Hey there, Rice from the Rice Crypto Show
here. And I just want to make a quick little video
talking about Bitcoin Lifestyles Club. So when I first got involved in cryptocurrency
a couple of years ago. I met this guy named Caleb Wright. And he had told me about his platform that
he had, this educational platform teaching people about cryptocurrency and blockchain
technology. And also teaching people the basic fundamentals
about how to trade cryptocurrency. And even getting into more than just the basic
stuff. So I decided to join Bitcoin Lifestyles Club,
and over the years Caleb Wright has been a mentor of mine, but has also become a friend. And I owe a lot of what I know about trading
cryptocurrency to Caleb. I love the community, you have an awesome
Slack group that I am a part of. There are different people who are part of
Bitcoin Lifestyles Club, they share their analysis, share their different opinions and
we try to help each other in this space. So if your thinking about learning how to
trade cryptocurrency yourself, make sure you check out the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club.