The relationship between India and Pakistan
is one that has seen a lot of lows. It’s stressful. It’s tense. It seems it’s
not improving and it’s getting worse. It’s only been 60 years that we have been
apart. Before that we were living harmoniously together. I think a lot of strife would go away if you
took away the barriers in the middle of the two countries. It saddens me that we have this neighbor that
we can’t even go visit. They have this perception that has been engrained
in their heads as the bag guy but when we actually meet them they realize ‘you’re just
like me.’ Mainly because there’s no communication. They’re
near us, but we have no access to them. And it’s sad, because together I think we would
do wonders. We’re creating an environment where young
people can exchange ideas, thoughts, gestures, and take away that communication gap that
exists. If I have any opportunity to go to India,
I’ll surely go there. The whole idea of actually touching hands,
it’s like communicating with each other without words. And that action speaks louder than
anything else. It’s like, this is what we’re supposed to
do, right? We are going to take minor steps so that we are going to solve bigger issues. It is more about how similar we are as opposed
to how different we are. Togetherness, humanity, this is what we want.
More and more exchange.