreds of bugs
and issues were identified and resolved
Blaine’s making both the Russ client
test net and the networking test net
stable the network test net will be
shipping next month cardano’s blog said
with September 15th been the earliest
date so finally some news on card oh no
and if they are going to launch
something early with Shelly that’s going
to be the first time they’ve actually
lunched I think on time early anywhere
even within a country mile of it so
anyway on to exciting things with
trading with three commerce
so welcome to our trading with three
Commerce section we have been hungrily
sort of attacking it over the last week
or so you may remember last week we
showed you how to do set up a smart
trade and how to take advantage of three
commas software in order to set up a
number of parameters that are actually
beyond most exchanges so this week we’re
like right we’re diving in we signed up
with signal profits because we don’t
really have any idea about what the
trades to be doing and as signal trades
have been sending sorry signal profits
have been sending trades we’ve been
setting them up as smart trades and
basically going through and the good
news is the new kids on the block
trainer at Chile we’re in the green were
actually winning traders will show you
the stats in a second we’ve done a
handful of trades the first few weren’t
hugely successful willing no and I have
to admit after the first couple I was
like boy trading still is it too hard I
can’t you know even if we’ve got this
help we’re still in the red what are we
doing but yeah it did pick up like every
time you do one you learn a little bit
more and it’s not one that you would
just do one and go oh it’s not working
I’m gonna give up and also I mean the
software wasn’t at fault the software
was great software the software even
provided us from you know with ways to
avoid further problems but let’s have a
look at the results of what we did so
it’s starting at the bottom you can see
the first trade we did we actually broke
even on completely this was basically
Bitcoin – in solar the good news was we
set up a trailing stop on this and we
had a really good stop loss so even
though it started sliding back very
quickly it very sort of quickly stopped
it out but also ensured that we’ve been
pulling some profit as we went so he
actually cleared that one kind of just
barely you know belly at zero but on
this one – and from memory this is the
right one they give you a price that
they suggest you come in at a buyout and
this particular one they said to stagger
the buy price so you come in at
different increments but we didn’t do
that we just bought yeah one amount we
came in so basically that
we cleared the next one that was
basically we had a stoploss of which was
set again some of the stop losses on
signal profits were kind of like five or
six percent we didn’t like that so we
had lower stop losses which may have
been a problem but this one actually
stops out you can see here we’re only
dealing with small amounts so it lost as
eight dollars 25 they’re all kind of
very small deals but essentially what
we’re looking at there is the profit and
loss so that was another losing at 4.37
and then we went on to a bit of a losing
streak where we basically had the next
two with Wren and mattock again we got
stopped out on and we were starting to
think holy shit what are we doing wrong
here and then finally we had the BTC
Welby where we managed to clear nearly
18 percent of profit which kind of
turned things back around again the good
news was we actually came out overall in
the green and you can see that
essentially the smart trades we are up a
whopping total of six dollars twelve so
that was that was good so that was all
good and a really good learning
experience and we’re continuing to do
those there’ll be more to follow but we
decided we would like to start having a
look at BOTS as well because the bot
side of things has always been of real
interest so we actually set up a bot
what we actually looked at copying one
of the most successful BOTS and we
thought we’d take you to that whole
process so you can see how it works and
then we’ll chat a bit about what
happened so here is the how to set up a
see we’re dashboard at the moment and if
we click here on BOTS it’ll take us to
somewhere where you can set up your own
bot if you’re all very clever and you
know what you’re doing
I am neither very clever nor know what
I’m doing so I’m gonna have a look at
some existing BOTS and you can see a
list here of those so at the top you’ve
got finance two other pairs but we’re
gonna have a look today we want to be
interested in Bitcoin on the by Nance
exchange two other pairs so looking over
here you can see if we look at this one
this is a composite bot which means it’s
trading a number of different pairs and
you can see that it’s doing just under
1% a day and it’s been running for 28
days it’s done 30 deals it’s got a
and it was last edited night of the
first which is today today’s the first
so let’s have a look at the config of
that so this tells us all the payers
that it’s kind of trading tells us how
the daily profit summary has been going
profit by day profit by pair and current
amount in positions and there’s lots
more stats all the way down here now
it’s still 151 deals it’s got two active
deals currently and it has done
completed deals profit it’s saying – 137
point 13 I don’t know whether that means
across the entire period I don’t know in
that case why it’s showing 0.89% add a
profit but we’re going to have a look at
this and run it for a few days so if we
hit copy that will now copy the bots and
we can rename that bot – new kids on the
block chain bot 1 okay and this is
copied but just so we can keep track of
it it’s too many characters it doesn’t
like that so we’re just call it copied
it still doesn’t like that so let’s take
it down
just call it but one okay and we can see
here that the recommended pairs are
these which have been trading the most
at the moment and we can see at the
moment we are we’ve activated all pairs
but further down it basically tells you
that it will only deal with pairs that
have been sort of traded over a certain
amount of Bitcoin a day so just running
through this at the moment we can see
it’s going to do a maximum of five
active deals at a time it’s a long
it’s basically quote with the basically
quote profits on the coin from the left
pair of the pair base on the right so
we’re going to be taking profit in
Bitcoin and it’s telling you the base
order size that’s telling you the safe
to safety order side and then you’ve got
your different settings all the way
through now again we’re not going to get
into this there is a stop loss in place
tells you what it’s going to do we could
be playing around with all of these but
we don’t really know what we’re doing so
we are gonna run this bot for now until
Friday we’re gonna run it for a week
it’s Sunday currently and then we’re
gonna report back on how it’s done
create bot bot successfully started do I
want to save do I want to start the bot
fingers crossed and start the bot the
bot is turned on so let’s just jump
straight on to the stats and have a look
at that
so that BOTS now been running for about
three days and you can see here if we go
into the stats it tells us down the
right hand side the daily summary of
profit the profit by day the profit by
pair you can see all the different pairs
that we’re potentially able to trade
there as well the current amounts in
positions that we have the maximum
amount of safety trades and the actual
amount of trades that we have going we
can see here on the right hand side now
it’s telling us actually the events so
that top one deal was completed which
was rent that was cashing out you can
see further down trailing take profit
activated deal completed there further
down another one and you know there’s
this this bot is active all the time
you know in there doing stuff we have
just literally set this with one button
click and let it go and just plain
copied it now this is the bit that’s of
interest at the bottom here you can see
that we have completed 13 deals so it’s
automatically made it still has three
deals active and out of that it’s done
$27 79 in profit with still $6 33 and
active deals reserves now it doesn’t
tell us what the percentage is on here
so we’ll try and come back with what
that percentages as well and if we look
at the top level of our dashboards you
can also see that today’s profit was six
six dollars and nine and that takes us
to a total profit of 2168
over the last three days so it’s been
exciting really we’ve been up to our
elbows you know kind of in it and to be
completely honest there is so much there
in the three commerce suite of tools
that a lot of it is actually completely
beyond us however we’ve been able to as
complete novices jump straight in and
really get the benefit of some of these
tools the trainer’s we’re training now
we’re trading I mean it might be a while
until the old Lambo gets delivered I’m
not even sure we’ve managed to move one
comma across yet let alone three but the
I mean anybody who has some intelligence
about trading get involved take the 7
day trial the code is up here again it’s
not going to cost you anything get on
board have a look at it it’s really easy
to connect an exchange it’s really easy
to start doing things it’s completely
safe and we have found it you know even
at our level we’ve been at a jump
straight in every trade we do we learn
the bots are really interesting we’re
gonna get stuck into some more of that
this week and we’ll yeah we’ll get stuck
in yeah I would say if you when you
action your first ones just keep an eye
on them don’t kind of do it and then
leave them because I think the whole
trailing stop for us was a learning
experience and just to then you can kind
of see how it works and monitor it a
little bit then if you want to jump out
and you can yeah I mean it’s worth I
mean obviously the key thing of the
software is that you don’t have to
monitor it and it does it all for you if
you can press the button and leave it
but in the first couple of trades it’s
worth monitoring it just to actually see
what’s going on it’s really simple and
we’ll show you graphically exactly where
you’re at with your stops with
purchases with your potential profit
taking points although it gets quite
addictive sitting there looking at it
all but it’s a very powerful sort of you
know very powerful tool we’re going to
have a look at one of the simple BOTS
this week as well the ones we’ve been
using so for the one is a composite bot
which is meant made up of trading loads
of different pairs but it’s a it’s a
really interesting sort of you know set
of tools to have and if you’re a smart
trader I’m sure it will increase your
ability to make profits and if you’re a
newbie like I was looking to dip your
toe in get involved the codes on screen
the codes below it’s a 7 day completely
free trial and then a steep discount if
you want to carry on after that come
onboard and let us know comment below
what do you think have you got involved
with BOTS some people think BOTS are
disastrous and that they don’t get
involved some people swear by it a lot
of people tell us you know virtually 80%
of the market is traded by BOTS these
days it’s just interesting to you know
to get as much help as you can and as
much technology working in your favor so
come back next week there’ll be plenty
more we’ll be doing a sort of summary of
you know how we’ve got on over the last
few weeks and don’t forget it’s not too
late to join us sign up and come along
so for our fishing project this week
something I am very excited about
digital luxury collectibles you may have
heard us talk about bit Mons earlier
yeah you like a bit of a luxury
collectible right I do I have to say I
am quite the fan of thing well we’ve got
enrico from bit mons joining us so Rico
are you there hey guys yes I’m here a
Effie Eliza thank you so much for having
me here welcome on the show can you
first tell us what are bit ones okay
yeah absolutely so beat months is the
first digital luxury collectibles as
anyone can see from our website
basically beat months look like a 3d
color digital island but they are
actually much more every bit months that
we create comes with a certificate that
certifies its characteristics you know
in terms of ID color level of purity
value and these characteristics are
unique for every single bit ones that
was ever created and they’re made based
on the characteristics of real big
months real I am I’m sorry so big ones
resemble real diamonds in a digital
fashion and are uniquely created and
generated by the actual users so just a
little bit to talk a bit more about how
they’re created and what makes them
unique so if we basically if we come to
bit on site and we decide to buy one how
do we create it and where does that
uniqueness come from absolutely so first
of all all the big ones are generated by
our unique digital algorithm that which
is a graphic modeling our algorithm that
takes few data so for example the time
stamp so the moment in which at which
you want to create your bit Mon and the
user is actually creating a bit month
their algorithm actually randomizes some
some aspects so you know the technical
aspects of the the color scale the crown
the real physical characteristics of the
diamond and puts that into the
so that we basically create these
digital digital collectible that’s
that’s that’s forever unique and forever
guaranteed by the blockchain technology
so how did bit Monstar
okay so that’s that’s an interesting
question so Beekman is the first project
of vanilla rocket vanilla rocket is a
very innovative startup that’s made up
of a team of 12 people and the three
founding members have over 20 years
experience in the digital marketing
space in the digital space and they’ve
always been big fans of of collectibles
you know they’ve always been big fans of
cards collectible cards and easily we
have this panini which is a big big
company that makes you know that the
food will the soccer albums and we’ve
always loved it so they came up with
this with this concept and said why
don’t we make something that that could
be that could put together what digital
background new technologies as
blockchain and our passion which is
collectibles and so we came up with
something unique which is which are
digital diamonds and here big ones so
how many bit mom’s exist in the moment
obviously the thing that gives real
diamonds their value is scarcity and you
know what what how does that work in the
Pittman’s world absolutely so as of now
we’ve crossed at twelve thousand four
hundred big months generated yesterday
was was fun for us because we had 12345
bit month so it was one two three four
five and the user that bought it will
forever have you know they bit more
number one two three four five which is
just this funny so to say and as you
mentioned yes the the real diamonds the
real diamonds value is defined by the
scarce the end the quality off of the
actual diamond and the singles four big
ones as of now we’re in the first
collection so 256 collar switch one
hundred and fifty six different names
and these collection at a certain point
is gonna end so we’re not gonna produce
any more of those mid months so the ones
the users actually bought the first
collection we only will be the only ones
that actually have those those big
months and the only way for other users
for new collectors to acquire those the
speed months is gonna be to buy it from
from them these created that this corset
is created directly from from the
algorithm because we don’t generate bits
months equally between their you know
their purity level their color scale and
and for example as even in the founding
team not everyone has
I beat one of every every time or we
don’t have the most you know the d1 is
the best level of purity and there are
some names that we really want it
because we chose them and we do not have
a d1 there is a really a limited number
of D ones for example I have the first
big one I actually got was the best
highest quality Sirocco we have which is
a green green shade and it’s actually d2
so there is no D 1/4 Sirocco and that
happens for a lot of other different
names so the discs are s’ti is developed
by itself within within the algorithm of
the bickmans creation so it’s not so I
went through a mini crypto Kitty’s face
then we won’t talk about but we’re
crypto kitties what became apparent is
you really needed to have like number
one or number two or one of the first
ten for it to be of any value so what
you’re saying is bit ones it’s not like
that you don’t have to have the higher
numbers it can come through through the
algorithm no you actually don’t so there
are two two things that actually affect
the price and the value of a bit month
first of all is the number ID and then
we have we have the level of purity the
number ID event it identifies the the
frequency with which the bit one
increases in value and the p level of
purity attests to the the magnitude of
that of that of the growth so for
example you might have a k5 which is the
lowest quality of real diamonds as well
but it’s number 145 which is gonna be
much more valuable than d1 number 13
thousand four hundred and fifty and
that’s gonna be forever because we work
in percentiles and then that’s that’s
the actual nominal value but if we put
in the collectors you know that the the
collecting aspect of it for example
there are some the maratona which is one
type of bit one that’s we did that that
comes from North Baptists passion for
football for the tureens trains team
actually is a really limited number of
bitman so for collectors that that’s
gonna be a rare one and we can’t meddle
with it we can do anything with it
because the algorithm doesn’t except for
doesn’t allow us to make any change
neither prior nor past the actual
creation time so we it’s it’s really
great for collectors for us
you know we would love to have one of
every type of be 21 but we just can we
can’t Amanda leave the market so I guess
that that makes it sustainable right
because the problem with Krypto kitties
was it wasn’t it was essentially a Ponzi
scheme because unless you got in at the
very top level there was no way you were
really ever gonna you know in my opinion
anyway you’re ever gonna benefit from it
so the idea of the algorithm spreading
it means you know essentially it’s a
it’s a level playing field and a fairer
a fairer way to purchase yeah absolutely
and the the cool thing is that the more
abatements we generate the the bigger
the the percent l-bracket becomes in
terms of actual numbers so you know or
in percentage-wise it’s always gonna be
that fixed amount but the more we create
the more the more bit ones are gonna be
early bit ones consider as early bit one
so it’s not it you need to have number
one or number five or number 200 as long
as you jump in early you have early with
respect of the lifetime lifetime length
of the project which for us it’s going
to be forever hopefully but we need we
need to clarify that as well of course
for everyone just to be transparent
that’s that’s not that’s not how it’s
designed and keep in mind the
collections so the what happened with
collection number one what’s gonna
happen is that it’s gonna end when it’s
gonna come connection number two but the
collection number two is gonna end as
well in collection number three and four
and five and so on and so forth so every
collection has its own intrinsic value
for a real collector of course this is
not you know it’s not a financial item
so it’s not that you want to do they
day-to-day training with bit months it’s
more collectors it’s more collectors a
collector’s item so that’s that’s why we
decided to spread it out and make it you
know a fair game for for everyone not
just for early adopters why is the
digital collectibles market so important
and such a growth area so first of all
it’s to a seat seat see what really
caught us our attention is that Forbes
estimated this marketing that’s three to
five years to cross the two hundred
billion dollars value so that’s that’s
that’s a crazy market cap and what got
even the funding members attention was
a fortnight skin I guess you’re familiar
with fortnight and they created a unique
skin to where you can just play in game
and was sold for $5,000 the collectors
the collectors you know the collectors
approach is intrinsic in human in human
nature everyone one has their own you
know as their own hobbies as their own
the things they like and you want to
have something unique you want to have
something that’s yours and that no one
else can have and no one else can
replicate and these we’ve seen include
you know Magic the Gathering where they
had $87,000 cards pokemon cards for six
thousand dollars in the last 12 months
over more than 10 objects 10 10 items
were sold for more than 100k and those
the nominal value of the items when the
work really was was much much lower so
that’s that’s what we are following you
are following basically human nature and
the cool thing is that in this we are
actually putting into the unique item
the time at which this item was created
so for example if you just wanted to
hold it of course that’s valuable for
you because you like it but if you want
to gift it for example because you can
gift you can give bit months the person
that receives it it’s forever gonna know
the time in which you were thinking
about them so because that’s that’s the
actual moment of creation and that’s
that’s what gave that big man the
characteristics so we put all of this
together and and we found also from the
communities of the communities feedback
from our users feedback that that was a
was a great idea overall and we were
super happy about that we did a giveaway
a while ago and you were kind enough to
give us a bit mourned as well for
ourselves and we liked looking at it our
laptops it was there was very pretty we
could spin it around but obviously
diamonds people want to wear them and
show them off and you’ve got some
exciting news that bit mons can now be
warned right absolutely so thank you for
asking me so we we’ve just released our
wearable app for iOS and in the next 60
days it’s gonna be released for Android
as well these is to us the most
revolutionary aspect of the project
because you’re gonna be the first
wearable digital luxury fashion object
and also the first blockchain certified
digital wearable so that
that’s being pioneers gives us the
chance to shape the world the market and
the industry want to create and want to
live in this is to us
as said the most revolutionary aspect of
the project because our app lets you
wear your new your unique bit month on
your SmartWatch or wearable devices
imagine for example owning a unique
digital item that not only increases in
value over time but because it becomes a
fashion statement that you can wear with
the outfit you find most appropriate
this is turning Wittman’s to a status
symbol and is taking away the intrinsic
value of of the placement which might be
the watch and its footing that it’s
putting that value on what you put
inside the actual watch and it can be
counterfeited thanks to blockchain it
can be stolen thanks to watch thanks
blockchain and we are basically changing
the way we are adding something new to
the fashion to the fashion industry and
as of now the fashion industry in terms
of collectors items it’s going crazy you
know stock ax the drops for that you
might have with supreme the drops that
you have we’d off white and all of that
and we are helping shake this this this
new culture into the digital world as
well well we are very excited and a very
important question because my birthday
and Christmas is everything coming up
how can people purchase bit mothers okay
so our customers can only buy bitcoins
from from our website as of now anyone
can generate their own big months for as
low as 10.10 Newars apiece
currently we are still running a promo
where we took away that shoebox to you
were sorry commission the price is
extremely affordable and actually it has
prompted the majority of our users to
buy in in bulk you know 25 and 50 bit
months at a time and even 100 for 100
big months for for special discounts
available on 30 support channels bit
ones can also though be bought from our
marketplace in that case though the
creator so the original buyer has to put
it up for sale even even
as of now we are working on a new
feature that we are announcing for the
first time on your show and that feature
is gonna allow anyone to make a bid for
any bit one that was ever created so for
example if the nominal value of beat one
number one I think is around two hundred
and thirty but of course the owner of
beat my number one is never gonna sell
it but you’ll never know you someone
might make an outrageous bed and that
might prompt him to just say yes so we
are giving everyone everyone that that
ability and one thing I’d love to stress
out as I said earlier is that you cannot
just purchase the bit mind from generate
a new one or purchase an old one you can
also gift it you can also buy through
the website and instead of just mind a
bit one you can give you to whoever you
want and forever put that moment into
the blockchain and no one is ever gonna
be able to change that there’s an
important thing I wanted to say as well
because I had somebody saying to me oh
yeah people will never buy or sell these
and I said to them I said actually they
will there’s a market so the one that
you guys had sent I said look I’ll show
you I can put this on the market and I
put it on and before I could stop it had
sold so and I was chatting to a
colleague yours is like why did you so
you bit wise it was a complete accident
I was trying to prove to a troll that
there was in fact a market and I went if
you do this and you put it on you see
it’s on them and then bang I had a thing
from PayPal going you’ve just received I
think was 42 euros this thing and I was
like okay well that was a mistake but
but it proved the point that there was
actually a tradable market which a lot
of people have sort of said with some of
these things there wasn’t a market or
there was no liquidity for the trading
them but you know to my detriment there
actually proved that there was thank you
for seeing that Ash so it’s this that’s
the best way you know that’s the best
way to prove it it’s actually funny
because these happen to us as well he
needs it’s great so we were a döner and
some friends were trolling us saying the
same thing you know but you know we see
it’s hard to sell something because the
problem with real diamonds is that you
can buy it as fast as you want but
selling a real diamond that’s gonna be a
so when they were arguing the fact that
no one is gonna buy you know it’s 70
bucks beat one we made a bet at the
and said okay let’s do this if if I’m
able to sell the the Piedmont during
I’ll buy wine otherwise you’re painting
tonight and and it was a 68 hero’s worth
bit Mon and we actually sold it in 50
minutes and they were astonished they
didn’t think it was possible and
actually it’s it’s it’s something we
didn’t expect so fast
also because only a very small
percentage beat ones are actually for
sale as of now everyone is in hold mode
everyone is accumulating big months and
not many people are actually selling
them and that that keeps us that is just
you know safety certainty then that’s
gonna be sustainable that’s gonna be
sustainable over time well we we love it
we’ve obviously been following it very
kingly we we like looking at our digital
diamonds are a girl’s best friend
certainly and that was one thing that
surprised me when I first heard about
them I was like really you know the
digital collectibles I don’t really know
too much about it but I can’t imagine
having something that’s not physical and
then as soon as I got them I was like
spinning them and looking at them and
going back to them and it’s just that
feeling of so you were kind of like oh I
wish there was some way you could
display them on web because otherwise
they just sat on a computer somewhere so
it’s it’s yeah it’s good to hear about
the wearable stuff so well we’ll stay in
touch with you guys thanks for coming on
the show everybody if you want to learn
more and there will be all the details
in the show notes below so go and check
the guys out and yet before long you
could be covered in digital bling from
head to toe salute absolutely thank you
so much guys take care and we’ll speak
to you soon thanks for coming on
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