You’re a millionaire, yeah
stock trading mostly
I’m known for mainly investing in the stock market
But it was at my 18th birthday that my brother helped me through insurance auto auctions. Not too sure if you know about them
But it’s a salvage title course. He had a dealer’s license and he assisted me in
Buying like he exposed me to the market of buying and selling cars
so ever since then I’ve been buying and selling I had a normal job and
I’ve been very frugal from like a very early age and because of that by the time I turned
20 I had enough money to like buy my dream car, which was like the GTR
Yeah, then I ended up buying the house first. I rented out to the rooms to two of my roommates
Probably one of the best decisions I ever made was uploading videos about investing in cars
I was uploading videos about investing like buy my first house
I uploaded videos about like my biggest day
Which was like a hundred all a day at the time when it came down to trading no one cared about any of the other
topics that I talked about other than how I explained how I took a position on
Specific like lower cap stock and and sold it for more and that like the overall feedback like the other videos got more views
But the overall feedback and engagement and actual like like networking capabilities was so much more engaging
with the trading videos for the last year so though you’ve
Mainly focused on day trading correct? Yeah, so I do it every single day especially with our
So, you know about tech buds Tech buzzes our free group, right? We have learn plan profit, which is our private course creep
I was someone that was like
Extremely against courses about yeah. Yeah. I don’t know sounds good. Geez. Yeah what I want I want your opinion
Like what do you think about courses common sense would say like if you’re a millionaire and you’re doing great then why bother selling course?
Exactly, okay
What’s your response?
So I was someone that like if you were to look almost exactly a year from now
Learn plan profit didn’t exist. Like it was my hat talk about solutions. That was it
And I would upload a bunch of free videos
My the reason I was against courses so much was because I believe that the experience again
Accessibility that was always my main focus and to understand that I’m gonna charge someone for accessibility didn’t make much sense
So then when I decided to create a course when was was the time when?
Why do you want to make it accessible?
Because I feel like I would want to keep my secrets, you know
It’s there’s no secrets like like to like buy and sell a car for a profit or to buy a stock and sell it for
A profit or to buy a property and sell for a profit. You can learn everything
I learned everything without taking a course just
simply by learning what it is that I did online the reason and how it is that I designed the course was where I
Planned I wanted to provide so much value in my eyes in the course that it became unquestionable
So look, like let’s say you’re someone that’s wanting to get started and learning more about investing in the stock market
There’s already a huge negative connotation with those who have courses 100 percent. Let’s say me. I’m 23 years old
Millionaire right girls cars on is in cigars houses all that
I got your page where the where it looks like every other like get-rich-quick thing, you know 100 percent
So no, no, no and the thing that I love about that is like what Trump’s all those like critics
It’s being able to see it happen every single day so I can create a course and regardless if like, let’s see
Who do you think is super like if you were to idolize like abyss life Jeff Bezos if you were to come out of with
a course on
how to make a
trillion dollar company
Right, he can make it as step-by-step as possible and still people will not be successful, right?
It doesn’t matter how structure the courses because there will always be obstacles to that specific individual individual that will always come out
So what I wanted to do was like I trade every single day. Hmm, right?
I have a course and I wanted to make it easy and simple to understand. I’m a
Specific type of trader where I’m I’m viewed as a little bit more conservative
So I present everything that is that I do for free online, right?
I never encourage anyone to be like hey
If you like want to be successful invest in the stock market
Purchase my course if you see any like people message me every single day and say hey
I just heard like I heard about you or learned about your channel learned about what you do
Should I buy a course? I tell them no, I tell them become familiar with my investment style on YouTube. Does it make sense?
And does it rise the resignate wall with you? So I had another youtuber?
Yes, I think a little bit over 300,000 subscribers. His name is Ryan. He’s more of a long-term investor
He’s next to me as a tray to live with and learn plant profit and he’s someone that invest successfully long-term
He said as he sat next to me
And I’m someone that is a little bit more at a slower pace when it comes down to my treating and I’m a little bit
More conservative and compared in comparison to like very active and aggressive day traders and he said that the way that I was training was
Way too aggressive for his style. So for him to be able to see how I trade it doesn’t make sense it
It’s too quick. He’s too emotional
It’s something that you can identify right away and the really cool thing that if you’re like, okay
Well, what if I want to trade with you and see if this market is for me
but the only way that I can do that is if I start investing in I don’t want to invest in what you say because
I don’t know if it’s gonna work. There’s a thing called paper trading. Have you heard of it?
no, so it’s simulation trading which means that
Okay roll the same
Fictional but it allows you to trade real time the same things that I do they give you fake
$200,000 or you can adjust how much you want to start with in every single video when they ask me
What’s the best way on how to get started I say again?
The odds are not in your favor and being successful the stock market. I swear like you can so
Yeah, Umar said it’s three to one you don’t concur with that and being successful. Yeah, heck no, okay
No, I run the largest like private Facebook. You’re on the largest channel and even for it
I I know nothing about the guy that you interviewed, okay?
Yeah, so all I’m saying is when it comes down to the overall stats of who’s actually successful the stock market
I believe in the values and the discipline and the in the whole like
Back and benefit of what you experience and learn from the stock market so much
That I think that everyone should learn how to invest in the stock market
By simulation trading because of the concepts because of the just overall mindset that you develop
I didn’t care less if you want to do this long term, you know
Not everyone’s wired in the way that I’m worried, right? I don’t know you follow me on Instagram, right?
I traded live with my learned plan profit cube today just like you do every single morning for about 45 minutes to an hour
I was down three hundred three three thousand and I was able to recover without even touching the position to over twelve hundred dollars profit
And I post like they get to see me trade live every single day. They see me enter. They see me exit
but still
Like how is it that?
Like if you were to and you consistently profit consistently profit
I mean I have thousands of members within learned planned profits I get to watch me trade live every day if
There was one time that if I were to experience an exponential like red day, and I don’t post about it
don’t you think that there would be a backlash of like why are you only posting your profits and not
Not your green, not your red days. Forget about my youtube channel forget about my course
You can learn how to trade with all the information that’s out there for free
100% you can learn how to be successful in any market like when it came down to learning more about
Marketing when it came to learning more about softer when it came to learning more about Shopify
These are all markets that I like am successful in now. Okay, and
Hold on though. Yeah. So again why why sell a course?
So when I first created the course it was –
There were so many of our traders that were investing in other people’s courses
mm-hmm, and they weren’t they they were saying that the way that I
expressed my
the information that you know about my trading and being able to like I did like a couple live trading sessions beforehand and they said
That being able to like if they could be able to see that every single day like that would be something that was
That would be a value not only do I trade live with them every day
But I dedicate 20 to 15 minutes at the end of the live stream to answer open-ended questions
And in the meanwhile, I’m breaking down stocks for them that they call out
So for someone that is just getting started
that’s going through the course that has two questions that
Comes across and wants to practice what it is that they’re learning and how to properly implement it
It makes sense that again
If you want to be successful in the market
It’s not just doing it once a week once a month or anything that but being able and having access to doing it every single
Day with someone that is already successful in it. That was my core. Focus. That was my main focus
So you’re saying you started the course because you saw these other courses that you didn’t like and you want yours to be more different
No, it wasn’t that I didn’t care about the other people that had courses
My thing was like there are so many members within our group that were
Asking for either to do like one-on-one mentorship with me to like on one-on-one calls, right?
I never did like mentorships Rena shank that but they always like ask the jump on video calls asked to work with me closer
they continue to ask me the same question over and over again when I was just like for
Like time purposes like it would make much more sense
To have a structured course out there and to have an outlet for those that see value in it
I’m good to enroll
My biggest thing was I never wanted to tell anyone that if you want to be successful, you have to enroll my course
That’s never never have I ever someone messages me. Hey
I had another guy messaged me again today
And again, I know that this might you might be like OBS
but guys message me all the time saying like
There was a guy that messenger saying that you are the best trader ever. I want to follow you something like that
I’m like
first of all
I can know I’m not the best trade ever and I really appreciate that you Steve Allen the way that I
Break things down but all together. What’s much more important to me is for them to watch my videos on YouTube
See to practice it with like paper trading to see if it works with that
And if it does great, everyone was calling Omar a fraud, you know on his video. Yeah
I did see a couple of the comments. Yeah, I know nothing about him. Okay, right
I don’t know if I’ve been called a fraud a 100 percent for like
Anyone that like is on YouTube that puts a course out there. I
Think like that’s one of the biggest things like for someone to call
I love to say there’s so many videos to put into perspective about life
Jeff Bezos or about like Elon Musk and how their fraud or how their stammers for even the companies that they’ve created
mm-hmm, and my thing is just like I
I share a bunch of information on YouTube for those that want to see it. It’s free and accessible for everybody
What why do you do that because I trade every single day
I’d surely like if I have a red day regardless of how our other businesses are doing
even if I lose $50 trading like it will
Have a like I will have a shift of emotions for the rest of the day. It’s just like how I’m worried. I
Don’t feel as productive. So like yesterday that I did not trade it ruined my entire day because I didn’t I don’t feel like I
Completed my day to day task our team so like our techbots group
We all live in like one or two of my houses
But mainly they all come over to my house and we work I wake up at 6:00 every morning
Trade now the market opens at 7:30
I trade for one hour live with the learned plan profit group about two to three hours total and then in between that I upload
A video on youtube and then the rest of the time all I’m doing is working with our private group
or our tech but solutions group everything that is that I try to share on YouTube is so like
Beginner-friendly because that is my that is my biggest goal
like there’s so much like beef out there for other youtubers and like for other like content creators within our niche that
It’s just like it just doesn’t make sense to me
Like I can care less about what other people are doing or why other people think that their course is better
Who do you beef with it’s it’s not that I have beef with anyone
it’s that because we’re like the largest YouTube channel out there and because I feel like because I’m so young and because how I put
Myself out that I kid in in the way in the position that I’m put right now
I mean, I’m not dressed fancy
I have my cars
But I have a huge passion for cars from the very beginning like that would initially motivated me to buy my GTR
that’s like me if I was someone just imagine this if I was someone that’s 23 if I truly want it to be flashy and
Gucci take private jets do whatever else does like eat expensive meals
I would be the one of the most hated people on social media because I would try to flaunt like there’s no tomorrow
And again, that’s just not who I am. I do what I do every single day because I love it
I trade every morning because I love it
I worked with my team because I love it and I work long hours because I enjoy every single minute
Minute of it because I do not feel fulfilled at the end of the day when someone asks you if day trading is easy what?
Do you say no? Okay, like if it was easy then everyone would be successful in it, right? Yeah
well, I read and I think the Forbes article said like only
Like under 10% like even make money. I don’t know how he came up with one third
I might I have to look at it again
He said something like I think he says like he manages his wrist at one-third maybe at 33% That would make much more sense because
Friends, I want to say that yeah. Yeah, so I like to say you make ten trades, right?
You make the total 10 trades each trade. You have a ratio of three to one
Meaning you make 3,000 you’re right and you lose $1 when you’re on
So we have a thing within learn plan profit called a five to one ratio. I mean that like I will only take a position
when a stock offers a five percent margin of profit and they want and I will manage my wrist at one percent meaning that like
If a stock has a potential to go up five percent and I’ll take that position
With a stop loss or managing my risk at one percent
So even if that stock doesn’t go according to plan I have five other chances to try to recover what I just lost
Okay, one of the biggest reasons that I think people fail is because they’re so obsessed about the monetary aspect
That the only reason that they get started is again to make more money
And you might be asking what isn’t that the whole point of investing in the stock market?
the reason that I think that I did so well and I never gave up in the stock market is because it yet I had
So many other things to supplement my income
That I was such a person such at ease to learn more. I knew that it could be done
but when you the the state that you’re in the current state that you’re and if you put yourself in a very
Aggravated aggressive approach to learning about a new market in there in a short period of time
It the amount of mistakes that you’re going to make and then the overall discouragement that you’re going to experience
because the monetary reward isn’t going to be there and good will ultimately just like
Destroy those people. Okay, Ricky. Yeah in three sentences
or less
If you’re a millionaire why sell course, okay
There was there was never like, okay
so the reason that I decided to sell a course was because I wanted to provide a
course out there
that was that provided so much value in comparison to everything else out there that was unquestionable and I really did think that I
Could do that while making it accessible all the other courses were
$500 plus. Mm-hmm. Just
the course
their mentor whoever the
Investor was would post their profits from time to time. Okay, but not being able to see it
Happen live every single day. I just wanted to provide this form of like
Transparency engagement and overall experience. That was so valuable that the course was viewed as
Okay, so from and I thought that I could again provide that from when I first originally created
The course and then that’s what I’ve in my honest opinion. That’s what I think that I’ve done
So and then I asked you again
so if you were to invest in any course out there too and not besides like mmm, not not saying mine, but
What qualities are criteria would you like it to have what did it make sense as someone that’s just getting started that?
Wouldn’t it be useful helpful?
To have whoever it is that you’re investing in from that the course to not only be accessible
Let’s say if you don’t have a lot of money, right you want to learn about it in the market great
The course is structured and on top of that if you have questions to not only have access to a group chat
But to be able to ask it in real time every single day
So the question of like does this kit actually trade or is this actually like I don’t doubt that
It’s just so yeah, it’s just you just have a passion for teaching
Pretty much. I really do enjoy it. I really know the the the back and forth with our students and again just overcoming these like
Obstacles that we do every single day. It’s just being productive
it’s every single day like in every business that we have if there’s one small change for that we are doing
That’s my like that’s my goal in learn plan profit and but like yes
That’s a part of our overall like company, but it’s a very small part in what it is that we do have planned
What’s the most you’ve ever put into one stock? I?
Guess risked risk
on average I take like
20 to
know like 20 to $30,000 positions like on the daily, but most I’ve ever taken is about a
That’s such a weird Wow
Yeah, I I don’t know. It’s a lot of money you owe
$42,000 position. I don’t and you think that’s a lot of money. That’s not that much money. I don’t trade with leverage
I don’t trade with like people think that I trade with a $200,000 account or a million-dollar account
I trade with that account that there’s thirty thousand dollars starting balance
Every time at the end of the month after I break over forty thousand I pay myself and I bring it back down to thirty
Cool, whatever in that’s every morning and this happened live. I was down three thousand dollars
I thought it was I’ve never had a three thousand dollar loss in one day
I thought this was gonna be my biggest ride and I was like perfect rad as I’m about to have this interview
I’m gonna have my biggest red day
Like that would be my like luck
and in the live stream
like if any if they asked for it to be able to see it you let me know now posted I
Was down I should have done I think like twenty eight twenty nine hundred dollars and it’s showed sense of the support
Which means that it was consolidating and then started making higher highs. I held it. I left it I recovered about
So $387
I went from down
nearly three thousand up through 87 sold and then started scalping it as those going up just buying and selling like
some of the peaks find the dip selling the piece and
I still I would have made I would have closed the day over six thousand dollars if I would have just held that position
Based on where it peaked out today if I give you a good 30 grand, I don’t trade further. Yeah, that’s illegal
Trust me. Really? Oh, it’s one percent legal. Yeah. Okay. We have we have people that
impersonate me
That message others
Telling that hey like I’ll trade for you and stuff like that
So again, if you don’t if you think if you know that I won’t help other people where to buy himself. I
Don’t tell people where to buy and sell because I didn’t work hard for their money
Right, so I don’t want to be the sole decision maker on where they invest their hard-earned money
So that means that I would not feel comfortable taking money to invest in it
but we have we’ve had investors that have reached out to us to
buy portion of either learn client property that have tried to buy into tech but solutions but many of your
your followers they probably
Naturally, even though you’re not asking them to we’re telling them to or anything. They’re probably just copying you
Clapping your every move they try to but again
That’s where we have such a huge focus and if you watch any we have a strike
Like if you’re consistent every day and everyone just copied you
when they make the same amount of money that you are
Profit wise if they were to enter an egg’s that have exactly the same times I were and we’re also usually trading with different account
Valleys. Mm-hmm. So right my thing is same account value at the same time
Yes live with you so it is live
So we’re trading live for about 45 minutes to one hour every day
Some of my trades that I buy and sell I still hold them after that
Right. Okay. I’m trading live for about 45 minutes to an hour every day. I see Valley and what it is that I’m trading
Right, right, but if the same person that’s mimicking
My trade doesn’t see value and doesn’t see the same pattern that I do
I might be quicker to cut losses or to lock in profits due to some form of indication that I see and you know
If they just if they’re if they copy when you can’t buy in and sell
But I’m not trading I would get the same result. I’m not live for the entire day
Okay, because the market to open forum 7:30 to two o’clock Arizona time. Okay. Why don’t you just go live the whole day?
discordant messages to respond to I
Literally if you would say ever if you’re ever in, Arizona
Trust me
If you were to see like a day in life with what it’s actually like to
Do our morning routine wake up at 6:00 go live film our two videos on YouTube and then for four to five hours non-stop
Respond to messages and update all of our social media accounts every single day Monday through Friday
Well, hold on. Why don’t you just keep a thing in the corner?
Keep it all live all day and that shows when you sell the thing so that everyone can
Make the money with you coz it’s not about mimicking my trait like that’s the thing why
Why not? Cuz we want to create self-sufficient traders the whole idea is to again, okay?
I’m a trader that you know that you develop your own I for value rather than mimicking me I get it
No, trust me
we get people that like, okay make sure that you tell us like where you sell or where you cut losses or something like
it makes sense why people want to know but again if you’re going to join my course to just try to mimic my traits I’d
Rather not have you a part of it. Hmm, cuz it’s just again, I’m not here to like spoon-feed any of our members
You cracked me. I’ll put these questions. Thank you. Dude. My goodness. Do you your talker man? You’re the professional talker. Um
Compliment or offended
no, it’s I I wish I could talk as fast as you I mean not as like I think as fast as you it’s just
It’s your thoughts. That’s what I’m talking about. Huh? Um, let’s see
Kind of fluctuations. Yeah, you need a lot of money. Most people need a lot of money than most money
I think if someone wants to learn more about like how to actually grow up if there’s someone that’s struggling for money
I would not say invest in the stock markets for you
I think you should be I’m not gonna yeah
I’m not gonna do it until I have like 4 million in savings and then I’m just gonna play around with like 30 grand
I think that if you’re really trying to build up capital the best way that I was able to do it based on my experience
If I can speak from that is to buy and sell stuff on Craigslist offer up
Yeah, I think that’s the best way I dare you be
Yeah, you seen that. No, it goes and buys action figures from garage sales and sells them on eBay
there’s such a glorified market right now with I just wanting to become an entrepreneur then it’s like people just want the like
Laptop laugh style the y5 lifestyle and stuff like that. It’s just like if you want I want girls to know. I’m rich
Yeah, well, I mean, they’re not struggling. You’re enough. No. Yeah, I’m fine now
I’m just kidding. I’m gonna take out a lot of this trust me
What’s the most you’ve ever lost in a day your biggest read day um
About 1500 the fifteen hundred ever in your life in addition hundred a day. Yeah
Hmm and the most you’ve gained in a day a little bit over 3,000 sticker simple jaehnig, okay. Yeah
Well, I definitely remember my my biggest screen day. That was like earlier this year
those genic is a leverage base gold ETF and uni and you do need to start out with like
30k at least you don’t need to like, oh I know but I mean
I’m either more you obviously the more you invest the higher though. It’s based on percentage growth, right?
So I trade with comfortably like my position sizes, although I have over thirty thousand dollars
I take sometimes $15,000 position sizes, which is still a lot of money for a lot of people, right? Mm-hm
it’s if you can prove to yourself that you can continuously grow your account consistently and you understand the growth to me and
To yourself, it would make more sense because you’re gonna become more confident as time goes on that
You’re gonna feel more confident to invest more money
so I think as time goes on you’ll slowly start to invest more money because that confidence and that
Understanding will be there. I would say if you’re someone that because just because we have
$50,000 or $100,000. Does that mean that you should get started?
No, I would treat you exactly the same way that someone that has 1,000 to start with paper, right?
Yeah, you started with paper No Oh
Again it’s all right, though. Yeah. No it was he already had money from other stuff, right? Sorry
No, but I went back to paper. I wish someone when I first started told me to start with paper
How long did it take you to get good?
When did you start five years to be consistent? Okay, so I first got exposed to the stock right when I was 14
Yeah, what do you do for fun? I work like I start it’s just love working. Oh
Yeah, you’re very ambitious. Very motivated. What’s your biggest aspiration?
Do you have one?
Would be the software to be able to actually have it fully up and running. It’s software
and to create the tools and resources that I truly do think can make it easier for people to not only have access to the
market, but
How the better sitting with it as well?
Usually people that like hate on me put my name on the videos and it’s the most popular video Wow
especially within our niche so and again if you were to think of how if you people hate on you mostly just because they think
You’re scamming be they tried to say that like I don’t make all my money with trading is no shit like, okay
Like I’ve never said that I have and they don’t discredit like my trading they say that I’m not the best
I never said that I was all I say is that again?
I invest in the markets that I do I share it for those that want to see valve it or that see Balan and that’s
it like
Cool. I don’t know if you would if you should put if you want to put stock trading milliner, that’s fine
but I would say more of like general like
Entrepreneur investor that would make much more sense to me as I have not made a majority of my money
Just by investing in the stock market
I think just to be like transparent like alright, because even if I think I’m still gonna put stock trader
But I’ll I think I’ll keep this part in those for
Transparency, I guess yeah, but what is worth right? Yeah. Thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing
Any last words?
Rookie, its I think my biggest two cents that I can give anybody
it’s just to
Test out any market that they are
Wanting to become more familiar with to not approach it in such an aggressive way
And I think as long as you continue to focus on being consistent that you make sure that you have a passion for that
For it and that you always keep it exciting
Those are I think three factors that truly have acted as a positive catalyst for my success. All right
sweetie Oh
Check out Ricky’s info in the description and I will see you next week