Looking at the Markets with David Moadel — Creative Ways to Make Money in Cryptocurrency If you want to make money in
cryptocurrency you’re gonna have to get creative but you can make potentially a
lot of money in cryptocurrency my name is David Modell this is looking at the
markets I want to show you how you can get creative think outside of the box to
potentially make a lot of money in cryptocurrency I’m gonna show you how in
this video so you’re going to want to watch the whole thing I found this
article on news BTC calm I’ll put a link in the description below this video if
you want to read it it’s really good creativity and value will win the crypto
currency exchange wars I mean you remember how coin base was the most
famous crypto currency exchange and then Along Came finance or banants and they
got creative and they pretty much overtook they became more popular than
coin based believe it or not how do they do it well through creativity through
out-of-the-box thinking banants offered YouTube influencers a big prize for
whoever could make the best video okay so they got creative and they became
extremely profitable alright so that’s just one example and
I’ll give you another example from this Naaman acts a relative newcomer to the
exchange world is creating a referral program that will drive business in a
similar way let me explain the nominee X affiliate program allows users to
exchange or to share a referral link with friends or to spread the word about
Naaman acts through media or through your community and each referral
receives a bonus but check this out you know how usually there’s only two or
three levels of bonuses for these kinds of programs well with Naaman X it’s
unlimited again no limit to the number of referral levels that users can
receive bonuses from I don’t know if any other program like this where there is
Nolan to the number of levels that you can
profit from and so beyond creativity there’s a value proposition okay as the
number of exchanges on the market just explodes you really got to offer value
and be creative and again we’ll use nom and X as an example the company is
offering a series of token distributions for early adopters if you get in quickly
first for a month after the opening of the exchange all users will receive 100
percent cash back on all trading fees paid in NMX the Nama NEX native token
you know how in the stock world some of the exchanges are offering you know
either cashback or free trading you know a commission free trading well this is
very similar except it’s in the world of crypto 100 percent cash back on all
trading fees paid out in NMX the Nama necks native token and after this first
phase the company will continue returning a portion of the trading fees
as a pool paid out to users each day these bonuses are paid or will be paid
on a percentage basis of the total transaction volume for example if the
user had 1% of all transactions on a given day he would receive 1% of the
pool I mean this could be very very big could be huge huge incentives for
getting involved in Naumann X so I mean what is Naumann extend out the basics
and then I’ll show you what it looks like it’s really cool so Naaman X you’re
going to want to go there Naaman X dot IO is the website put it in your browser
or I’ll put it in the link in the description below this video but Naaman
X is a high-tech trading platform that has been created from scratch and
developed for two years on modern cloud technologies designed to simplify and
increase the efficiency of trading for both professional traders and beginners
so whatever level you’re on you can you can use this exchange it’s one of the
lowest trading commissions in the market many trading pairs over 40 actually
advanced trading tools and lots of order types instant deposits and instant
withdrawals as well super-important an absolutely unique affiliate program
allows you to earn from an infinite number of referral levels not just two
or three like you might see on other exchange
a unique model for the free distribution of the native NMX token on the exchange
and in the near future the first of its kind daily trading tournaments you can
get involved in if you want to they’re going to be launched for traders with
daily prizes and USD T coins so what are the main features a highly profitable
referral program it’s Nam and xio slash referral – program I’ll put a link in
the description below this video to make it easier for you if you want to check
that out which I recommend with the Naaman X affiliate program you can build
your own profitable business basically with multiple levels unlimited levels
really now look they’re not running an IC o—- they’re not doing fundraising
it’s not like that they develop the business on their own money which I
definitely appreciate that fact Naaman X distributes the nm X tokens for free two
phases of distribution a discount for trading for you for trading fees if you
pay with the nm X token and daily giveaways are coming soon watch for that
there are no restrictions on the number of referral levels we talked about that
that you can receive bonuses from four types of different bonuses you could
potentially earn up to 50,000 a week on one of the bonuses you can get large
bonuses from people you don’t even know but we want you to build a community of
people you do know as well all of this became possible thanks to the
introduction of the binary affiliate model and because there are only two
possible positions on the first level the spillover effect occurs first you
need to try and develop strong teams and teach them how they can earn with the
affiliate program so they can start working and also train their direct
referrals to get best results and predicting questions in advance it’s not
a financial pyramid don’t worry about that okay because you do not need to
make any contributions to participate in the affiliate program they make all the
payouts for the affiliate program only from the trading fees that’s how it
works and a killer offer only now in the early stages of the exchange they’re
automatically placing all registered users in the global referral structure
the sooner you sign up the more new users will get into your affiliate
structure to help you potentially make more money and you want to share that
referral link with your friends or in your social media or community as
well I want to talk about the token ah mcc’s the native token NMX
the unique free token distribution model incentivizing traders to participate
it’s in a it’s the earlier the betel ma a better model okay the earlier the
better using that because all traders share the same large amount of tokens
second phase of distribution every day between each other the platform works on
cloud technologies easily scales and expands which allows Naumann X to easily
add new features to the exchange advanced trading instruments we talked
about how this is in exchange as well using you got your stop orders you stop
limit orders trailing stops scaled and other types of orders brings a measure
of trading automation without the need to develop a trading bot which allows
you to easily get potentially more profit while trading security I talk so
much about security in the world of cryptocurrency super important on
Naumann X 99% of the funds are stored in cold storage that’s what I like with
multi-sig technology which provides reliability high security environment
and protects your assets from potential hacks Naumann X implemented security
precautions designed to help keep users datas data and digital assets safe
safety security super important and support Naumann X’s customer service
provides 24/7 support to help nama Nexus users to resolve any issues that may
occur customers can reach the nama neck support agents in many ways including
live chat or find a dedicated article on nama Nexus Help Center database or you
can ask advice from the extensive community of experienced Nam and X users
multiple ways to get support then the exchange is already provided with
liquidity for most trading pairs many different trading pairs over 40 right
now high liquidity high security high support great all-around what does this
look like go to Nam and X diet IO to find out for yourself well we’ll take a
look at it right now just to give you a sneak peak
bringing the superb crypto trading experience to newcomers and experts
alike whatever level you’re at here’s what the trading platform looks like
it’s really really impressive and I mentioned there are over 40 different
trading possibilities different trading pairs you got the popular ones though
okay you got your you got your Bitcoin litecoin Ripple – etherium okay so many
popular different ones all out people over the world
choosing the nominee X exchange with a robust platform powerful tool simple and
intuitive whether it’s on your phone your desktop your laptop laptop instant
deposits and withdrawals 40-plus crypto currency pairs low low trading fees
lucrative referral program but you got to sign up to get involved with it okay
you’re basically building your own high-volume profitable business many
different types of bonuses okay and get involved in the launch challenge sign up
for your free account costs you nothing to sign up for your account you can join
the telegram group complete the achievements start claiming those
rewards join Dominic’s launch challenge went up – I told you 50000 how’d you
like to get up to 50,000 of those NMX tokens this is what the referral program
looks like building your own full scope business with the Nama next binary
affiliate program you start referring those friends okay unlimited unlimited
levels a lot of those other programs have what two levels three levels maybe
not this one it really is unlimited binary tree affiliate structure starts
with you and you can build level after level after level on limited for
different bonus types quick start bonus team bonus leadership bonus and advanced
advancement bonus and it all comes back to you making money potentially in
different ways how do you join the affiliate program sign up start sharing
your link get those bonuses the most advanced affiliate program in the
industry multiple referral levels actually
unlimited referral levels multiple bonus types I also want to talk about the NMX
token the token omix token distribution you want to watch this space they’re
going to get it up and running soon they’ll keep you informed keep checking
back NMX token distribution power the whole Naumann ex exchange providing
the ultimate benefits to all NMX holders what’s the total amount 100
million NMX tokens they’re going to distribute daily
distribution based on trading volume we talked about that 100 percent NMX
cashback for trading fees referral program
super super potentially profitable $1,000,000 NMX giveaway how’d you like
to earn that many tokens fifty thousand you could earn earn achievements get
rewards win big cash back trading fees increased referral bonuses daily
giveaways coming lower trading fees ieo participation and if you have questions
check the website they also offer awesome support but you got to start by
signing up cost you nothing to sign up on Naumann ex dot io they’re getting
creative you’ve got to get creative if you want to be potentially profitable in
the world of cryptocurrency my name is David Modell this is looking at the
markets I’m gonna keep on bringing you these creative out-of-the-box ways to
potentially make money in the markets again this is David Modell thank you so
much for watching and listening I’ll talk to you again soon