hello people and going today
and have a look at this Bank night it’s not a bad banknote it’s green in color
and it’s from the Democratic Republic of Congo and he does a commemorative 500
francs banknote he has the date down here 30 36 to 10 and it commemorates the
50 years of the independence of Congo from Belgium no commemorative banknotes
are issued by a few countries like Australia has issued to Papua New Guinea
is issued a few northern I think Northern Ireland and Scotland have
issued a few commemorative banknotes but a few countries do not issue them like
the EU doesn’t issue commemoratives then the United States does not New Zealand
has never issued a commemorative banknote actually no New Zealand has in
2000 commemorate the Millennium yeah that’s quite a good bet now you know
getting off track so on the front we have the port of Matadi I presume that
is on the small coastal area that the Congo has so on the map will be
roundabout yeah so over here most of Congo is actually landlocked so we have
that we have the actual name behind it in micro print and we have a logo of the
central bank Banco Sandra do you Congo then we had value here in guessing it’s
francs and you notice that if French has deeper societies 100 since King cents is
500 and we have the map of the Congo and if you turn over those who should line
up if we put the light yeah and it’s curious that it
has these colored fibers which are not really common in banknotes these days we
all say yes oh okay don’t know what that school but Itza and different type of
printing so this one is like 500 this one has died 500 and just goes to same
he has a security fred and this has a value of about fifty US cents okay we
have look at the reverse has the average quantity kinsuka so the King King King
took a bridge and as what it is commemorating so Jim can’t edit the
independence only 62 210 has a denomination for different native
languages well I haven’t actually looked that up so I’m not sure languages say
yeah so it’s a bit like a Nigerian banknotes I have the dominant language
on the bank name and here is the logo for the commemoration yeah believe the
water Mike isn’t a copy I have to look that up and this Bank no musician 2010
but he did not permanently replace a normal 500 Frank banknote which is um
this one yeah Lucar to confuse people because the
which Bank Note II 50 Franco believe he’s actually a green color on Cyrus was
thanking his attorney frankness green color the 50s purple so those who are
illiterate they could probably get confused between these two banknotes
they circulated alongside each other we stated for a certain amount of time and
this Bank is actually currently in circulation is the last printing was
2013 oh you know the back command we did Bank
name it’s the one of the few that was issued in Africa so if you like your
spank note please get it there any cheap plus five to ten bucks each and they are
good if you like to collect commemorative banknotes so thank you
very much watching speedy and have an awesome day