cryptocurrency is a new asset class that
is dubbed as the biggest revolution
since the internet everyone rushed to
enter yet many of them don’t realize
that it is a wild unchartered territory
only a few experienced traders and
managers have the knowledge to
consistently profit on a market crypto
assets under management keeps growing
exponentially the numbers of online
traders keep growing with Asia and
Europe leading the way the trading
volume already exceeded the end of 2017
where the hype for retail investor is peaked

so does it means that crypto trading is
just for professional traders and not
for everyone just imagine if we can have
the best traders and managers around the
world to do the trade for us well
actually now we can meet CINDX
a peer-to-peer crypto trading platform
that allows absolutely anybody without
any specialized knowledge or skills
to invest in the crypto market and get
best returns start your investment with any sum your fund never leave your wallet so you
don’t need to worry about security
anymore browse through a list of world
class managers and view the performance
history and statistics every trade
executed is recorded on a blockchain
thus allowing you to easily access
verifiable trading success stories after
selecting a suitable manager you will be
able to match what they are doing with
their funds and replicate their actions
automatically for every winning trade
managers will receive a reasonable
success fee managers with great track
record will receive good rating and
automatically be promoted on the platform developers can also thrive in
the ecosystem by selling advanced
trading tools like robots and widgets
through the App Store the paradigm of crypto
trading has shifted now anyone can earn
along with the best traders in the world
CINDX win on winners automatically