so hello people are you going my name is
Glenn and today we’re going to talk about deep bank notes of the former
Yugoslavia or at least these free bank notes here so in front of me I have a
Bosnian 50 dinars no dinero and as you can see the date is 1992 it’s
a pretty basic design and all Bosnian banknotes – 1998
well actually mainly this design so this is the first series and it actually
comes in denominations of 10 25 50 100 500 1000 5000 then ten thousand dinars
and they were issued and in Muslim areas of Bosnia Herzegovina in the Serb areas
they actually used a different currency and light that I used this serving
dinner and in coalition areas I use a Croatian Kuna so on the reverse we have
our the most a bridge which was actually destroyed in
I think 93 or 94 by the Croatian militaries in Bosnia and subsequent
subsequently been rebuilt but as you can see it’s pretty pretty basic design
there is a second design issued in 94 and that comes from in denominations 1 5
10 20 50 100 500 my first Indian our now the 50 is different than this one in
that instead of having a bridge it has the coat of arms of Bosnia the second
series did have this bridge but they had alternating starting from the d5 dinner
then the 20 then the 100 in a 1000 that’s how you can distinguish them as
you can see has a Cyrillic and Latin lettering all in a serbo-croatian
and with the second series the actual has a coat of arms here and actual
serial number is actually more towards the center here so this first one suffer
from hyperinflation and now fingers replaced something like 1 million dinero
because one year dinner and the second dinner I had a exchange rate of 100
dinar cuz one blush mark okay okay Perez set dinar this is just a 50 dinar in a
serbo-croatian and if you have a look at the watermark not bad as far as I know
all these are pretty much the same design and size colors actually differ
vary depending on the denomination so here I have a second a lot of banknotes
and have a look at these these are actually in circulation in Serbian
Craner which is the Serbian part that was not
of our Croatia that was occupied and in 1995 Koresh actually read invaded these
areas and a lot of the Serbs actually fled the Croatian advance so
they actually is she drunk currency throughout the whole period they
actually had a three different types of currencies so here I have the first top
currency which one was that okay to have a look you need to turn on the back so
the currency with the Canaan fortress so cannon was actually the capital of this
self-declared Republic so it is a the actual last
series that was issued and that makes this one the first series so just this
issue in 1993 and as you can see has the coat of arms of Serbia no serve with
nationalism and this is a hundred million dinars quite a high value
and dicks actually comes in denominations of 10 dinar to 10 billion
you know so that’s quite a lot of our inflationary impact on this famous
series and as you can see there’s a watermark
that’s you’re in your security feature in our bazoom this is actually who
printed the actual bank name now if you see on one side it has a decoration or
Latin lettering of serbo-croatian on the other side it has the Serbian or this
relic lettering of survey question so then in 1993 there was a revaluation of
1 million dinar a two-in-one new one with the lowest banknote in this series
was 5000 which is this one so as you can see has a fortress yeah which is a it
was a political center of a car washer and the demetrius is a Vaughn mia in
1076 and to 1089 the current building originated somewhere in a 16 to 7,500
period and as you can see has Keene in there as well as the governor as a
denomination in our lettering and if you look on the other side has I’m
correlation side as well and has this urban coat of arms again or the
nationalist coat of arms not the actual Serbian one that they used nail but
that’s the water Mike so the water Mike is pretty much the same as the other one
so although these banknotes actually not really attractive themselves politically
they actually and historically they hold are very important
aspects on a breakaway republic that no longer exists and is now part of Croatia
so anyway I like to thank you very much for watching this video and if you don’t
know anything about the civil war in Croatia Bosnia former Yugoslavia ah now
you know at least a little bit and hopefully in future planning to actually
get these more of these banknotes oh sorry I’ve got the Sade 1994 evaluation
was 1 billion you know two one you dinner so this was pretty worthless and
so was this and that come in denominations of 110 and 500,000 dinner
and one in 10 mean dinner as well and their design was pretty much the same as
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