Hello guys, welcome to Dumping Channel
Today we want to show you, how to create coinbase account
What is coinbase account?
Coinbase account used to received or send your crypto currency
and also for sell or buy crypto currency guys
Open your browser
Type Coinbase.com
This is the interface guys
Then in this email box, fill in your email
and then clik get started
in This interface
fill in your first name
your last name
the email is ready
Fill in your password, don’t forget to checklist the user agreement and policy
fill in your password
then click create account
then you will be asked to verify your email
Open your registered email
There is an email from coinbas
Then click on verify email address
after that, the account is ready to use guys
Coinbase also have the mobile apps for android or IOS
for mobile version
Open at play store or apple store, then search coinbase
This is the Coinbase apps
Download the app, now the mobile version is ready to use
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