Today I would like to talk to you about
the Group Crypto contest. So let’s start This contest has been
designed to encourage collective discussion that’s why everyone is
entitled to make their views heard regarding the question under discussion
within the bounds of civility, of course nevertheless the group can make a complaint to
an administrator in case of aggressive behavior or lack of activity on the part
of one of its members in this case the person will be removed from the
tournament, all the previous answers will be disqualified. Other participant must
vote in order for a member to be removed from the group. That’s it regarding
the group work. Every question in the contest is asked twice the first time
the question is set at a pre-announced time this is a test question this one
right here. You can submit your answer before discussing it to assess your
individual accuracy and see whether it is higher than the group’s. The result of
these questions will be announced separately with a 50 000 CND
prize fund up for grabs. furthermore answer to these questions
will be taken into account in situations where groups have identical results and
as well as the prize the winner of individual competitions will gain access
to a special contest with an additional prize fund second question is exactly
the same and will be set three hours after the first after this one this
question will only be live for one hour don’t look at the timer right now. The
answer to the second question will be considered a group one. Groups must give an answer
to each question otherwise they will receive the maximum penalty, please note
for the rank question the maximum penalty is half the number of points
available so for question worth 130 points the maximum penalty is 75 points
there are two ways to submit a group and the group selects a designated person
who will answer the final question after discussion (we actually recommend this method) or all members of the group who wish to answer the
question after discussion can do so this case the aggregate of the responses of
all participants will be taken as an answer
this option is designed for situation where the group fails to reach consensus
the group must therefore select one of its members to be responsible for
maintaining a pre-created Google spreadsheet like this one right here
they will record every group response in the spreadsheet and indicate whether it
is a consensus or aggregated responce. Let’s talk a bit about how the points are
calculated all the group’s answers and points will be available in a special
Google spreadsheet like this one right the points are calculated by taking
the average number of points for all answers to the final question so if two
users responded to the final question and one received plus 50 points while
the other had a score of minus 50 the group will get 0 points based on the
experience of the previous challenge the best results are achieved when the group
submits a single answer that is collectively agreed upon
results will be announced more than twice a week that’s it for the group
crypto contest feel free to ask your questions in your telegram groups and
have a nice contest