so Hank going people today is a
beautiful day as thick thing on say anyway today I’ve got some tonight in
banknotes got a twenty and fifty dollar that’s all I have I’ve never been to
Canada so no idea anyway I just class Canadians as Australians with funny
accents yes so here we have this guy he’s William Lyon Mackenzie my cousins
Mackenzie wonder if he’s related mmm and he was a famous Canadian look his name’s
Dan there okay house he’s uh when he leaved was you foreign minister hmm he
was Prime Minister anyway nature will say the first thing you’ll notice is
that the color yeah and it’s the color is not it’s alright but I reckon they’ve
read especially of him could have been a lot brighter
bring him out more and so when you pick out this paint night the first thing
that you see is you bloody face but instead what you see first is this is
these towers and these tails are part of the tower is off in this four of them of
the center block in Parliament House you know like Toronto or somewhere no pop
Ottawa that’s it I’ll sing in Ontario but that’s a state anyway and one thing
you’ll notice about these banknotes you changes color who’s gone pink and
yellow and green and red and blues so that’s a good feature of these banknotes
and this Australian Bank name totally copied it totally unoriginal come on
Australia pick up your game stop copying the Canadians and how about this Maple
Leaf no nothing in there does have laces
transparent anyway now infinionite is a French in English
he says Thank You Canada in English banker to Canada in French and donate
Quebec is mainly french-speaking state of Canada okay you have um I mean on
rings which are supposed to not allow computers to read these banknotes so you
can’t actually scan it yeah look on the inside it has an icebreaker Oh Caesar
named in there and one I’m once in which is a research icebreaker and a large
part of Canada is yes you can see here all this area this is a map of northern
Canada or this areas mainly ice you need icebreakers to do research up here and
here is a compass right here they used to use compasses on feet and on ships
yeah it’s a Canadian flag the serial number $50 right you $20 night at 7:00
queen elizabeth ii who is the head of state of canada and here is the peace
tower which is also part of the central block this is actually above the main
doorway and our bazoom represent some peace journey first second first world
war ii world war 1 basting and it’s actually part of the same building at
this these towers are so yeah has pretty much the same features and it’s a queen
elizabeth oh yeah and look they circulate quite well as you can see all
these colored features are still intact after this coins been circulated at a
while the same Canadian English and French a
nice ever side as the viewing memorial in France quite frankly I think that
should have put the war memorial in am probably in Ottawa as well and you have
these populated Allied forces during the First World War
because poppies also represent Australian and New Zealand forces and on
Anzac Day they sell poppies not the actual real thing but just copies yeah
that’s that’s it for this payment oh another thing I didn’t show you is this
script here what language is saying that in Inuktitut yeah there you go in octave and it just
means the Arctic in the language and if you don’t know about Canada or say oh I
think they have at least 30 or 40 lengths and 90 languages the inner work
people who we know Westcott the Eskimos they actually speak a few languages I
think about five and they their own language family and also Canada has some
ever different native language families some of them are related to each other
and some are not so yeah they Canadian banknotes
if you’re interested getting to native languages as well doesn’t matter what
country is this native language that is spoken by Paul small percentage of
population I encourage you to learn it because being a Polly got actually makes
you smarter okay so they are beautiful Canadian beat it’s bigger than the
Australians have a look at that that’s pretty shit I like this guy though
so have a nice day please like and subscribe or unlike Jeff
one seat you and let me know what you think of these Canadian maintenance okay