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Greece arrests Russians suspected of running form a billion-dollar Bitcoin
laundering ring and this is the guy who might have been in charge of the Bitcoin
exchange BTC – II which many of you have heard me talk about before because I’ve
said that it’s anonymous it’s in Eastern Europe it could shut down at any time
well guess what and I mentioned it yesterday a lot in the video and it
hasn’t come back up again it is disappeared and people are saying that
the owner again I there’s a Reuters article about that he’s been arrested if
that’s really the owner and that he might have been involved in the mountain
GOx hack back in the day that’s all cryptocurrency gossip okay the bottom
line is you can’t keep your Bitcoin or litecoin or whatever add an exchange
because you don’t get a warning before it shuts down it just shuts down and
they run away with your money and some of you are saying oh well it says
they’re gonna come back online alright sure believe that if you want to believe
that your prep I’m gonna get my coins back for BTC – II believe that if you
want to believe that okay what you should done was you should have bought a
traceur back in the day and stored your Bitcoin over there or a ledger Nano or a
key key or whatever the bottom line is that this is a lesson that everyone’s
got to pay attention to and that you were all warned about this lesson and
it’s gonna keep happening it’s gonna happen again again it happened with
BitFenix last year and there was a the price went down when this happened the
bright the people the price has gone down a bit because of this partially
because of this probably but it’s not as big of a deal
as the big Phenix one in terms of affecting the price so that’s that’s
cool I mean the the the Bitcoin ecosystem has progressed where we don’t
we’re not as fixated on these closures anymore but these closures are gonna
keep on happening you cannot rely on third parties relying on third parties
is the biggest mistake a person can make in cryptocurrency and count that like
button if you agree with that statement because whether whether you get into
well I’m gonna exchange my Bitcoin for some other coin or I want to try to
invest in some mining thing or I’m gonna store it at an exchange and try to
be a trader even though 90% of traders lose money
that’s all third party stuff when you just buy and hold put it on your trees
or control your private key that’s it no
third parties involved at all and it sounds boring
I know but long-term thinking people short-term thinking gets you into the
mindset where oh I’m gonna store it on this exchange exchange it might get
hacked one day it’s not gonna get hacked when I’m on it and you won’t get it
maybe oh just close and then come back again because of something that happened
in Eastern Europe and everything will be fine again so for some of you this is
all very repetitive when saying but for a lot of people you need to be reminded
and it still new to you there are a lot of new people in this space and we don’t
want new people ending up like this because it just it creates an atmosphere
that isn’t good for the community where the mainstream media picks up on false
spilt false narratives where they’re gonna say oh Bitcoin got hacked not BTC
– II got hacked so the less people who are angry about this the better okay so
uh yes it is an avoidable the reminder is that this is all very avoidable
it’s all very avoidable so hey there’s an article Fortune magazine or
fortune.com um I guess it’s Fortune magazine article
about hedge funds and cryptocurrency and the one little tip and I link to it
below and the one little tidbit that I just was really interesting is that
there’s one of these hedge funds owns one percent of all the Monaro out there
of all the of all the cryptocurrencies to own one percent of and who it is a
hedge fund owns one percent of all the Monaro
out there that is really interesting that’s um I mean imagine more and more
hedge funds buying the Bitcoin in other crypto current we’re at the
beginning of something here and that they they were willing to risk on this
caught anonymous coin that is associated with the dark market and everything very
interesting really is something that’s provoking so pound that like button if
you like Manero let’s see a people have been two people have emailed me
completely separate people about litecoin and the M address
apparently oh I saw something palpable the chat there the bad virus looking
forward to seeing fluffy pony on the Kaiser report tomorrow I’m convinced
that Manero is truly the most disruptive currency in the space well thank you for
the five British pounds there I think that’s what you sent me there that the
bad virus and yeah Monaro is very interesting I don’t like Kaiser
I think he’s wack but uh you know he’s got a big show that’s cool that he’s
giving a fluffy pony some exposure and again Manero fans I’d love for a fluffy
pony to come on the show here we go it’s like we just don’t give a – people
opinions to speak their mind Manero can speak their mind on this uh this channel
also I just have not been able to arrange that with fluffy pony but hey
man he’s on the he’s a lot more people gonna watch them while Max Keiser then
on Adam Meister show so today each is a very good for very good for Manero and
again maybe don’t ask him about one percent of his uh but you know I bet
fluffy pony isn’t a big fan of hedge funds I’m you know I don’t know him
personally but from some of the things he’s put out there we didn’t think he’s
a big fan of hedge funds I’m wonder what he thinks about one percent of his uh
what he created being owned by a hedge fund maybe he doesn’t mind because you
know anyone can buy it so going back to litecoin a second person in contacting
me of two people have contacted me about this litecoin now has an emma dress and
then there’s the l a– dress and some people are getting very confused and
there’s a three address and they all might not work well together and it
the treasure only stores the EM addressed so my advice to everyone is is
pay attention before you jump into litecoin learn about Emma dresses out of
the dresses and three addresses more so than I have and if you’re gonna change
you know send between all three and you know know what they are before before
you start sending your light coin from your tresor or to your tresor or even
storing like horn on your treads or try to understand what all three of those
things are alright because two people have called me very contact me and
they’re not very happy about how there’s an Emma dress now they’ve run into some
problems and I’m not flooding litecoin here this is an educational type of
finger I love uh I love Charlie he’s got to come back on the show soon hopefully
all right going back to the alt coins that have been coming out that are using
the Bitcoin name well first of all remember in the next few weeks the best
thing you can do with your Bitcoin is do nothing
make sure your coins are not only to exchange that’s all it’s really that
easy control your private key so uh there are
such things as replay attacks and apparently some of these fake bitcoins
that are coming out are going to protect you against a replay attack but because
of that now I’m not an expert on that that if further differentiates
themselves from Bitcoin the path they’ve taken and further puts themselves in
this odd corn category which they no doubt are they’re funny coins so that’s
interesting but again I don’t I don’t want to trust some that they’re
protecting you from a replay attack there’s some people that are telling me
that you’re gonna get some private key exposure if you try to buy one of these
fun coins that are out there so or try to involve yourself at all you know try
to split your Bitcoin into this FUD coin so a lot of people are saying oh I’m
gonna get a free FUD coin from all this nonsense well it might not be that
simple people I mean when I start hearing about the exposure
your private key to these people who are behind these flood coins and that
doesn’t make me feel very secure you know this has been about security today
this video hey and I’m not an expert in technical things like this about
exposing your private key if this really is going to happen when you get involved
with this flood point but if it is dude just enough because I have no
interesting getting about in this flood so you know but if it is avoid avoid
avoid and anyway avoid avoid avoid it anyway it’s it’s a flood coin
it’s an altcoin and you know you’re trying to make five dollars and then
losing your big coin because of it you’ll feel very bad in the end you’ll
feel how like how those btc-e people are feeling today who kept their coins on
BTC dashi all right uh and I want to remind everyone that
you know just because something uses the Bitcoin name doesn’t mean this Bitcoin
and they’re already examples of that out there there is an altcoin called Bitcoin
dark there is an all coin called Bitcoin plus they’re not Bitcoin everyone knows
it they’re not and it’s funny sometimes they surge when you have these weird
news stories where people get confused and think they might be some real form
alternate form of Bitcoin I don’t know they’re not so Andreas Antonopoulos has
a new video out that it talks about how do you how you secure your Bitcoin and
he’s obviously he’s putting it out there because of the current situation in
Bitcoin that people need to secure their Bitcoin now and he’s and he reminds you
if you have your Bitcoin at coinbase that’s you don’t own your pickling
really they own your Bitcoin alright let’s see again I think people are doing
a better job not not giving a platform to the people behind me be fun coins and
you know I just glanced over to the chat and I see people are saying my name is
is a reminder I can’t read the chat when I am doing this video
if people have questions you can email me the questions of course of course
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answer if it’s it you know if it’s a complex question we’re gonna have to
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can help but I again people sing things over in the chat I mean I see been
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pound that like button because mention mean towels they are spread in the MiG
towel philosophy but I can’t read what you guys are writing when I’m you know
in the middle of the story in the middle of a video no offense to anyone over
there so the sec again they are putting the
smackdown on the eye cos i don’t know the specifics I’ve heard that maybe
Americans aren’t going to be able to buy I cos I have not had time to read the
article is partially link to below but all you really need to do know is that
they taken an interest thing it’s not gonna be easier now for these I cos this
isn’t the best news for aetherium I would assume but maybe some people will
like it and say oh well I SEOs are about to be regulated heavily by the SEC so
that means the theorem is great I don’t know make your own decisions on your
speculative altcoins like that so I believe that’s it for today I could say
pound out like button 15 more times and yeah remember that just because
something has the Bitcoin name doesn’t mean it’s Bitcoin it’s nothing but an
altcoin baby oh my god that’s a flashback isn’t it anyone know that old
hip hop song from back in the 90s I’m not gonna name it because I might have
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