– Let’s stick my hand through. Hey what’s good guys,
welcome back to TechSmartt. So here’s the deal. You guys know the series
here on the channel called Burn or Earn
where basically employees here at TechSmartt, they buy
different products on Amazon because I can’t make a decision. I’m so indistinguished to products. I’m basically the most indecisive person. So they buy stuff, they surprise me and I decide if it’s a
burn or if it’s an earn. But after doing a little bit of looking, and I got this blowtorch here, it seems like YouTube
doesn’t like the word burn so we’re changing it up to Pop or Flop. More friendly, family kinda channel that doesn’t have blowtorches. Pop or Flop time. You guys ready to earn some money? You see that catch? Did you get that, Ed? Did you guys wanna check
out any of the products in this video, I’ll
leave the link down below and Josh actually picked these out. Josh is on the couch. And drop a like on this video if you guys want us to
keep this series goin’. Let’s shoot for 10,000 likes
and we’ll spend 250 bucks, where as in this episode
we’re spending 150. So, more cash for your likes. The first product here
looks like a speaker. Josh, how much did this thing cost? 17 bucks. So included, they put
this phone stand in there. I don’t know if that’s what
you’re getting for 17 bucks. Josh, did they say that on
Amazon, came with the phones? Whoa, alright so we knew about this. Interesting, so it’s this 3M adhesive. What is this about? I gotta try this. It’s like a business card holder. If this is a flop, I’m gonna be upset. Oh, boom. Oh, whoa, that’s groovy. That’s groovy. And it just hangs out on there. I’m liking this free phone stand. Comes with a case for your speaker and a Micro USB charging cord. So the only thing left to do
is just kinda try this out. So they way you charge
this is with Micro USB and then it obviously amplifies with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. So, if the iPhone still had
one, this would be convenient. Okay, little bit of
Juice WRLD’s Lean Wit Me. Link to my Spotify in the description. Makes a lot of noise for a little speaker. I mean, it’s pretty solid, Josh. Poppin’, 17 bucks comin’ your way. Whoa, there we go. So how this series works is if its a pop, Josh actually gets all the cash or the equivalent for that product, so 17 bucks because the speaker was a pop. It’s in his pocket right now so we’ll see what this next one is like. Josh, how much is this Bluetooth Beanie? – [Josh] 20 dollars. – Whoa, 20 bucks? I think I checked something
like this out on the channel, I’ll leave the video up in the iCard if you guys missed it,
for a little bit less. My dancing goes with the song. 20 bucks is expensive, so
I got that to keep in mind. Wow okay, so it’s a hat with a speaker. Looking good, looking good. No dude it’s not turning on at all. – It was sitting on the
charger for a good 20 minutes. – Might be a flop, my friend. – No. – Interesting, so how
much was this again, Josh? 20 bucks? – [Josh] 20 bucks. – 20 bucks, it doesn’t work,
so it’s automatically a flop. Let’s hope the rest of the
video goes well, my friend. Not lookin’ good. So it’s not every Pop or
Flop that I get to check out something that I’m kinda interested in and I want to be honest with you guys this backpack looks dope
and I’m in the market for a new backpack right now. So Josh, how much was this? – [Josh] 44 bucks. – Wow, okay 44 bucks,
it doesn’t look too bad. I like this zipper on the front. It looks like it’s water resistant, but I want to say waterproof. Nice side zippers, you can
put some pens, pencils. Oh, and it wraps around your body? I think Unbox Therapy, whoa, Unbox Therapy definitely
did a video on this. There’s also a charge port at the bottom. It’s like we’re recycling
each other’s products. You gotta love it, right? Another pocket down here, put
your passport, keep that safe. It’s got this curved design,
so it hugs against your body making it nearly impossible to. Check that out. – Give me your stuff, boy. – No Unbox Therapy, don’t touch my stuff, I got the anti-theft backpack. So let’s open this up, see
what we can fit in here. Oh wow, that is a nice pocket. So, top compartment for pens and pencils. Little pouch for probably like a phone. You can configure this however you want. Nice how they have the cord ready to go. So there is a battery in here, right Josh? That is a lie, there
is no battery in here, but you plug this cord
in and then you have a USB ready to go right there. I’m diggin’ that, I really am. Really nice pickup, Josh. I think I’m actually gonna use this. My OnePlus backpack, it served me well. I’ve used that for like, six months. This is a pop, Josh, Nice. So this video is going
way better than expected. This is, what is this, Josh? How much is this? – [Josh] SpyCam for 30 dollars. – SpyCam for 30 dollars. Looks like a smiley face. That is trippy, I already see it. So, check this out. Do you see right there,
that little button hole right at that right eye? Well, that’s a camera,
so when you clip this on, let’s say I put this on my hoodie, everyone thinks I’m just
all jolly and happy, but secretly I’m spying and
you know I’m James Bonding. So what is this, Micro USB on the bottom, power button at the top, two buttons here, and then a microSD card so you can obviously store some media. That is awesome, you recorded that too. I am digging this, dude, no way. Dude, get me a microSD card. – [Josh] I’m trying to find one. – No! Alright, so let’s give this a whirl. I got a microSD card in here,
power button’s at the top. We got this little orange light. Light comes on, we gotta
be recording, right? Are we spying around? Looks kinda cool. Definitely a pop, Josh, nice job. So, next step, we quickly vote up in the iCard how you
think Josh is doing. If you think he’s gonna come out on top, getting more pops than flops, or if you think he’s gonna lose, getting more flops than pops. So, item five here is, what is this, Josh and how much does it cost? It is a Robo Bladeless Fan for 10 bucks. What do you find on Amazon, man? Guess that’s what the show’s about. I bet no one’s gonna buy this if it works. This is it, and there’s some lights. Looks kinda cool, kinda elegant. If you’re into that
geeky, kinda nerdy vibe, and you have that goin’ on in your office, I think this is cool. So, Josh is tellin’ me no
possibility to hurt pets or people we’ll see about that. I’m gonna stick my hand through. (yells) Did you guys get scared? No. It is bladeless, nice little party trick. This is a pop. Wow, Josh is doing really well. Josh, have you ever done a Pop or Flop? AKA a Burn or Earn before? – [Josh] No, this is my first time. – Whoa dude, we’re poppin’ his
cherry on this Pop or Flop. So let’s see what’s up
with the Smart Watch. Wow, and it comes with
some wipes, I like that. How much was this thing, dude? – [Josh] 20 bucks. – 20 dollars, what’s
with you and the 20’s? Wow, Josh this is lookin’ really good. Is there a camera on
the front of this thing? Let’s turn this thing on. Can you even charge it, though? Does it even have a battery? We joke, but I’m not joking. So the last product is on. Everything needed to be
charged in this video. So, here we go, 20 dollar Smart Watch. I checked out a lot, but
we’ll see how this one is. Is it touch screen? It is. What menus do we got? We got what looks like, wallet, you need a memory card, so SD card. Settings, there’s an anti lost feature. Does this wheel even turn? Low battery shut down. I’m gonna say, Josh, this is a pop without even really getting
to try it, but nice job. So, Josh in this video,
150 bucks, 147 exactly, minus 20 ’cause the hat sucked, 127 bucks, Josh you’re stackin’. So that’s it for this
episode of Pop or Flop. If you guys liked it, make sure
to drop a like and subscribe If you want more, just click
that circle button right there and subscribe to my second channel. That’s where you’ll see all the vlogs. Just hit that second button right there. Check out the last two
videos right over here and I’ll see you guys later. Pop, pop, pop, bye.