Hello Australia, Hello world, this is
Jamie Lee Crypto koala what is going on with Bitcoin at the moment it’s going
through the roof now I can see some really good buys at the moment so what
I’m gonna to do I’m gonna go down to my local newsagents and I’m gonna deposit some
money and I’m gonna want it in there today! I want it in there this weekend
so I’m gonna go down there and deposit 160 dollars into my coin spot account
and this is my deposit QR Code and I’m just gonna show you guys how easy
actually is so we have a look there that is my deposit QR Code that’s going to be
a hundred and sixty dollars worth so I’m gonna hit the gym and you’re straight
after that I’m gonna go down to my local newsagents and I’m just gonna record it
and show you guys how easy it is so I want to get this money in my account and
into your coin spot instantly so hopefully if I go down there it’s gonna
get in there instantly and I can buy some neo and I can buy some alternate
coins guess why they’re so cheap so guys I’ll see you soon
well here we are at the news agents well we’ll go in there in a minute and make
our deposit now I’m based up in Mackay there’s a few news agents here at the
moment and they’re doing blue Shyft I had a look at the Blueshyft website
earlier on and and they’ve dotted all around Australia but I think you could
have a bit of problems if you live in the outback that’s the only that’s the
only drama and I think hopefully more and more gonna come out in the future
now since they bought this out it’s been really convenient I love it gives the
fact I can go down and my local news agency and make a cash deposit because
so so much easier and I don’t have to wait three or four business days for it
to clear it’s in there so I can go home once this is in there on go home it
luckily start buying coins and which is really good news the only downside is is
that the charge you 3% fees but then I think is worth it for the convenience
and so let’s go in there guys and make this There is my $160 dollars worth, How you going there, good thanks Here you go here is my QR Code, there you go, there you go here is the cash. That tells us that it is a $160. She has scanned the QR code Its say we can only take cash, It should be on your screen so so there we go is easier that guys
thank you very much there we go that’s how easy is to make a deposit and my local
no news agents I hope you’ve enjoyed it here we go guys
well that’s how easy it is guys and is so straightforward now shout out to
Moore’s news agency that’s based in Mackay for helping me make this
video let me making this video it’s been really helpful thank you so much and I’m
on Steem it I’m on Twitter come follow me guys pound that like button if you
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and all you can check them out yourself you can go through Google just make sure
it’s got that HTTP so it’s not a n phishing email at all so guys if you’ve
got any questions in relation to coin spot you don’t ask me directly send me
an email weren’t comments below and I’ll try and answer the best I can so guys I
hope you’ve enjoyed my video and hopefully it’s gonna help you if you set
up a cool account and if you want to make a deposit yourself so guys I’ll
catch you later and have a great day!