It’s Chris Hemsworth, in
the new Avengers film.
So that’s probably
the most you’ve seen.
They won’t let you–
you haven’t seen it yet.
We’ve been doing the
press tour, and everyone’s
like, tell us about the movie.
And we’re like, we can’t.
Can’t tell you anything,
and it’s funny.
I’ve never had
more of a, like, I
feel like a fan of
this whole thing
as much as anyone
else and interested
to see if I live or die
or what happens to me.
So you really
don’t know if you–
Yes, you would have had to–
I have a rough idea
of what happens,
but, no I have
not seen the film.
And I do not know
really how it ends.
Because it was– we
shot number three
and number four, Infinity War
and this, over eight months.
And back and forth from
both films and overlapping
and in the end it was
just kind of like.
And it was being written
while we were shooting,
and the other one was
being edited and so on.
And so by the end of that
period it was just like,
oh it’s during
it– it was just–
I just, like, whatever
I’m saying today.
This is cool.
And I’ll trust the directors
have us in the right place.
So I mean, this is– what’s
it 22 films, now, across 10,
11 years.
And I don’t think there’s
anything in cinematic history
that’s ever been building
to a film like this.
This kind of journey.
Now, do you think this will
be, obviously, if you’re
killed it’ll be your last.
But you don’t know if
you’re killed or not.
If you’re not, do you think
you’ll do another one.
Look, as far as– this is
sort of Marvel’s phase three.
Wrapping up a culmination
of all this journey.
Whether or not they go off
and then shoot other things–
or do prequels or sequels
or whatever they can do.
I mean, Loki, my brother’s
come back nine times every time
he dies.
He just keeps appearing.
So who knows what’s
in store for anyone.
Me personally, It’s the
best fun I’ve ever had.
And I’d be happy to do more
if they wanted me, but–
Yeah, well then I
think they will.
More than happy.
Can I be in the next one?
I’d like to be in the next one.
You and Eduardo.
You’re lumping me
in with Eduardo now.
Behind you.
Behind you.
I see.
OK, so I’m behind you,
and he’s behind me.
OK, great.
I was envisioning a
bigger role, but OK.