Cash FX Group
Cash Forex group
Cash Forex group that is the cash FX
Group welcome. My name is Robin weakly with a crypto mania life style. This is just amazing
that I came across this and I definitely want to go through this comp plan and
definitely get excited guys because this is
Gonna be here for the long
Term guys the long term. Okay now, let’s talk about something
now we have
Traders with the AI technology in this and I’m gonna go down and explain this, okay
Why the forex market? Okay
Forex market is the largest
most liquid financial market in the world, man
daily traded average 5.3 trillion
Okay, it is proven to be recession-proof
It is flexible risk management strategies available your cap. Your capital can be leveraged from maximum gains
traded 24 hours five days a week
So that’s all you need, and it’s capping
15% a week and you’re gonna see that
About cash forex group, huh? It says it right here
It is a team of project management
experts of financially markets
Educational team this focus of guidance of success and you can read this pretty much again if you want to pause the video
No problem
Definitely stay on this video
In the end because I’m gonna share if you you know join my team, I’m gonna give you bonuses
To definitely and it’s definitely going to have a great great journey on cash FX
It’s a corporate offices in Panama City, Panama
Broker partner work with the following regulation. So it is regulated
You can see right here is transparency honesty and respect
to and from the cash FX family
The cash FX trading success
this is all it talks about the AI technology the trading systems right here and it
Is definitely the marketing tools is going to be coming out the web TV web indicators. This is in pre-launch
This is definitely exciting
Okay, and you don’t have to you know be the one of those traders that sit at your your sit at your computer?
Cache FX is the one that’s gonna do everything for you
They have a team at a panel and they’re gonna help you win. And all you have to do is
compound those
Earnings. Okay. Now, let me say this a disclaimer. Okay. I mean this is you have to be you know
Anything is a risk in life. I’m not saying you’re gonna earn any kind of income things can shut down things can go that’s life
That’s all I have to say about that. But I feel good about cash FX, baby
Academy program you can see right here the cash FX Academy program is the key and it has the business of every trading
contract 3 Series they’re gonna have okay, they’re gonna have a the
Programs are going to introduce you to the world of for X right there. Supreme series is takes you further into
The Forex concepts techniques and if advanced of course is going to go deeper and to the Forex
Pretty simple. Alright, here we go here all the cash
FX trade contracts ice came in at the 500. I’m not gonna lie. I am definitely
Going to upgrade
To and my goal is to get to 100k, baby
now, this is Academy PAC all
All through here you could see okay
FX trade contracts and don’t worry about if you don’t understand about it just get in
Throw your cryptocurrency in this whatever you can you come in at $20,000 you’re you know, you know
Whatever and you’re risky you want to be a risky person. That’s fine
All right. This is a remember trading on the global. Forex market is risky
Please only trade money you can afford to lose no trade
Results can be guaranteed in any time of real trading activity. Got to say that
to be compliant
So here we go. You can see all the trade contracts right here goes up to
$100,000 right there the trade and
and when your
contract is done here at
100,000 K right 100 K. That means you’re gonna come out with extra 100 K. Okay, you get it
Simple as that it’s not rocket scientist
Rocket science
Alright go on to the exciting part
If you definitely want to be a builder and share it with others and say hey, you don’t have to do this
You don’t have to be a forex trader. You can go ahead cash FX
You know
Is going to help you
definitely you
know win and all you have to do is definitely compound and fly and then keep on
Step by step with your packages. Okay, this is set for a long time
Okay, cash FX group is set for long term
Longevity and I don’t feel it’s gonna go anywhere in a long time two years three years. Just imagine if you
compound your earnings
And then you’re at that finally maybe a take a year two years to get to 100k
And then there you go
Voila do it again over over over
over take profit go
You understand? So here’s the beer capital passive
You know you purchase any trade contract is all that is required to benefit from their
Capital earn up to two times your trade contract
He had a bull capital here refer one person that purchases any trade contract also qualify for the bull capital roars
Grow your team, earn an additional two times your trade contract value
So you make more if you go ahead and refer people in
cash FX
Group, okay
simple as that
Trading results are AI technology is good by we’re professional
There is no guarantees that professional forex trading this bonus also
Varies depending on Monday through Friday try to success cash FX has set a maximum trade earning cap of fifteen percent a week
That is great your trade bit of it is
Direct proportion to the cash FX trade contract sighs, okay
Now I’m going to this is getting this is getting to the gravy here 50 percent fast start bonus guys
and that kind of a pack is a part every cash FX trade contract academy pack cost is
30% of every trade contract up to 100 percent of value of each
Academy package delivered into the cafe. Yes
I mean FX reward program each time a new Academy pack is purchased 50 percent of that value
Is paid as a fast start bonus and fifty percent is distribute into the cash
FX unit level bonus you earn a fast start bonus every time you refer someone to
Cash FX earn up to maximum fast start bonus according to your current personal cash
FX trade contract did I hear did you hear that?
Fifty percent when you refer somebody
into this program
Are you getting the sided am I preaching right now?
You you should be getting excited and wanna, you know promote this bad boy
This bad boy is for longevity
And you real the company doesn’t need all the money because it could take that little bit
Trader on the Forex make a huge huge
Profit because the AI technology and the team and Panama is trading on you behalf
I’m not stopping here. Check this out. It’s getting better more greater
50% in you know level bonus if you choose to participate in refer a program you will earn additional
commissions as your team grows
There are 10 levels of growth that
can reward you as
You qualify further into the leadership program and y’all been into the unilevel. Guess what your your um,
Your benefits bro level 1 through 4 10%
You see this fit the percent of you and Jonah level bonus guys
And it goes up to level 11 to infinity is no other
Comp plan that can beat this Forex cash FX. Thank you
Getting better guys force matrix 3 by 10 say but
the residual
Matrix guys is paid from the cash FX 20% withdrawal fee
Say say what so if I was raw, you’re gonna take 20% to help the company. Hell, yes
Um, I mean, come on. I mean if I’m making
$50,000 sure take 20% because I don’t want this cash FX to last forever guys
So whoever this person is you’re gonna his name is Ron guys with conversion pros
His easy start of this and is it is amazing guys
The 20% withdraw fee is divider must three bonuses
50% bonus temper brits 10% matter
matric donuts and 40%
Leadership rank bonus, where are the leaders at?
You need to join this now is getting better guys
You see this all I could bring us 3 if I’m bringing in more is is dumping these blue into other people’s matrix
It’s a force company matrix, and this is sweet guys
That’s why I jumped on it a week ago, and I am doing videos every day
Because when you join my team
I’m gonna show you how to do videos because they’re gonna help you get on the rank if you’re ranked on YouTube
it’s gonna help me to I
Help you on Facebook. We are on a powerful team
My upline is powerful. He’s gonna set you up with the website
That’s gonna have all the information you need pauses video reap this force matrix
Force matrix 3 by 10. Look at this a network marketing first. That’s what I said
Network marketing first build a residual income even as a cash FX trading customer
That’s right. Even if you never recommend cash FX to anyone you still benefit from the dot what?
You’re saying what if I don’t if I don’t
Put nobody in I’m just gonna earn this
this is crazy as a forced matrix this plant bills from the top down and
Cash have earned you a position whether you’re a bearable you benefit
crazy guys and
here’s the
Leadership program when you go out there recruit. Can you help others you get?
Top and rank now. That is crazy guys crazy
So welcome to the cash FX Group cash Forex group
You join my team guys. I am going to give you these bonuses YouTube training
training a website to give information to
Your people if you decide to get people in if you’re a leader, yeah 50,000
100,000 to throw in it. I’m glad I’m glad to hit you mean to join my team
I’m glad I’m thankful. But thank you guys
Definitely excited. I found something that is definitely gonna work
That is it’s built for the people guys, and that’s it guys. So thank you for everything
Just get ready. This is going to be something that’s going to be very special
cash for X group is here to stay forever guys rock-solid and
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