In today’s video, I’m going to share with you the newest BTCSpinner script that will give you the chance to earn free Bitcoin. 24/7!
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thanks for stopping by. Welcome! My name is Mirjan and on this channel I try to share only honest and transparent information about different legit ways
that you can leverage to make money online and create a life of freedom. So if you are interested in that,
consider SUBSCRIBING! Alright… Now before I show you how to get the script and where to put it, I want to talk a little bit about the BTC spinner website, for those who don’t know what it is… So BTC spinner is a website that you can use to earn free Bitcoin. There are three main ways to do that: The first one and the most important one
is to spin the spinner. Your earnings are calculated based on the number of the rotations of the spin. Okay? So the more the spinner spins the more you win. And you can spin as many times as you desire.
There are no limits to do that. And this is the part where the script that I’m going to give you will help you a lot because the script will automatically spin the spinner by itself,
so you don’t need to be there to spin it. Okay? The second way that you can earn free Bitcoin
is from BTCSpinner instant faucet. Here you can claim your Bitcoin every thirty minutes.
Just click this blue button where it says “claim”
and you will get a random amount of bitcoins that ranges from these numbers
that are shown on the screen. Okay? The third way that you can earn free Bitcoin
through BTCSpinner website is… through the BTC spinner affiliate program.
For every person that you invite to join BTC spinner through your affiliate link, you will earn 10% from their lifetime earnings on BTC spinner. Alright? So these are the only three ways that you can earn free Bitcoin through the BTC spinner website. To withdraw your money or your Bitcoin just go to the withdrawal page and enter your BTC wallet address then enter the amount
that you want to withdraw. The minimum amount to withdraw is
zero point zero zero zero one Bitcoin. Okay? And now it’s time for the best part of this video…
GETTING THE SCRIPT! To get the script just copy the link that is in the description below of this video. I have already copied mine, and I’m now going to paste into the Google Chrome browser. Paste it and type ENTER. The link will redirect you to this page right here. Now to get the script, first,
you need to do a couple of things… Number One: You need to validate that you are not a robot by clicking this little box right here, where It says “I’m not a robot”. Then… You need to click continue and the last part is to wait fifteen seconds
before getting the script… nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one… continue to BTC script.
And… And… BOOM!
Here is the magic pill folks… You don’t need to download the script! Just copy the script from right
from Google Drive, okay? Select it all… And click copy. CTRL C. Okay, after you have copied the script open the BTC spinner website and go to the play spinner. Alright?
The first method of earning free Bitcoin Close the advertisements,
then click with the right clique of your mouse, go to the inspect, wait for a second…
Ok, now go to the console, go to the… to the… second option right here where it says “clear console”. Clear it and after you have cleared the console,
Click on it and paste your script. Paste your script and then type ENTER. And… You see?
The spinner is spinning by itself, alright? Close to the X right here and, just relax and see as your bitcoins are growing
and you are doing nothing. Just watching… Here…
Look at my hands! Alright, ladies and gentlemen, if you liked this video give it alike. If you have any question to ask me,
comment below down in this video. And I will be more than happy to answer them for you… Thanks for watching and see you in the next video.
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