Hello There Guys Neni Emsu from the Doctor I’m here Today I’m going to be Reviewing the Crypterium ICO
so in This Video I’m going to give a Brief Overview
On what crypterium is all About and Everything I found out About them and then after that I’m going to Make A
Short Overview on my Spreadsheet so let’s get Down to Business
So first of all what Is criteria Criterion wants to be the crypto Bank, Now We know how this Piece doesn’t Work
Well with the Banks but Stay with me here Let’s See?
What’s the Idea Behind Cryterium is about so first of all they Have this general Idea on?
The World going Global and People Need in A banking system to
Be able to
Help People go to this System but Now what I do Mean Core Ideas that they have one They have Mobile
Crypto Bank Now The mobile Toback Means
You have all your currency so and when you stood up on your Bank to your Wallets or no and then you get to be
Able to Spend Them using Their mobile Applications Which
Gives You this Wireless Or Contactless Connection
Which Thereby
Eliminates The Need for Visa Or Mastercard
Then The Second Is they Have the crypto lending System in Which they’re Going to Lend you out?
Tokens using Their sub Tokens Which I’ll get to later
And when These Tokens are Landed to you you use them to Buy Different Tokens of your Choice and at the Time
Made You send it you give it back to them so just like Loaning in
Banks and so on and so Forth then, also to talk about the
Crypto Acquiring for merchants not much and Come on A car Cryptocurrencies from them and Then an Open Api
For Developers Where Developers Can Come and Make smart Contracts on the Platform and
Build on go on and so Forth now Some of the things you want to know Is
Talk About The Credit System Where you Take Credit at Differentiates Which is the Landing part Which is the most
Kind of Confusing Area To its over Gets to that’s all
In A bit now the Token Economics you are going to have
Things To Explain Here Now We talk About okay first of all this is all the Information you Can find on good?
Representation to Read and Then
Here The Solutions detent Alpha Which Is
NFc Visa Payments, We just Without Contacts and
Supposed to Be very fast as you can See it listed in The Picture and then, We have?
for the Merchants
Payment at any Kind of Form Where They cover Payments for Shops online Stores?
Streets Retails and so on and so Forth then the sub tokens which I’ll get Through
on the Spreadsheet now some other Things
We want to Discuss This Api System Now This Api System is A very Confusing Aspect of the Banking but it’s Just
They Have Their Cryptogram Platform With an Open Api and Any
Developer Can Come on it and Create Smart Contracts and it’s something like
Helium and during my Research I went on the Facebook Page and they had This
Interview Now Interviewed you Spoke about why
They Chose The Name Cafeteria and he Said When They Had an interview With metallic the Creator of Etherium de Tots, okay?
Why not, cret Combine Crypto with, the tm which then give Them the Name
Cafetorium so Cryptogram Which Kind of sounds Catchy to be like the idea now
Crypts Tokens The fact 0.8 Percent now Just Explain this as much as
I can now this Tokens when you Make your?
Transactions using the Equipped to tokens now This Tokens tend to be used
Tend to be charged to 0.5% Charge and not deserve a percent charge
Is tend to be is supposed to be used as fuel now this fuel Is going to be Burnt Through
Facilitates The Transaction Process now This Means that it’s going to lead to Increase in
Or a tip Deck Resupply as I’ll Say Because Decreasing supply will now Mean
Every Time A transaction Is Made 0.5% Is Burnt and then, also the
Charges Or the Transaction Fees Or every New Gotten From merchants that is the 30% is going to be Shared to Different People on?
The Platform Now Depending on The Amount of Coins you hold from the branch Level all the way to the platinum Level
You’re Going to get Different Applications of This
Cutting so more Incentive to stay and it’s now They have a story on how the
Oed working Platform of the Blockchain and the Chance it Gets on the Blockchain to Make?
Similar Transactions to Make The first mobile Bank and so on and so Forth then
Ico Section of the seo Section is A bit
Big Because the picu Kind, of has Different aspects To it which then Controls Different
Genes I guess and
First of All it’s Tomorrow on the 21st?
We are Going to have Registration and Through the token so something like a Whitelist and Learning a registered you can
Now Go, Into the icy Where you have Bonuses from the Early sale on the 31st
The Bonus Sale and Then Eventually Gets Into the Mentor console Which will Eventually end
sorry, on The 13th of January and then you Should get your Tokens on January 2
2014 so Generated June 5th of January now
Roadmap Or the Amounts Expected not the Minimum is supposed to be Funded Bitcoin Can track over that but when You turn?
That On A Spreadsheet and
You can get some more Information so now
Okay, Token Allocation I’ll get to that on the Spreadsheet and Finally the team Now the Team Generally from what I’ve Seen it’s consists for
Mainly We Could get There People that have done Things in the?
Financial Sector Banking and Some ice Use and so on and so Forth Mainly the advice, We see it’s kind of okay and
I tend to notice That they Mainly based Towards
People that did A Lot of things in Banking in Visa in Mastercard and
Also People in The law Sector the so trying to Make sure They’re not Securities I believe so you can see some of
The Still and All They are linked in
Links Are here so you can go up and Check up on them but From the look of its the Team Is not
Mostly all Star From what I’ve Seen but the Team Is
On Average so let’s get to the Spreadsheet now on my Spreadsheets I have a couple of Parameters that I used to create This
I see rows and i’m Still working on it but at. The top here you can see we have?
Cup Cereal Now Kept Areum, We have the Main token Which is going to be Abbreviated as ci Pt and then, we have?
Critical Now the Critical
State idea, Is it’s a subsequent it doesn’t Have Any Many, Relationship with the cr pt
Token Now The Syrup is A token is the Main Token but the
Critical Is what People tend not to understand most of the Times it’s A token that Would be Landed to you so for Instance you
Want to Buy Bitcoin and then you go to them you get the Creat Token and then it converts discrete Token to bitcoin and
Doing us the Time Expires you give it back to them at the exchange Rates
that was set so the Audience in This case Is
Digital Banking and Developers it’s a platform Which Is kind of good Because, We have Different types of?
Missing Currencies Privates
Privacy Currencies
Platforms Masternodes
Builders and Applications Then next We have the description Crypto Bank for?
Crypto Economy Now, We Have Their based on the Atrium?
Chuckles Cannot Be mind after the ico so they’re all pre mind now they, also have this know your Customer
Definitely you can’t be
What They Call its Security Definitely so they, also know Their Customer then here We have?
The Amounts for the icu now Disco Flock treats because the amount of ice They are the icu want is Calculated in Bitcoins so?
0.001 BTc so on Daily basis when you want to Buy this token if You want to Buy this token Is
You Should convert it first and
That is Generally how Most of The Tokens are Converted even You can See the hard Cap Which I feels quite so much
and I don’t think it’s going to be achieved but I believe that will Help a lot if
It Could get Somewhere
Now you Can See some of the Regions or some of the top icus and the past pal you can see what they had so
It hard Cap off
14,500 Bitcoins Quite much Now, We have the tokens sold or tokens to be sold Which Is?
Million Tokens out of
300 Million Tokens now This Is 70% Which is quite Average
And ok, Because it gives Room for the Investors to get a lot of tokens now
The Minimum investment as if Seen Is
500 Bitcoin and Which Is converted to this at the current Exchange rate or the Exchange rate Assets at when I made This Spreadsheet
Incentivization Yeah The 30% is given From the fees of?
As you can See then the wish List Which is Registration on to the Platform Happening Tomorrow We have?
The Start of the pre Sale Which Starts on The 31st and
Then We have Ending of the pre sale on the 27th now you can get?
Discounts from 30 Percent To 3 Percent as you’ve Seen
On the Website You Can Check that out it’s Divided Into Different levels Depending how. Much you invest for the Early Part
And then as you cool know it becomes A bit more Loose for you to get Different Percentages but you Can
Be sure to get from 3 To 3 Percent of your investments during the
Pre-Sale Now Minimum investments There isn’t any Minimum investment so you can Invest the Minimum From what I saw was?
One Token so at such the Time I made this Spreadsheet which will be
60 Cents Now
Go to the ico now There’s something peculiar about the Methods of Payment now the Accept bitcoin etherium and then They
Also accept yet Which from what they Said the Interns Accepts
Payments in Visa and Mastercard Which is Phenomenal Because
Most ice Use only Accepts Tillyman bits Going on People are like, okay, Maybe this ico Could be Skirmish and?
Relevant my Money But if They Accepts Money in Visa and Mastercard it Gives You the chance to be able to get Refunds Easier and
So it’s kind of A bit More
Straightforward Energy I Guess for This but, also when I was Watching the Video on the Facebook Interview I?
Spoke About
you Can
Also Pay for the Platform using coin Payments Any Currency Accepted by Grandparents Which
Was not Settled white People are Anyway so I guess Maybe that’s Just site Information
Now, We have the Dates of Start of the Ic O—-?
Retains 8th of
November and Then it Ends on the 13th
Generic Tokens Are Just rent Now it is from what they said you Can see where you find this Information
Tokens Are Going to be Burnt all Tokens not Sold in the Ic O—- will be Burnt
Unknown You Token so be Produced so
I’m looking Forward to Seeing Because Usually when you have this Burning of These tokens you get
Inflation and The Price Because the Knowledge to Concern There’s more Market Cap, Less Supply and high
Demand so and also Dagger is Continually Burn to tokens I tend to even Feel like
They’re Us Unless that’s a point because the tokens are Just Going to Keep Building Burnt
0.5% of the Transaction Fees That Watson from Every Transaction we Burned so?
Burning Tokens Oliver Now There’s an extra Information I was able to Pile up to, add to this then now
We go to the coin Gradient now for the Team I give Them A four
Because of The Kind of the Team and as you can see here this is how I greet
the Team
On my Own Greeting and then for the Community I give Them a two because
Okay, the jajaja, Committee, was Missing Mostly on Facebook and Telegram now Facebook had the?
Interview and The Hutt Posts unregular I had some Posts on Tails Ago for us ago
And so now so Forth May be Preparing for the Upcoming
Registration I guess then, also These are the Numbers I found on Facebook day at 16,500 ah
1499 Linkedin
Bitcoin Talk Where They had A short Version of everything they Planning to do on Telegram they had
1025 and Then on medium Which I wasn’t so?
Used to Variable Accounts but I know they Have 29 Follow us possibly the Team I
Guess Then for the Idea They have a good Idea
Which I taught okay give Them at 3:00 for the Idea and
Then We have the road Map Like There’s A road map on the road map?
Was detailed Which what they intend to do but I don’t know if at. The Time Allocated will be Enough for the
establishment of This so I give Them a two on that and Then
Something to Show for its Now There are the Fall under the established Companies Trying
Into Blockchain They’re Coming Into The Blockchain so they Have something to be Held
For I guess I’ll Call Competition now This is where They have a Lots of Competition now I give Them a one
Which Is very low Because now they are to compete to its Mastercard
Visa and
Every other Payments Method Idea but, also on the Blockchain, We have some Different Payment Methods Coming Up we Have 10x?
We have 10 Can and so on and so Forth so the Competition is Quite?
Much now for the Popularity Popularity is quite low
They’re Known A lot on YouTube and most so shown me Here Because the Following is Actually even Weak
Generally I don’t know what They’re Doing Wrong but
Popularity Just Started Going up A bit Because A lot of Advertisement has Been Coming Up of Later on YouTube from the YouTube Channel
Yeah and yeah They have a youTube Channel
Securities Are Renting Their Securities Because of Different Parameters
That’s I used to great
Security Now You can see Them if They give incentives yeah, they do but
They Hope to get on Exchanges Early Enough they have a stated Time to get on the Exchange so I think that’s
my Top
Then, also
Legality I told You they, were Clingy with A
Lot of Banks A lot of Bank
Related People Working on Their Team and on Their Advisory Team so
Kind of and A Lot of legal Personnel, We had Seem an Advisory Team as, well and Finally?
If The iseries Play Without for Usa citizens Now A lot of us use our Perimeter to us students but This one is Actually
Not Prohibited for Years 60 citizens so but the Main
Markets Are
Usa and Then Europe I guess so there’s Been My review on?
The Crip Serum Token if You Have Any Questions do leave Them in The Comments Down Below and
See you next Time Peace out
Well Bangs Still be with Us in Five Years Time Definitely but in A new Revolutionary Form
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