Hello everyone! In this video we will talk about Crypterium.
I already presented Monaco, which is a swiss cryptobank.
And now we are going to talk about Crypterium,
which is incorporated in Estonia, and has a
great potential.
Even more when relying on technical analysis
because we can see big volumes being traded.
Prices are going up as well. The volumes are at their highest levels.

It is huge, and we can
foresee big price changes on Crypterium
thanks to the the growth of the volumes.
The actual market cap is:
$56,000,000 (approximately)
The circulating supply is…
By the way, the ERC-20 Crypterium token is abbreviated as CRPT.

The circulating supply is: CRPT 78,500,000 (approximately)

The total supply
is of approximately 100 millions CRPT.
(just a little bit lower than 100 millions)
It is the maximum amount of CRPT
which will ever exist.
Plus, the token will rarify itself over time.
At first, I shall tell you
why should you have a look at Crypterium.

The Financial IT
which is a kind of rating company
which is going to look for startups which could
revolutionize some aspects in IT, but with a focus on Fintech.

If we develop the word ‘Fintech’, it could mean ‘the technology behind finance’.
Crypterium was part of their TOP 50
which is quite great.
So, Crypterium is a cryptobank, but
it primarly uses a smartphone app,
instead of making cards,
spending time and money on it,
having to deliver them,
having to block them and to re-deliver them.
We cannot deliver every single card to the 2 billion unbanked people.
However, we can give them a digital account,