so how like people are you going through
the Glenn back foot banknote from the Cook Islands and as you can see it’s
quite a strange denomination so you this is a free dollars and it the fries more
of a denomination you’ll find in Russia or the ex-soviet Republic’s and this one
is actually you should the Cook Islands so this is uh I think it’s nominally
independent but it has a an association with New Zealand and the cook island
Allah is I equal to one New Zealand dot and as you can see they actually issued
a free ten twenty and fifty dollars and each day it has a representation
from a different Island so this is a to tacky
this is in the southern group and it has digitus people dancing has the map of
the islands as a gastropod shell can’t remember what they are
anna has a bird and a plant so I know you would actually recognize these it
looks like a banana tree but all we actually want to find out what that bird
is anyway this island is only about eighteen square kilometres it’s quite
small too cold at all honest why you got the coal here and you have some 19 fish
looks like a parrot fish in the back and all these nights you’ll get most likely
triple-a it was any Cylon yes population of that to 2200 and the watermark does
have any water marks can’t see any on the backside we have a
scene from the Rarotonga which is actually the main island and then this
is a church so all these people being Christianized and apparently before they
were Christian I was actually very warlike people and here we have a plan
Haidee God ends us so it’s in the giardiniera genius actually looks nice
and we have a lots of gastropod shells carry shell surrounding and those carry
shelter gastropods and you’ll probably find these on beaches and phone you’ve
got bivalves down there as well beautiful so this was an issue of 1992
so let’s see if there’s any water mark oh yeah the water mark is a turtle down
there there’s a security fred and these are as
far as I know these are actually still legal tender the Cook Islands
did they the east did issue coins up until about 1994 and then later on they
actually issued more coins think about 2015 or 2016 actually issued coins that
were similar to the reduced coins of New Zealand so quite a nice banknote not too
hard to get on the internet yes I’ll leave a link down below where you could
actually buy some you know I quite like this serious I want to get the arrested
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