so hello people here you going today
this is Glenn and today I’m back with a video and it’s a reply to a question
from Paul Mullins now did give a reply in the comment section
try to reply to everyone because it’s just a nice thing to do they taking
their time to watch your video in comment on it so it’s only good thing is
that you reply to the questions or whatever doesn’t matter how many
comments right I’ll try and keep on top of it
so today’s right answer and why just to collect that or do i buy and sell coins
well to answer that i’m pretty much both but it depends on what type of coins
there are so i only trade in modern coins so 18 19th century and older coins
like this cushion textured Rackham so for dragons this well that’s not
included and these that’s a Chinese coin cash coin a polymer bang petits mughal
rupees see I like to collect this one so I really don’t want a part of them and
ever areas I just collect I just collect I don’t sell Italian state so this one
is an Austrian lombardo vanetti yeah so this was minted vase I’m into the knife
Venice not Vienna so Venice and as part of the Austrian province in what’s now
Italy I declare Roman coins so this is another one I’ve shown before that looks
like ello Cabela’s and this is a signet quantity artist so I collect these I
don’t sell them by sometime coins I just collect I don’t sell because I just like
these coins ah Indian coin so not to show where this
is from probably medieval period so these coins
are collect and medieval Europe so this one is why is it that some Swiss Swiss slightly huffing tell me about to
look that up got 24 so it’s 124 for by me Tala can’t remember off to look that
up mainly do video nice Neoga this coin silver coin so there’s about silver and
I’m not sure what this one is got see if on it B has a cross and you ever saw if
anyone knows what he’s quinny’s that’d be awesome
so don’t in German States German and Swiss state coins so this is a from one
of the branch fig Holdings can’t remember the a part of it but it’s a
one-owner Brunswick but what I actually sell its modern coin so I Saudis
shilling 1943 this is the most valuable Australian chilling this one’s probably
worth about $100 a German states so United German coins i buy and sell so so
to mark let me move the camera around so I can get better yeah there you go
so German mark this is Russian so 1976 but I actually don’t make this channel
to sell stuff it would be good if I’m it goes down but just made this channel
just to for fun and to inform people so here’s a no one that I don’t actually
buy and sell this is the Austrian coin 20 quid sir
18:30 and I will actually like that coin and I don’t actually sell all the German
site so this one number to mark from buying I think I’ll keep that one in is
Hong Kong it’s a quite a rare coin and this one I keep I do keep modern coin so
any of them there to actually attract you I try to get one
from each country from and issues trying to get all these Albanian coins to
actually quite attractive very good design so I’ve made another video here
in coins of Israel from the 1960s so this is this set so these coins are
actually keep because well as I said a like eight sets and what I’m trying to
actively collect now other coins from South Vietnam so a five dollar have a
one dong 1960 ten su I actually did have days and I sold them I sold for poultry
forty dollars they’re on a nice set you know quite obviously that was when I
first started selling on eBay now I could have um actually got a few
hundred dollars from him 966 because most of them were in very good condition
okay 1964 ten dong from himself and now and no some are not too sure with like
this Indian rupees so I’m for me over these are Mughal rupees and this value
but this one’s I’m not too sure so I like is 1881 he’s actually a lobe mimic
in a few million 1919 1892 so I just got these because well why not
I never got them before someone so get them so dear are some that I’m actually
mm-hmm not really sure on to sell now in
banknotes also binds he’ll think notes as well so here I have some Spanish
banknotes I actually collect these sick because have a bit the back awesome
I did make another video about these but I’ve got a few since then so I actually
keep these banknotes I’m not gonna sell them except for this one but this is
only an extra bang that so I don’t really need it now he’s keeping
it nice or sellin some banknotes I have to get rid of because I spent too much
on him in the wife’s count if the guy get really lean on one team so these
Montenegrin banknotes are going the the at the moment is just too expensive to
collect and like these German ones I collect because I actually want to get
the set of all these letters so uses em I do have another banknote with em so
this a poor example is actually for sale and well this low-grade space banknote I
don’t need anymore you know that need this buy from
banknote so I actually am increasing my grade so this one’s also for sale for
sale for sale in Cook Islands I’m not bad serious so I don’t really want to
collect them at the moment so get rid of that and I have an extra 15 khayat’s
from boomer these actually not too expensive to get down off anyway one
area I don’t collect and I just buy coins for videos here on YouTube then I
have to get rid of them somehow are these 50 cent coins commemorating Oh
could see Australians at war so these ones mmm no not really part of my
collection and sometimes I do buy a lot so this is uh to commemorate a royal
wedding he has the poison horn Eagle in it things up
pepper Gus paplu Ghanian so double hit a eagle used by certain monarch in the
Byzantine Empire or any bad feeling about 1200 so I buy and sell these and
well this one is actually a good design American half-dollar
so actually brought a few at ease I sell my some I’m gonna keep one I mean that
that has a bit of an error on it but this one this one is on my store so as
you can see I did collect some coins and I sell others like if I look I brought
these to sell Vietnamese $20 only new one
so the other one I have to I don’t have to but you know there are actually two
issues for 1968 so I need the other issues so I’m going to get running one
of these and hopefully get the other issue so coins are different circulation
like is to Australian dollars these ones I put on eBay
I do keep one of each but as collectors items are actually worth more than $2 so
those ones I actually well like to sell in another part of my collection which I
do not sell these are our sorting sumela mm no I think there’s mum would remember
goddamn Simas gold man else is a sauce to bear so I keep these I have a tanker
and a phallus and these are the part of the same denomination series as you can
see the design is pretty similar so those ones they keep and then I get some
coins that like these error coins which I’ll make a view on these have a clam
floor this is a cool day it’s over D 943 and I’m buying is just to make a video
so I can show you but I don’t really want to collect them so we shall see how
they go on eBay and what else I did showed is Morgan
dollar it’s in the case this is a 1891 and I had it’s quite a
popular San Francisco meet actually I don’t collect these maybe I should keep
that hmm but yeah I’m not interested in collecting those and Australian coins
I actually don’t reactivate collect I do buy and sell them whereas these ons as
you can see designs pretty much the same I have kept one I’m not really
interested in collecting the whole set so that I hope that answers your
question actually do you have our collection but I also buy and sell and I
would say this is probably the same with almost every coin collector on who has a
substantial sales whenever probably a few just buy and
sell coins I’d say a lot of them actually also have a collection which
they actually keep so I like to say thank you very much for watching my
video if you have any other questions please leave a comment if I can help you
in any way that would be awesome I also do like Top Gear’s I like to answer your
questions because that is just a good way of getting people into coin
collecting so I have awesome coin collecting time people