Look for a girl, tell her she’s beautiful and then ask if she can give you 20 pesos. Hope you can do it!
Hi miss
I was just standing by here
waiting for a ride
Then I saw you walking by
Then I thought like
you’re so beautiful
I was really shookt like
this is the first time I saw a beauty like you.
you’re like an angel
you know? ’cause
you’re just walking by
and you’re like shining right there
you’re all I see actually
right now I can feel their presence
by the way my name is Oliver
What’s your name?
Do you want to go first?
can you lend me….
30 pesos
“cause I don’t have money to pay the ride
no, I dont have.
oh you don’t?
I don’t have money to pay the ride
it’s just you I saw right there
No, I don’t have money sorry
ok no worries, thanks anyway
I will just take a walk instead.
Go to a petshop store, buy a birdseed then ask how long the birds will grow?
How much is the birdseed?
do you have birdseed?
yes we do.
1 kilo for 50 pesos
how long is it to grow?
the bird
the bird
it’s just my first time to….
to plant
how many weeks do you think for it to grow?
the bird?
if I plant it.
I’ll just ask my sister
i’m trying to buy birdseed
just wanna know how long it is for the birds to grow?
if I plant it.
you will plant the birdseeds, and then?
how long is it for the birds to grow?
the birds to grow?
do you think, how long is it?
maybe around…
5 days!
ahh 5 days.
oh I see. how much 1…
60 kilo…
how many….
How many birds will grow within
5 days?
like this?
yes, like that.
for 5 days.
5 days
how many birds?
Thank you.
PLace an “ice for sale” signage from one house to another, then buy it yourself.
how much is your…
how much is your ice water?
ice water?
ice candy?
we don’t have that.
but you have a signage here.
right here.
ice candy for sale
ice water
it’s not ours
isn’t this yours sir?
what’s that?
you don’t have that?
I can have fresh spring roll instead, maam.
fresh spring roll
buy 1 take 1?
no we don’t have that.
oh you don’t have?
you don’t have.
ok, thank you sir.
don’t you have?
fresh spring roll?
no we don’t
I’m a bit hungry….
oh you don’t have?
ok thank you
thank you sir
thank you
thank you!
hello, they don’t have fresh spring roll.
Go to puregold supermarket looking like a miner and look for gold.
where can I find….
where you heading sir?
to the mine
mine of what?
gold mine
it says Puregold
Pure gold
This way sir.
where is the entrance sir?
going to the mine
so I can dig for gold.
There’s nothing here.
oh there’s nothing here?
it’s outside?
isn’t it there?
anyway sir thank you
Reppin’ San Juan Laguna via Detroit Michigan. We Love your channel especially your comment trolling. I bet my homeboy Stew $100 you guys will not ignore this comment. If you read it and reply Stew owes me $100. I’ll donate that money to the Red Cross if you do a video trying to buy a million peso car with fake money.
yes, I’m here
this is so beautiful
how much are you cars?
what car ma’am?
this one
the Almera
my water
come here
I like this black
How much is that?
I’ll check it first madam
How much the price of each?
this one?
don’t you just stand there
follow me.
son of a [email protected]#$%
This one is Manual Transmission
Oh manual?
what do you think are the price range of that?
I’m planning to buy 2.
I have a cash with me.
I’m paying in cash.
Oh this one is big headed!
How much is that?
1 Million
1M 88?
Maybe I’ll have this instead
It’s big headed
I like those that have big head
how much?
Come over here!
Sorry madam!
son of a….
son of a [email protected]#$
hey boy!
wait a minute sir
what? you called me sir?
how much is it? 1M?
it’s also negotiable madam
I have 1 million here
can I just pay it in cash?
you can talk to my boss
i’ll just pay in cash..
1.88 Million
I have bring…
can I pay it in cash?
yes you can.
that’s very beautiful
inside is like for hollywood stars
Oh like a star!
it would be much better if cash
so that no more discussion
no more commitment
it’s really hard to commit
pay in cash, no more commitment
His name is Jerry
you can test drive it.
I don’t know how to drive
you know how to drive?
Yes ma’am!
can you help me
count the money?
open it
what am I going to do with that?
son of a [email protected]#$
don’t be a…
here ma’am
open it
please count this.
how much?
give me that
let’s count this
this is a play money ma’am
I had just withdrawn it
this isn’t a real money
no, that’s real!
can you
check it
that’s not a real money!
this isn’t a real money!
I quit!
[email protected]#$ [email protected]#$
bro do you…
do you have money, bro?
i’ll just go home instead
No ma’am!
oh my gosh this is so embarrassing
hohohoy Tukos!
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