Hello everyone! This is Aiza Mercado
Today, we will make a video review
about this site called “Coinslevel.com”
which they offer
“Exchange crypto to fiat at the best rate”.
So stay tuned coz we will review this site
whether it is a SCAM OR LEGIT.
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This is the coinslevel.com site….
They offers us to “Exchange crypto to fiat at the best rate”.
First, what does Fiat Money means?
Inconvertible paper money made legal tender by a government issued.
Like for example:
Philippine pesos (PHP)
US Dollars (USD)
Won, Yen and ETC…
They claiming that they’re platform seams to have the biggest best rate…
and they also gives us extra profit
whenever we use they’re website in exchanging.
Disclaimer: I do not ruin a companies name…
Im just reviewing it so we can all be aware.
And comment down below
with your experience using this coinslevel.com platform!
Lets start…
They offer lots of crypto currency which we can trade into fiat
Alright, here in this part…
You will see your Extra Profit whenever
you exchange BTC to Paypal.
The exchanging currency here is….
crypto currency to Paypal.
Alright, take note: its PAYPAL!
You can also see the Market rate,
compare to their rate.
and also the profit you will get.
Here, you can use this as a calculator.
You can calculate how much the BTC,
or how much the crypto currency
will convert into Paypal according to their rate.
Alright, for example…
If you have 0.01 BTC
It will convert into Paypal with
39.96 US dollars
plus the additional 4 USD bonus.
Alright, so. Thats how they’re crypto to fiat exchanging works…
And as you can see here….
Some YouTubers have done advertising this site.
Lets check here in our Youtube…
Here. When you type and search coins level,
You will see here, *Youtubers name*
*Youtubers name*
*Youtubers name*
For me, coinslevel.com paid some bigtime Youtubers to advertise their site
BUT non of them are crypto vloggers
or non-earning extra money online vloggers
Why would they endorse coinslevel.com
knowing that their content is not all about MONEY.
Just comment down below your opinion about this.
Below here, you will the Transaction ID,
the price, and the BTC,
profit and order status that have been made by the users.
Now… We will check what would the existing users have to say regarding to this site.
Alright, so here in Youtube comment section…
In this video…
I read some comments coming from the users.
It says here… “BOGUS, BOGUS, BOGUS”
.. after you recieve first payout,
.. you can no longer use your Paypal account”
“You can no longer use your Paypal account”
“What a waste, she’s beautiful
but she’s endorsing a SCAM SITE”
“Coins level is a scam!”
“Paypal will block your account when they found out that you are receiving money from Coinslevel”
“Beware of coinslevel.com”
Coming from one of the users…
“What’s this? Do not share things you don’t even know how it works”
“Girl, delete and apologies”..
“Coins level is a scam through Paypal protection program”.
I also try converting my BTC here in coins level,
you can see here, i tried
41.12 US dollars,
and will get an additional profit with 4 USD.
What i did here, i did not pay the corresponding BTC
and waited if they respond to my transaction…
And fortunately, they did!
Alright, “qoute”
“I’m Shane Marcos, CEO at coinslevel.com”
“I noticed that you’ve registered yesterday and didn’t make any exchange yet”
“Is there any problems with exchange? Any issues? Why you didn’t start exchange?”
I just noticed and start doubting about this….
“Is there any problems with exchange? Any issues?”
Why dont we start using and start exchanging with their platform??
Its like, they are forcing us to use their site immediately!
They’re like forcing us to invest or trade our crypto to fiat immediately.
At the end of the message,
“Thanks a lot! Shane Markos, CEO of coinslevel.com”
This “Shane Markos”…
i tried searching this name at Facebook…
and as you can see…
If you are really transparent CEO of a company,
you’re profile will appear here in Facebook.
Alright… so my final verdict here in coinslevel is…
DON’T USE it anymore
once you’ve use it,
and receive your first payout….
Paypal will hold your funds and account
once detected that your receiving money from coinslevel.com
Its true, you can use this to exchange crypto to fiat
but you never know if you can still get your money to Paypal.
You can read some articles or comments before investing to any platform.
We’re done and this is my review for Coinslevel.com
and comment down below your experience using this site/platform!
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This is Aiza Mercado again,
and have a great day!