I was in baking on a 32nd floor from a building looking at for my room to the city it was completely covered with smoke I was sort of like a veil of dust of pollution and I looked at it and I was like wow this you know this is also what technology can do it can liberate us but it can also cost 8 years of our life or gives children lung cancer on the early stage so I was like ah but we should do something with that you know and that was the beginning of the smoke-free Park [Music] China is home to a population of about 1.4 billion people and has undergone serious economic and industrial growth over the last 30 years Beijing has one of the world’s largest manufacturing economies which has required a ton of energy that energy has been predominantly powered by coal which is still burned for the production of electricity heat and industrial purposes the use of coal has led to a massive air pollution problem laying a thick veil of smog on Chinese mega cities the pollution in Beijing is a quite complicated issue because fading experience the very rapid population grows in the last 30 years and jumping from less than 10 minutes to over 30 millions populations living beijing but and in same time all those people will need more housing and jobs so then also causing more construction within beijing and heavy industries development and then also in one of the cause of their pollutions in Beijing the smog contains a variety of toxic elements including a class of particles known as particulate matter 2.5 or PM 2.5 which is small enough to penetrate the soft tissue of the lungs and other organs the long-term effect would certainly be very severe we already have seen the increase rate of the respiration of disease in children and also other people because of this moment so there is a responsibilities for Beijing government and also the community in Beijing to transit to a cleaner structure of the economy to help them to be less reliant on the heavy industries we’re in the Netherlands right outside of Rotterdam to see Dan roseguard dan is an artist whose work focuses on social design projects that are meant to be functional while still driving home a message now it seems like an unlikely place to be talking about China but Dan’s most recent work focuses on air pollution in Chinese mega cities we’re here to talk to him about how this technology is going to change the conversation about global air pollution we are at Studio Rose Garden right now and so here we work with a team of scientists enough designers on future landscapes in a way so where were you when you came up with the idea of a smog free park so one day I think I was on the 32nd floor of my room in Beijing and I looked at South outside in my window and there was nothing I could see anymore because the whole city was sort of covered with smog and I was looking at it and I was like ah but maybe we can do something with that with these small particles and that was the beginning of the small tree park so how does the actual technology work how does it pull smog in the air so the technology that we use is a nanak technology because the standard filter’ technology which is out there does not get the small PM 2.5 particles it’s a weird thing the smaller the particles the less you see them but the deeper they get into your body which makes them the more dangerous but what we did is teaming up with experts who have done a lot of new technologies in hospital setting to purify the air and they developed a sort of ionic field which charges the neutral floating small particles in a positive way and then we have a negatively charged area you filter it and actually building the largest electronic vacuum cleaner in the world which sucks up dirty air spits out clean air and therefore creating the cleanest Park in Beijing so Dan and his team have constructed this prototype of a smog free Park in the centre you have the smog vacuum and you can see a smog in the center being actually pulled from the air because of the lasers you can tell where the smog is and where it isn’t and in the center the lasers can’t be seen [Music] [Music] this is the stuff we were sucking up when this is raging smoke yeah and so we are actually breathing this it would be easy to forget about it when it’s in the air and dispersed but when you’re looking at it like now this course is really disgusting black yeah powder yeah but we realized we have to do something with that and we have like buckets of this stuff standing in our first studios in our first pilots and we realized like that it sort of exists for forty to forty eight percent out of carbon and right now we’re sort of compressing the carbon on a lot of pressure for thirty minutes and we’re making swamp purely out of it like rings or cufflinks and sort of by sharing a ring or cuff link you donate a thousand cubic meter of clean air to the city and so the finance that we’re making with the jury actually helps to enable the park so they feed each other which is beautiful and and sad at the same time this kind of project you know when you when you launch it they’re always five thousand people telling you it can never be done it already exists and we sort of decided to lovingly ignore them and say okay this is not the solution for smoke but by creating a place which is 75 percent working uses around eleven fifteen hundred watts for the whole area similar to do standard electronic vacuum cleaner you can give people and sensation of how the future can feel like and that was I think the most powerful incentive that we wanted to make you’re sort of dangling the carrot in front and saying this is what you can have if the behavior changes well it’s a provocation it’s a promise and a provocation all in one and and everybody knows the solution but how do we get there I think this is the real challenge and sort of by making a place which is shareable where you and I can go to say okay this is what we want that is I think sort of incentives that other institution or the citizens themselves can meet can can make new plans to work together to make a whole city smoke free to push project like this where by sharing you make a city better is I think the way of dealing with the future you know it’s complex there are no easy answers you know and it’s easy to judge baking and China but we had the same problem in Europe 6070 years ago and half of the stuff I’m using right now is being produced there so it’s not just China it’s all of us so on that note you mentioned European industrialization and certainly during the u.s. Industrial Revolution along its roids and all these facts clearly we produced a ton of our own carbon a ton of our own problems and how do we help promote growth in developing nations without promoting pollution we have to be creative and we have to stop making an existing system 10% less worse but we have to invest in new ideas new dreams new opportunities and this is on one hand about high technology but in other hand a desire to be curious and to make new things happen and let’s hope it’s enough so Rose Garden mitts that this is not a solution to our environmental crisis but in a place like China where smog is commonplace this at least offers a glimpse at what life can be like if we took the steps toward a cleaner planet [Music] okay I know I want to say oh my god holy man that was so quiet