so I hello people hain’t gone
this is claim from GU MIDI coins and banknotes and today I’m just gonna have
a little review of these Congo 1000 franc banknote yeah he sees not the
highest and not the lowest denomination the lowest denomination is 10 francs
anyhow it is 20,000 francs if you know anything about the Democratic Republic
of Congo you and now today do not issue any coins and the actual last coins out
issued for circulation was that you 1988 tens is that belong to a previous Z
currency so this franc has never had any coins
issued although they could probably issue coins from probably 10 to 100
francs yes so this banknote here is equivalent to one US dollar so twenty
thousand francs is equivalent to twenty US Dollars and it’s probably equal to
like probably like a month’s wages no probably not probably like a week’s
wages yeah so on the front we have two methods there at the top we have two
dear like animals they call it a copy that are indigenous to Africa and a
plate a related to drops and here we have a traditional can yolk type of
pottery useful storing things they usually call it like a Ken yoga box or
storage container whatever but I can actually not find that much information
about this type of beautiful pottery have a look at it it’s quite intricate
and it’s generally black in color that’s basically all I know so has a
date this one was printed in 2013 and this will issued in a 2012 to increase
the denominations in circulation and it’s like a a seal from the Central Bank
of Congo Thank You central to Congo funny had the Republic of Congo is a
similar name but uses the Central African Frank and they use coins so on
the back we have the map of Congo again and these measures are put to map on
Congo so we have fibers colored fibers which actually not that common in
banknotes these days most banknote countries issuing countries don’t have
fibers on their banknotes it’s pretty common in the thirties or forties and
your watermark ISA copy and 1000 and the security Fred so
segmented security fred and it has public democratic of congo in issues and
what’s the can’t read it actually it’s like ten thousand every springs and the
animal picked it on the back is the gray parrot that’s endemic to that part of
africa and maize or corn which is a staple crop in the democratic republic
of congo and also we have a denomination for native languages although I’m not
too sure what languages they are they’re probably mostly Bantu languages when I’m
probably Swahili which is a trade language yeah
Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo yeah probably ever freer
Friedel I just languages spoken in the country so they speak now it’s quite
good so this color does clash with the 20 franc here which is also green it’s
actually quite a different type of banknote and the size is totally
different so here I had the sizes and as you can see the 20 franc is longer but
not as high as the 1000 Frank so hopefully I’ll be able to get these
series sooner or later and they’re not going to show you what the rest are but
if you’re into collecting banknotes of Congo I recommend that you get this
series goes from one sin up into 20000 cent I’m not 21st and sent 20,000 francs
so quite a good banknote well and that damaged areas caused by the in the
process of putting they actual security thread into the banknote and this
happens and a lot of currencies is quite common on Hong Kong dollars as well so
thank you very much for watching this video if you’re interested in purchasing
Congo banknotes I’ll leave a link down below and have a awesome bacon up
collecting day