hey la winters it’s lousy six here and I’m in the middle of the jungle with a bunch of monkeys in China it’s a hot autumn day here in Hong Kong you wouldn’t believe this but I was in the taxi and I was headed towards this area where I was gonna pick up some stuff I needed and as we were driving by I saw sign and it said don’t feed the monkeys and there’s a fine and I was like is there a zoo nearby so I’m chatting with the taxi driver he said now there’s wild monkeys everywhere around here and I was like how are you kidding me there’s wild monkeys in China well Hong Kong and he’s like yeah this is thousands of them there’s tons of monkeys and I was like can you see them and he goes yeah there’s like a trail so I I stopped my taxi cab about halfway to my destination and now I find myself about two hours into a a nature trail up here and sure enough I just saw some playing in the in the tree swinging around from a distance but I hope to get a little bit closer to them this is absolutely gorgeous guys I mean like I’m walking through this trail in this very deep jungle with all these vines and I see I saw some snakes birds chirpin and here’s wild coffee plants and bamboo forests it’s absolutely gorgeous up here and his stuff I just can’t find in mainland China it’s funny cuz were literally like I can almost see mainland China from here I can almost see you know the city of Shenzhen and there’s this weird divide when you cross the border in nature and you look at the line but where hong kong is and then where china mainland china is and you’ll actually see the formation of trees change it makes no sense because why would the trees be any different you know meters across the road her across the river from hong kong well that’s because under chairman mao under his rule basically everyone was snatching up all the wood and stuff to make their backyard furnaces for their steel production quota so now i said we have to have a certain amount of steel to beat the soviet union people cut down all the trees they’re eating the leaves because there is a and completely destroy the countryside that’s what you see now over there it’s still incredibly green I mean we’re still in southern China but it’s all planted like a neat little rows so pretty out here but they’re all organized I call them organized trees and they just look like someone you know gridded it out and then threw a bunch of seeds in the floor here in Hong Kong it’s much messier in a good way much more natural no pun intended but it’s just so pretty out here and I really want to see some of these monkeys not just their silhouette in the trees honestly being up here and you know recognizing the fact that there are actual actual wildlife here kind of surprised me it makes me want to talk about something and it reminded me of of something I’ve experienced and in China and living there for eight years now but that’s the this prolific idea that traditional Chinese medicine or TCM is it is a very natural and holistic awesome cure and it’s becoming quite popular with Westerners abroad as well and the broad term of traditional Chinese medicine obviously covers thousands of different things but in general you’ll you’ll find that in China it is the primary way to treat or prevent illness and that bothers me in some ways because this seemingly holistic beautiful you know non invasive kind of the Qi the yin and the yang and all this kind of stuff all of this is very very natural in the eyes of a lot of people including people abroad and it’s not just people here in China and they don’t understand some of the more grim aspects of Chinese medicine because it does cover a lot of things that a lot of people would be completely against traditional Chinese medicine can get super weird and I’m talking like Hedgehog genitals I’m talking like armadillos I’m talking like camel hump meat but then things can get really wrong too and that’s where you find things like rhino horn or Tiger penis your penis or sea turtles for god sakes the coast I live on in Hawaii Joe actually has a sea turtle conservatory and I kid you not there is a sea turtle restaurant literally right down the road the thing is I’ve never been an animal-rights type of guy I mean I like animals I don’t particularly love keeping pets or anything and have a pet have had a pet bird and a couple dogs and a couple cats here and there but you know I don’t I’m not a huge animal dude there’s something really ironic about the effect of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM this supposed you know natural remedy for everything that’s just the excessive nature of the destruction of you know the wildlife and animals around and you know Cantonese people and the most southernmost province that I live in in China are super super well known for their excessive consumption of rare or endangered animals and it’s led to some animals extinction I have been in scenarios with some family members where we were at a restaurant and a mountain similar to this and they were serving links and they were serving rare birds and fish that they definitely shouldn’t be serving that’s for sure a quick Google search definitely confirm that and obviously I didn’t want to consume those by choice but for them it was a medicinal thing for them it was almost like I can spend this amount of money to buy this super rare animal and it seemed like the rarer the animal the more potential medical effects at hand so my mother-in-law for example has really bad eyes who’s getting like cataracts or something so she it’s all kind of kinds of weird stuff too you know to combat that as well and you know other people in the family and other people that we know in Guangdong have consumed you know very various snakes and all kinds of her rare sea life in order to combat their illnesses as well and it’s definitely a you know a case of the placebo effect Tiger penis is often consumed for erectile dysfunction or things going on downstairs not quite popping up you know and obviously it’s a placebo effect because you know protein is protein whatever you’re eating if it’s an animal it’s going to contain basically the same nutrients and proteins as any other animal so it’s very strange and you’ll see some of these things just going for absolutely of exorbitant prices and that’s the ironic thing is that traditional Chinese medicine is not just acupuncture traditional Chinese medicine is not just herbal remedies TCM encompasses a very very wide scope of very strange beliefs they you know you can’t just pick and choose as to its ones you want you have to understand that for the majority of wealthy Cantonese people or a lot of people in China traditional Chinese medicine is not like oh I’m totally ok with that but I’m not ok with that like a lot of people I know have consumed things that would be deemed highly illegal or you know highly highly immoral to consume I’m gonna get you monkey I’m get you he’s like running away the monkeys actually have a super interesting story here in Hong Kong apparently when they were you know the Brits were colonizing in like 1910 1913 or something they had to build like water supply pipes whoa hello Hong Kong I came out of nowhere anyway as I would say okay oh yeah come to Papa you doing up there boy wrestling my jimmies you come down say hi anyway the story these monkeys is very interesting the area that you just saw yeah it’s an example of a built-up area in Hong Kong now in 1913 apparently the Brits they were here obviously it was a British colony and they were trying to develop the area they found when they put down like the water pipelines people were getting super sick and poisoned and there’s this actual plant that makes this fruit that is incredibly toxic to most animals and humans so it was like even the growth of this fruit was poisoning the water supply and now there used to be before that there used to be these macaque monkeys but they disappeared probably due to hunting or something like that but anyway long story short they realize that the macaques loved absolutely loved eating this orange fruit or whatever you know whatever it was whatever it was called the mechanics freakin love it they absolutely loved it so they brought some back and they multiplied and there ended up being about 3,000 of them now there’s like 17 groups or little gangs of these macaque monkeys here in these mountains and they’ve they’ve kind of hung out in this area for you know since then however the mainland poachers came and since 2006 actually they found 38 traps set in this very forest by mainlanders and have caught a lot of the culprits who turned out to be mainland people trying to harvest the monkeys for their meat for traditional Chinese medicine medical purposes and also because they consider a highly nutritious it’s particularly amongst Canton people so in the gist in this general region there’s about 1800 monkeys left over and about 300 have been killed already since not that long ago by mainland poachers and essentially one time with this this new mainland Chinese dude showed up like a pellet gun and he was just sniping these monkeys and grabbing him for the bush meat or whatever bits the cops showed up and with a bunch of volunteers to help protect the monkeys and he just started firing at them as well so needless to say he went to jail regularly they’ll find the monkeys bodies dead ones with the metallic wounds or sharp object wounds in them which is kind of upsetting I mean anything for that for that rare ass expensive bush meat right but it does seem kind of weird right like obviously they’re not eating monkeys because they’re starving they’re going through the risk of potential massive jail times and huge fines to come over the border and steal these monkeys and why is that well believe it or not the city that I live in I have a family member that with a group of friends went to a monkey restaurant this is back in the late 2000s or so and at this monkey restaurant they actually will take one of these macaques and they’re the same ones is from here by the way and they’ll put it in the center of the table and they’ll leave it alive and then you’re supposed to whack it over the head with a hammer and open up its skull while it’s still alive and then you’re supposed to eat the brain of the monkey well that’s alive that’s actually what they did I actually don’t even think that’s a Chinese preparation I think that is some other countries thing but that’s that’s how they consumed it when I heard that story it was not from a person telling me that that happened to someone else it’s from the person that did it even they said that was very barbaric but they they still ate it and yeah it’s just it’s just deplorable it’s absolutely disgusting this absolute excessive destruction and killing of all of these animals is like to me representative of a of a culture that number one doesn’t give an absolute about the world around them I mean whether it’s the intense renovation and all these ghost cities springing up and fishing the Seas dry and all of these crazy all these crazy traditional Chinese medicines that use things that they shouldn’t be using whether or not that is indicative of a personality of someone that doesn’t give a about the world around them or not I think so [Music] hey guys please don’t run away I just want to make friends okay hi guys how you doing hey little buddies because I love a seat you know what I’m not scared you I’m not scared to you I’m just a monkey move move Jesus Christ terrified he doesn’t want me to go through you know what monkeys are pieces of I hate on their dicks I don’t care what Chinese people do at him anymore you had your chance I tried to defend you you’re gonna let me pass it’s time it’s bad well that was just freaking awesome thanks a lot monkeys I was trying to get some good shots with a good camera and I dropped my lens cap on the floor and the monkey freaking took off with it I appreciate it guys those trying to defend you this entire time now I think you deserve to be about Chinese people to bite at your legs they bare their teeth they growl at you the hiss they piss everywhere they’re terrifying animals I don’t know why I’m trying to frickin defend them oh god here we go again what are you doing to him you’re eating worms out of its asshole that’s so gross and we’re supposed to protect you oh I think they’re after me again dicks see if they attack me again when I walk back that guy was getting some that’s why no one likes getting their rimjob interrupted I’m out of here in all seriousness that was terrifying it didn’t think it would be so scary to walk through packs of monkeys but they are very territorial and now apparently I wasn’t supposed to look him in the eyes that’s why they kept freaking out of me this guy is angry the others are the others okay yeah does they’ll look at it me but everything is a dark side right chemistry brings us all kinds of wonderful things it also brings us chemical warfare you know scientific discoveries send us to the moon they also you know kill millions of people with atomic bombs medicine can bring us medicine that cures us or medicine that kills us and this is not to blankets a Chinese medicine is completely bad but there is something to be said for an industry that does completely decimate the environment as well as you know decimate populations of animals anyway I see a massive shift in the youngsters attitudes towards towards this whole thing you know with people caring more about animals and the environment and stuff like that plus of this excessive destructive superstitious kind of belief system that a lot of Chinese people still have today but things are getting better and we can always say that right but it’s always good to notice and compensate on things pass is pretty out here disgust pookie lots of these grades Maiki graves anyway I need to find my way back down the mountain because I was supposed to do something today and I got completely completely thrown off track and told the taxi driver to stop just so I could go up this weird-ass mountain and I did find the monkeys so it’s not over a you send your minions out to come get me huh so you guys are doing you plan to attack yeah bet you are [Music] the X bunch of dicks dude seems efficient anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this completely unprepared episode but if you did please give me a like and tell me what you thought about it downstairs down below what do you think its traditional Chinese medicine do you think it’s a hoax do you think there’s some truth to it I’ve been in many eight debates about this I’m no expert but I just I’m not a fan to be honest with you but everyone can believe what they want to believe as long as it doesn’t destroy the world right I think we can all agree on that Lao winners I want to say thank you so much well that winners and I’ll catch you on the next one turns out monkeys are like aggressive edgy teenagers they just like to hang out and like do graffiti and make out and lick each other’s assholes at the bus stop let us get back to civilization know how I’m gonna find a taxi I just found